How to Stop Stressing Out about Money: Even if you are broke.

How to Stop Stressing Out about Money: Even if you are broke.

Yesterday I posed a question to the Facebook group about New Year problems. I asked WIP Girls – “What’s keeping you up at night?” I wanted to know what was going on from my girls this month so I could figure out exactly how to help them. (if you haven’t joined yet, check out the Facebook group here.) I usually get all different kinds of feedback when I ask questions like that. But this time around, almost everyone had the same pain point with the new year!

And no it wasn’t feeling overweight or struggling with a healthy new year diet. It was all  about the Benjamin’s baby.

Yes. MONEY. FINANCES. BUDGET. Those icky words we hate hearing. Those big adult words we just want to run away from and pretend don’t exist. Those scary responsible words that just make you want run back into kindergarten class and hide under the blankets during nap time with a juice box.

Not like I’ve tried to do that or anything…..

The words may seem scary, but I’m putting them right in front of your face today. There is no ignoring those words in this post. No earmuffs allowed.

Because today  I want you to face the truth.. even if it hurts.

Here it is:

If you are stressing about money, you are doing something wrong.

This is coming from me. The girl who once had a cushy job as a news producer in manhattan – who walked away from all of that with zero prospects lined up.

Yes. I am a loony lady. I got rid of my apartment, put all of my things in storage, and started a business from the ground up. And What is Perfection was born.

Was I scared? You bet your ass I was.

Was I sometimes stressed about money? “Stressed” is an understatement.

But I learned some really big things in my first year of business – grown up things about money and mindset – that have transformed my level of happiness.

Now the thought of money doesn’t even make me bat an eyelash. Zen Buddha girl status over here.

If I compare my full year without a corporate job or steady income running What is Perfection, to the very last year I spent working at CBS with a consistent paycheck. 401k and health benefits –

Guess which lifestyle was more stressful?


Yes. Without a job, without cushy benefits – I am actually happier and more financially at ease than I was working back then.

How the heck did THAT Happen you ask? (I hope you are asking that because you are reading this post after all.)

Well… A few small changes had a BIG effect on me.

I changed my money stories. I changed my relationship with money. I changed how I felt about it and what it meant to me.

It’s easier than you think.

And if you are that person out there living paycheck to paycheck – the girl who every month is drinking her bottle of wine trying to pay those last final bills to make ends meet – listen up: You are in the right place to say bye bye to all of that. I’m going to show you how with today’s post.

Don’t worry love…. and sorry in advance if I sound like your annoying old grandma telling you what to do. Like her, I am saying these things because I love you.

How to Stop Stressing Out About Money.

Stop thinking money is scarce.

Money is scarce because you are making it scarce. And no, I don’t mean that you aren’t making enough or that you are spending too much. No. Really. That’s not what this is about. Money is scarce because the minute you get it, you feel like it’s going to disappear. Scarcity is a mindset – and you can’t have it. Especially when it comes to money. It is the reason that so many people overeat (because they feel like when the cookies are in the house they need to eat them before they disappear.) It is the reason that people in unhealthy relationships can start smothering their partners (because they feel that love always disappears so they try to grab as much of it as they can before it’s gone.) And if you are nodding your head yes to those two examples, I am sorry to tell you – the same is true for your money. When you live in scarcity mode, you think money is going to disappear. So what do you do? You RUSH to appreciate and enjoy it the minute you get it.

Stop it girl. Get rid of that limiting belief that money isn’t scarce and get real about the facts: you are the one who will make it scarce with your negative mindset!

Stop telling yourself b.s. stories that you will always have money problems.

I used to be the girl who had money problems… so I guess I feel entitled to say this. I was 60 thousand dollars in debt, homeless and without a paycheck at one point in my life. Where am I now? Well – no debt, a successful business, a happy life and a beautiful home that I own. WEEEE!!! I am no different than you. I am not special or unique or one of a kind. I simply started thinking differently about money problems.

Just a days ago Matt’s car broke down. That same day  he broke his arm. Suddenly in one weekend we had to get his car fixed, get his arm taken care of and (yes, you guessed it) spend a LOT of money. This is something that would have totally stressed me out in the past. Especially because of my money problems and how I grew up. But one thing I learned this past year is that when you tell yourself B.S. stories about how a Money problem is a BIG CRAZY UNFIXABLE disaster – it will always be looked at that way in your life. Back in the day if I was in a situation like that – with a medical bill and car repair all in 24 hours – I would have had a nervous breakdown, cried and ran for the hills. But today, I can just tell myself, “Okay. This is temporary. No permanent problem here!” What’s the big deal about having a little extra charge on my credit card this month? I just make it a point to adjust how I am living until it is paid off. Yes.. sounds too good to be true to live life thinking like that right?

