Anyone else as obsessed with Girls as I am? When the show first started, a ton of my friends watched it… but now, they are slowly dying off and it makes me so sad because seriously – it is a really kick ass show. No joke, probably my favorite.. even more than Sex and the City. Sorry guys. Carry B is cool and all.. But Hannah is just the tits…. p.s. she shows them ALL THE TIME on the show.

Speaking of that, I asked a friend why she stopped watching HBO Girls this season… her answer?

“Lena Dunham just got way too naked for me.”

I can respect my friend’s choice as much as I can respect Lena’s decision to get so nude this season and all the others… but I’m sorry.. naked Lena or not, I just can’t stop watching it.

Maybe because the show is just in every which way a reminder of so many highs and lows of my life. And I just oddly relate to it way too much to stop watching it.

Like how for some reason, every character on the show clearly reminds me of someone I know, used to know, or used to be friends with.  Or how, like Hannah, I have done a ton of really ridiculous things in my life, have struggled with my weight, and put writing my memoir on the back burner more times than I can count due to insecurities and self doubt.

But anyway…I don’t normally talk about things like Television on this blog, But Girls is special. And I feel like lately What is Perfection is missing a little bit of my sense of humor and personality. And then I watched the last two episodes of Girls that I missed.. and it hit me: the learning moment of the season… and I had to share it.

Girls works in mysterious ways…..


So on the second to last episode…. in between Lena D’s boobie flashes and vagina peekaboo this season this really beautiful moment happened.  (yes… Hannah flashed it to her school Principle… and no, that isn’t on my list of things I related to or the topic of this article…) But this moment I’m talking about left me feeling really touched and personally moved… Hannah has a heart to heart with this girl she used to hate – Her old college arch nemesis in writing class – Tally Schifrin.

Tally is the epitome of the perfect writer in Lena’s eyes.. she has achieved success, written multiple books of essays and is writing a novel when they meet up again in season Five. In a heart to heart, Hannah opens up about how jealous she is of her success. Tally starts to cry, and tells Lenah how on paper, it may look like things are perfect for her, but they aren’t.

Tally has been so wrapped up in trying to achieve everything and be “successful” that she hasn’t actually lived her life to the fullest. She hasn’t made memories, had boyfriends, shared experiences, built friendships… and now, there is little in her personal life left to write about. Tally has been so focused on achieving that she hasn’t actually been living. And this really hit home for me.

Girls / HBO

I wanted to share this all with you because it is so true of my own life. I am not Perfect, and even though that is so much of what this bog is about — accepting imperfection, I struggle with accepting that from time to time too in my own life. Launching this website was a chance for me to make something big and do something big with my life.. it was my “big thing” to make a change. But big goals require a lot of energy and time and heart.. But between building this website, building a brand and a name for What is Perfection that is bigger than myself, I have gotten so wrapped up in all the things that I need to do in order to feel successful or as if I have “achieved,” that I actually stopped living my life to the fullest and making memories for myself…. I stopped living the best life possible.

Maybe you can relate to this in your own life too.. trying to be something or accomplish something that seems like such a HUGE deal, that you sort of slowly start to forget about all the other qualities of your life that make you special, unique and happy. Maybe you can think of a time – or maybe you are in a moment of your life like that right now – where you are constantly trying to be GREAT at something… that you lose sight of the joy in life, or the ability to relax, or the opportunities to make memories.

This episode of Girls was everything I needed to hear, and if you can relate, I hope you embrace the lesson too.

Because the point is this: Success comes with time. But in that time, life happens.. Memories can be made, joy can be had, and opportunities to experience happiness will pass you by if you only focus on just succeeding.

So take a break.. take a minute to relax. Take a day out of your schedule to meet with friends. Make some time to just have fun, be you, and make memories.

Life is for living. Success will follow. And that success will feel far more rewarding when you have a life to celebrate it.


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