What is Perfection is a lot of things: It’s a blog. It’s a community, it’s a self improvement tool, an online course database and life-coaching service. I can’t really use one word to define this company. It’s emotional, it is informational, inspiring and helpful.

WIP may be a lot of different things with a lot of different “labeled” but it all comes down to one very important word: Authenticity.

I didn’t start What is Perfection to pretend to be perfect and act like I always have my shit together. I started this company because I was so tired of pretending to be fake and hiding myself. I wanted to show others that living life true to you and being real and raw is the only way to live happily!

The fact that I have learned to authentic, strong and confident in the online platform took me a long time. Especially because I spent years of my life thinking that being “you” and “professional” couldn’t go together in the same sentence. Boy was I wrong.

The more authentic real and raw I am, the more I can help people… that’s been the real big “life lesson” this month.. and I am running with it.

If I am not being true to myself, I am failing myself. and failing my blog. And the girls I coach. Case end point. Lesson learned.

Coming out of my little shell and being able to express myself in this platform has been truly incredible for me and for the girls I coach. I can share every bit of my past with the purpose of teaching others. I have a mission, and I am determined to change lives. But I don’t need to be someone I am not in order to do that. I don’t need to “act a certain way” or “say the right thing for other people.” The more I am me, the more I am honest, the more I can actually make a difference in my communities and with the girls I coach.


I want to be able to share my own journey with you too. 

Because the truth is I am still learning new things every single day. I am still building and perfecting my craft, striving to be the best I can be and yes.. sometimes I don’t always do it right. Sometimes I struggle too.  Self Improvement doesn’t end guys – even when you are a coach helping other people.

I am not some fake perfect put together lady who does everything right. I have the coaching knowledge and the power to help others improve – but I am just like every WIP Girl and the What is Perfection reader (and every other human) out there: A Work In Progress.

And I want to prove that to you…. With this new tradition. Getting a little more real and honest about my life struggles and whats going on in my PRESENT life.

So here we go.

Unfiltered Fridays

Let’s get real.

1 – I don’t feel all that great about my body right now. About a year ago when we packed up all of our things and moved out to Connecticut (see our story here) I lost the drive and mission to focus on living a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t just because we moved. There were a few reasons actually. 1-I became super duper dedicated to What is Perfection and was overly driven to get the business launched and off the ground. 2-I had finally walked away from my career as a TV producer to do it (which took a lot of courage and emotional energy.) and 3-We moved in with Matt’s parents while we shopped for a house – and with mom’s great cooking and a new family environment, it was really easy to gain weight. About a week ago I made a commitment to start prioritizing myself again. I realized that I couldn’t be the best for my business if I wasn’t taking care of my own health and wellness. So I jumped back on the bandwagon for my  healthy lifestyle.  In that time, I have lost almost 5 pounds, but I have a long way to go before I am back to “feeling good.” It makes me feel super frustrated sometimes… like I failed myself. But I know that is not true. And I guess it’s kind of a blessing in disguise to have fallen off track, because now, I can document my journey on WIP!

2 – I’m thinking a lot about sex lately. Not like …. wanting it. Sorry no pervy stuff here. But like… my perception of intimacy.  I think one of my own serious skeletons in the closet is that growing up Catholic, in a very conservative family, Sex was “shamed” ….. It was that “not before marriage for babies only” kinda deal. I remember my mom covering my sister’s eyes when Kate was naked in that titanic scene… Like mom… we know what boobs are… why is this bad? Maybe I haven’t let go of that attitude? Who the heck knows. I would love to be one of those girls who can just talk openly about those things…. and can just be like – yeah.. sex is part of living…big deal! Any thoughts on this? Anyone else feel that sort of old school shame associated with those topics?

3 – Lately I am shifting my mindset and definition of success. I used to think success could be quantified by $$$$. Ya know… How much money in the bank, the size of your house, the type of car, etc. When I was a producer at CBS News I was so super hungry to get those raises and promotions each year. I felt like “If I could just make enough money, then I will feel successful.” Well… guess what –  I never did. And I was making close to six figures! Surprised I walked away from it? Yeah… I think a lot of people were. But I think I realized that Success to me was never going to be about the money. Instead of asking myself “How much money do I have to make?” My question (since running my coaching business) has now shifted to “How many lives can I influence and change? How many people can I help?”  It has been incredibly spiritual for me. I am actually learning to let go of that money making mindset that society  has convinced us is “success” and, instead, I really focus on what makes me feel the most fulfilled – Helping others.

4 – I don’t know when I am getting married. And I don’t feel the pressure to tie the knot just yet. Matt and I got engaged this past year and we moved into our first home only a month ago. I am trying to cherish every single beautiful special moment as it comes – without feeling rushed to move onto the next big step. And as far as babies, right now, What is Perfection is the baby that holds almost all of my attention 24/7. That’s fulfilling enough for me right now 🙂

5 – I am actually more excited for the Brand New Me Course than I have ever been for any of my online courses. My first course launch, the Perfection Program was really a wonderful experience. It was a course I created focused on helping women overcome body image issues and that “obsession with Perfection.” Since then I have launched 4 different online courses – all of which have been amazing. Up until now I was so immersed and in love with the 30 Day program Broken to Beautiful – because it was a 30 Day course focused on overcoming unhealthy relationships and the loss and pain of a breakup. It really was so dear to my heart. I thought I couldn’t get anymore excited about a program after that… but then I created Brand New Me. I feel like Brand New Me is the most beautiful gorgeous life transforming course I have ever designed. And I am so proud of it. Years ago I was that girl who was struggling so much, trying to build her self confidence, trying to feel happy, trying to not fail goals that I set for like. the millionth time. I wanted to be a Brand New happy confident version of myself and had no idea how to do it…. until I found the secret tools. This program is just so exciting to me – to walk girls through the process of transforming their own lives and self confidence …. Ugh I cannot wait. This course is so different than the rest. There are live coaching calls, group sessions and so much more interaction… and I think that is why I am so excited about it. I get to help girls one on one in an engaged group face to face and oh em gee. It just totally fills me  up to see people transform their lives.. I feel like christmas is around the corner with the course starting Sunday. EEK!!! So pumped!

6 -I am a state of giving back and focusing on service. And it has changed my life. When a girl enrolls in a program – I feel inclined to celebrate!When I get comments on Facebook videos where girls say things like “OMG light bulb moment,” or “how are you inside my head right now!?” I start tearing up. And when I get a heart felt letter from a WIP girl on Facebook who’s life has changed I grab the box of tissues and let it all out. I feel fully in tune blessed, grateful and all those feel good vibes. Focusing on you girls has changed my life just as much as I believe it has changed yours… and I am truly truly grateful.

Remember…. where you are is not where you have to be.