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“Rock bottom can be the foundation that changes everything — If you let it.”

xoo- Lauren Eliz


My Crazy F**ked Up Life Story.

Can you tell me more about your journey? How did you get to where you are? I got this beautiful message in my Facebook inbox this week from a girl wanting to know how I got here. I sat on this message for two days totally stumped on how to answer her. How the hell did...

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Pua’s Story.

Did you see my post on Facebook yesterday? Our family grew by one! Yes, yesterday, Matt and I adopted a little piggly wiggly and we named her Pua! (Yes. From Moana.) We are absolutely in love with the little girl. She is such a hand full - more so than a dog. It...

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What’s New And Exciting Right Now?

It's been forever since I wrote a blog post that I actually am not sure how to start this! Ahhh I'm so rusty. Things have been absolutely crazy (in a good way) over here at What is Perfection HQ that I have had very little time to brainstorm my blogs, come up with...

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A Thought on Money Mindset and Abundance

Let's talk about what it means to live a happy life + be successful. Lately, this topic is coming up soooooooo much lately. Probably because I have so many new life coaching clients on my plate, and a lot of them are longing for that happiness and success they believe...

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This Month’s Detox!

Cleanse & Restore How are you feeling? Have you been feeling sluggish, distracted, foggy, overwhelmed, bloated, tired, kind of icky, and in need of a bodily re-boot? Is it time to flush toxic "build up" from modern living?   Do you want more energy and to stop...

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10 Ways Essential Oils Changed My Life

So what the heck is this crazy oil nonsense I keep spewing on social media? It's not nonsense - but it is crazy how in just two years these little oils have changed my life. And I need to talk about it. You guys know from all of my recent meditation posts on the blog...

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My Meditation Corner Pt. 2

Guys I feel like I'm nesting a baby in this room lately. Except it's my soul - not an infant I'm preparing for. Gosh that sounds cheesy. But no for real, there is something about my meditation corner that just makes me feel so incredibly inspired, blessed and at...

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How to Reinvent Yourself

This morning I posted a narrative on my Facebook page. It was sort of a soul reflection on how I got to the place I am in today. I am the possibility that all people can reinvent themselves. In 2008 I was raped and walked away from my life to reinvent myself. In 2012...

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