But trust me – if you try to adapt all of these mindsets, this one will come easier than you think.

Stop living like you are poor.

“We can’t afford that.” or “I don’t have the money for that right now.” Guys… I NEVER tell myself these things. Even if they are sort of true. Having the mindset “I can’t afford that right now,” is only going to keep you feeling stuck in your life. I am not saying go out and put a pair of Jimmy Choos’ on credit (more on that in the next mindset tip) but really – you are not poor. You have a roof over your head, you have clothes on your back – you have a million things to be grateful for. And if you are reading this post – you have internet too… sorry to say it – you are doing JUST FINE.

It sounds so harsh and cold, but the truth is we all have this “never enough” mentality. We start thinking that we need to have it all in order to not consider ourselves lower class. But when you live your life with the mindset of “I can’t afford it,” you never will.

Being able to pay for things is not about having the right resources – it is about resourcefulness and finding the way to make it happen. No matter what. If you want something, you will damn sure as hell figure out a way.

Redefine your idea of ‘an investment’ vs. ‘a waste of money.’ Aka. Good debt vs. bad debt.

Okay.. This is going to be SUPER hard to hear guys. Everything you learned about “good debt vs. bad debt” is b.s. I want to tell you something about your expenses and how you live your life – go pull out your statement last month and look at everything you bought that was over twenty dollars and ask yourself these questions:

Did this purchase make you a better person or enhance your life in any way?

The emotional connection you have to your purchases is the strongest biggest most important thing to look at guys.

Did you buy a new outfit that you didn’t really need just because you thought it would make you feel better about yourself? Did it? And will it continue to do so?

Or did you invest in a self improvement course or a new book because you believed it would make you a better more successful more happy person?

Do you see the difference here? One has a return on it’s investment, the other does not.

Now look.. I am not saying you need to go through your budget and curse yourself for every single item you ever bought that was just for that temporary satisfaction – but I am saying those purchases should always be left to a minimum on your expense list.

Majority of your purchases you should be able to go through and say – yes. I needed this, it enhanced my life, it made me better, and I know it will pay off having purchased this in the future.


Stop relying on money to make you happy.

And the final most important thing to remember – stop buying shit just to get high from it. Fill your life with meaning and value that can’t be defined by the label in your jeans.

There’s more to life than that ladies.



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Getting Organized, Excited (and Adorable) for 2017 [FREE GIVEAWAY!]

Getting Organized, Excited (and Adorable) for 2017 [FREE GIVEAWAY!]

The New Year is around the corner. And I don’t know about you, but I want 2017 to be amazing. Not just regular amazing though. I’m talking brave, badass awesome, amazing, and all those feel good vibes you can think of. This year, I’m doing more than “wanting” my resolutions. I am making them HAPPEN. For realzz.

And today I’m going to show you how to do succeed in your New Years Resolutions. Did you know 92 percent of people who set goals for the new year don’t achieve them! UGH. Who wants to be the majority? NO thanks.

Last week, I made my own resolutions and promised myself to kick butt this coming year.  I snuggled up to some christmas tunes and in my warm wooly socks, I started dreaming of all the things I want for my new year. When you plan ahead, organize your vision, and get clear about what you want, THAT’S when you succeed. (P.S. I kicked butt in all my last years resolutions… and this year is going to be no different.)

So today I am sharing my tips, and a free E-guide with you to show you how to break it down and get organized. And I’m teaming up with my favorite ladies over at Erin Condren to not just break it down for you – but to also give you an amazing Give away! (keep reading)

And I also decided to team up with my adorable mascot and BFF (best fur baby forever) Zoey. Because she loves Erin Condren too! Her notebooks are inspiring, amazing and beautifully colored – everything that life needs to be don’t ya think?

Yes. TIPS. E-Guides. Giveaways. And Puppies. All jump packed into one blog post on How could you not love it? (Oh..and as if that wasn’t already awesome, Erin Condren is having a crazy sale of 25% off everythannnnggg right now. So super good.) Yes.. we have LOTS to talk about. Goals. Guides. New Year. And when you click that link you also get $10 off your first order. NBD or anything.


