I Really Love Today’s Podcast Episode.

I Really Love Today’s Podcast Episode.

Guys.. this is so much right now. I am obsessing over my interview with Riley Beau Gold on the Imperfection in Me Podcast. It was such a freaking honor to interview him.

If you haven’t listened to it. You need to go check it out.  Riley Beau Gold is the founder of Fearless Humans –  which is just as bad ass as it sounds.  His message is that we are all human first – and the human values and rights that we share cross all genders, sexual identities and what not. I love the openness and the real raw vibe of this interview. Just so honored to share it.




This man is beautiful. And he is amazing.

I am so proud of the podcast.

So of course when I got a  hateful man blowing up my Facebook condemning it, I needed to say something.


Seriously… it pains me the people are so judgmental about other people’s live choices.

We all have to walk our own journey. And we should never discriminate against someone because they are on a different path than we are.



Episode 4: The Psych Ward and My Imperfect Mind.

Episode 4: The Psych Ward and My Imperfect Mind.

I am really excited about Episode 4 of the Imperfection In Me Podcast. But I got to be honest, I am also a little nervous. This is the episode where I share one of my most intense self reflections…. a moment from 2009 when I admired myself into a psychiatric ward. EEK! Yes. No wonder I’m nervous right?


Real and raw, just like I promised.

Yes. That was the girl I used to be. And even in this podcast, talking about the life I used to have feels really foreign to me. It almost feels like I am talking about a total stranger.

Why? Because I am so far away from that life now. I feel like a different person. I feel like so much has changed about me.

But I felt like this was something  I really wanted to open up about. There are so many people out there who are afraid to talk about their own mental illnesses- whether they be mood disorders, depression anxiety, or whatever. So many people are afraid to talk about the emotional struggles they face. And I refuse to be one of those people.

It’s time we raise awareness – get clear about the struggle is really like – and not shy away from sharing our stories.

come check it out!




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My Imperfect Label: Being Mentally Ill.

My Imperfect Label: Being Mentally Ill.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with a mental illness. It was my first year of college. It was also the first year I attempted suicide. And the year I was raped. Yeah…a lot of big things happened for me that year. A lot of big and scary things.

But probably the most monumental moment in 2008 – the one that hurt the most – was the moment I decided that I was exactly what everyone else thought I was:

An unfixable damaged emotional mess.

And I thought life would always be that way.

Boy oh boy was I wrong.

I’m keeping today’s post on the blog short and sweet.. because honestly, the Podcast says it all. Today, live, is episode two: “Labeled Imperfect and mentally Ill.”

I urge you guys to all go check it out. It’s available on iTunes and Google Play.

Questions about it? Comments? Get at me in the community group!