Dear Matt. 

I’m writing this to you. See that picture? That’s our house. Today we move in. “We Buy House,” as we say, is now “We Have House.” Today we start “traditions.” Today we have our first home together. Today is so freekin exciting I need to just tell you that… document it in a blog post. 

“It will be great,” is now a thing of the past. Lucky me – because now you can’t make fun of me for saying cheesy things like that. Now it’s just great. There’s no “will be.” 

But seriously I just want to tell you how much I love you. How much you mean to me. And how deeply and truly appreciative I am of you. This is one of the happiest moments of my life. And I am so happy to be sharing it with you. 

Let’s go get house together. xoxox


Dear Readers:

Yes, Today is the Big Day!

This beautiful home we have been hoping and wishing for is finally ours. And today is the day we sign the papers, get the keys and move up into a new awesome chapter of our lives.

I am so so excited. But also nervous… but mostly excited. EEK!

Okay.. so here’s the deal.. I am also super emotional. Because this is the first time in what feels like FOREVER that I will finally have a true home. I mean – I know that sounds nuts, but it’s kinda true. I have moved almost every year since 2007. I have the deets to prove it if you don’t believe me.

2007-  I went to college moved to NJ.

2008- I transformed and moved back to Long Island

2009- moved into my friend Britt’s house.

2010 – moved into my future husbands house

2011 – we moved into a new house together

2012 – I got divorced and moved into my parents

2013- I started my single life and moved to the Bronx

2014- I fell in love with Matt and we moved to Westchester

2016 We decided to buy a house and we moved to Connecticut.


It took me 9 years to get here. To find true love, to get a stable footing. To have the happiness I always wanted. Matt is wonderful. This year we officially found a home and made it ours… among other things like getting engaged, it seems 2016 has seriously been an amazing year.

The fact that I did so much moving around for so long may seem cool and exciting – but truthfully, it sucked. It didn’t happen because I was feeling adventurous. It happened because my life was a rollercoaster mess and I kept having to try and find my way.

It was hard. And it was lonely. And for a while I thought I would never have the life I wanted – with happiness, peace and a total sense of joy.

But here I am now.

This is the scariest thing in the world for me. But it’s the thing I have always wanted.


The moral of the story here is don’t ever stop fighting for happiness. Don’t ever believe that the past needs to dictate the future. You can change anything.

Oh.. and one last thing – I’ll be sharing some live videos on Facebook today of the house!! So be sure you are following me.