The Secret To Successful Resolutions [FREE E GUIDE BELOW]

There’s something you need to know about New Years Resolutions – They aren’t just about setting physical goals for your future. I mean, sure we all make plans to do and achieve “physical things,” like, lose weight, quit smoking, or start saving money – but those physical goals really boil down to a deeper rooted “emotional longing.”

Every resolution you set has two underlying emotions 1: Hope for raising your standards and improving your life. 2: _________ (whatever you are longing to feel when you reach that goal.) Confidence? Happiness? Pride? Success? There’s always an emotional underlying tone to your resolutions. And that’s actually a good thing.


Your goals need to be emotional.

Because if there’s zero emotion behind our resolutions, we have zero chance at being successful. In other words New Years Resolutions need to motivate you, inspire you, get you excited, and make you feel happy. (Hence why I LOVE brainstorming my dreams in a beautiful resolution notebook that inspires me.. as ALWAYS)

Resolutions aren’t just about “achieving things.” It’s more about howthose big dreams of yours will make you feel when you achieve them. Much less about just checking something off of a silly list. Because seriously, we do that with our grocery shopping all the time, no big deal.

And New Years resolutions are A BIG DEAL. So you need to make them inspirational, motivational, and amazing.


How to Succeed With New Year Resolutions



Establish three clear goals that inspire you.

Make sure they are well rounded, exciting and adventurous. Don’t “play it safe,” on your new years resolution list. Because quite frankly, you need to be excited about your goals. And playing it safe is a snooze. Come up with a few clear ideas for what you want to achieve in your life. Make them specific, clear, tangible, and real. Don’t just say “I want to lose weight.” Instead, get clear about the amount of pounds or the size of your jeans and create a deadline for yourself. The more specific you get the better. But make sure, as I said, that they are super inspiring.

Get organized and come up with a plan.

This is the reason why every year I rush to my online account and order a new Erin Condren planner… because getting organized is really the most valuable way to set yourself up for success. I map out my whole year of planning each of my resolutions and create small mile stone goals each month. You can do it too with the free E-guide I created. It makes the process super easy. But basically, by looking at each big bad scary overwhelming goal and breaking it down into small month by month milestones, you’ll make sure to be feeling less stressed and overwhelmed by your dream outcome. By the end of the new year, you’ll be rocking it.

Check in each month and evaluate what is working and what’s not.

The worst thing you can do is set your goals, put them away and forget about them for the rest of the year hoping you some how magically achieve your dreams. You (unfortunately) have to work for what you want ladies! And that’s okay! (especially if you make the process fun.) But checking in is really important… because each month you need to evaluate your progress, figure out what’s working and what’s not working and make small changes to your approach so you can move closer to our dreams.













FREE 5 Day Self Love Jump Start!

FREE 5 Day Self Love Jump Start!

Hey hey gorgeous girl. Need a little confidence boost lately? Good thing you’re here.. because I want to tell you all about the FREE 5 Day Self Love Jumpstart. I made it for all you WIPGIRLS out there looking to feel a little happier. It’s a free awesome Five Day Program to help you set new goals, revamp your life, and make some big awesome changes (well… 5 days worth)



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Top Help Guides Roundup!

Top Help Guides Roundup!

The best analogy for what I realized yesterday: I’m like a girl obsessed with buying shoes…The girl who is constantly purchasing new pairs but doesn’t really know she has a problem. And then one day she is cleaning out her closet. And suddenly she realizes: “OMG. I have SO MANY SHOES.” ….Except I’m not obsessed with buying shoes. I’m obsessed with making help guides. And yes.. I have A LOT more than I thought I did.

I’ve created a TON of self help guides in the past year. I guess I didn’t realize how much content I put out there, until I was organizing it all  for a big project coming up (more on that later.)

So I thought it was time to “clean out the closet” so to speak. Especially because I’ve officially been at this for one full year!

Yesterday I wrote a post celebrating and marking my first year blogging and a full twelve months running What is Perfection LLC. It’s truly been an incredible year. I am so super blessed to be spending my days coaching and creating personal development tools and courses that actually HELP people.

And I love the Perfect Life Library I created – it’s full of all the help guides that actually HELP people.

I love it. And my subscribers seem to love it too! (Go check it out here if you want FREE access)

So I thought today I would do a roundup post of some of my favorite help guides. I have created so many self improvement printables in the past year, that sometimes even I have a hard time picking which one to use.

So in honor of the one year mark: here you go. My top favorite FREE self improvement worksheets and self help guides. Have fun browsing them! And if you ever have an idea or topic for a future guide – go get at me girl and give me a shout out! I LOVE hearing from my readers.

Alright. Ready? Set? GO!


What is Perfection Help Guides 2016



TOP Help Guides


FREE Personal Development Tools from What is Perfection



Goal Setting Help Guides

We all have different goals – goals to be more organized, more financially responsible, or just more happy. In the Perfect Library I’ve thrown a TON of goal setting help guides over the past year, but the two that seem to be the most successful for my clients (and the most popular among subscribers) are the Weight-loss Goal Setting Guide, and the Guide For Reverse Engineering Your Goals.



Use this Help Guide to get clear about WHY you need to lose weight so you can actually motivate yourself to do it.



This Guide takes your MAIN Big goal and breaks it down into smaller more short term baby step goals. (What easier way to feel less overwhelmed by a big project!



Confidence Building Help Guides

Since a lot of my clients come to me with confidence and self love struggles, these two E-Guides are always something I recommend ANY girl print and use. Daily Journal Prompts for Growing Your Confidence and the How to Feel Beautiful Guide really go a long way.

building self-esteem what is perfection





“How To”  Help Guides 

And finally, my three most game changing Help guides.

How to Quit a Bad Habit 

How to Stop Caring What Other People Think

How to Feel Grateful. 



how to stop caring what others think what is perfection worksheet free guide


free gratitude journal prompts what is perfection


I hope you get a lot out of these help guides!

Feel free to browse around, print them out, go have fun.

Oh.. and remember: Go sign up for





Which Program Will Change My Life?

Which Program Will Change My Life?

I get asked this question a lot: “What should I enroll in? The Perfection Program, or the Broken to Beautiful Course? Which one is right for me?” In the course section of What is Perfection, there are two big 30 day programs to choose from. So if you’re that girl wanting to enroll in a self improvement program, but you aren’t sure which one is right for you – I’m gonna break it down for ya.


The Perfection Program and The Broken to Beautiful Course 

-Both are 30 Day programs.

-Both have amazing success stories.

-Both are life transforming.

So which one do you pick? 


About the Two Self Improvement Programs

cutehearttealwipThe Perfection Program is a 30 day program for the girl who feels unhappy, insecure, and unbeautiful. In 30 days you set new goals for your life, learn how to let go of limiting beliefs and start rebuilding your confidence. You learn how to redefine “Perfection” so you can start actually fulfilling your dreams of living a perfectly happy life. You get specific and identify exactly what insecurities/fear factors are the cause of you feeling unfulfilled in your life. You re-identify the emotions you are longing for vs. the emotions that you have and create a custom roadmap for feeling happy confident and successful in your life.

cutehearttealwipThe Broken to Beautiful Course is a 30 day program for the girl who wants to stop living in unhealthy unhappy relationship. In 30 days you set new goals for your love life, learn how to let go of the unhealthy limiting relationship beliefs that you’ve established from your past and start rebuilding your confidence. You learn how to let go of the fear and doubt your previous relationship has formed in your life. Create a custom roadmap for happiness and a new future as a single woman, or as a woman who no longer tolerates unhappiness in her love life. Let go of the pain of a past relationship and start healing your heart so you can find true love.


How The Programs Are The Same:

Whether you enroll in the Perfection Program or the Broken to Beautiful Program,

here’s what will happen in 30 days:


The Differences Between Broken to Beautiful and the Perfection Program:

So, these programs, while both all encompassing and focusing on self improvement, are tailored to two different groups.

The Perfection Program is really for the girl who just feels unhappy overall in her life. Who feels like she deserves more confidence, and wants to start making positive changes for her life. While she may have been in unhealthy relationships in the past, those relationships are not the driving force of her need to change.

The Broken to Beautiful program is for the girl who is really in need of repair from damaging past relationships. She is so heartbroken from being in unhealthy relationships  that she has had enough and feels ready to change.

In a nut shell, this is the difference between these two programs.



self improvement course


So that about does it ladies:

the simple quick breakdown of the two awesome programs that are here to help you transform your life!

Now Go check them out and get started on your journey today!  


cutehearttealwipThe Perfection Program

cutehearttealwipBroken to Beautiful

Have questions still? Shoot me a note or post a comment below!