Why I Set Intentions Every Morning.

Why I Set Intentions Every Morning.

It’s a new found habit that I am totally obsessed with. It takes the Law of Attraction to a whole new level. Yes. I am a total Woo-woo lately. And I love it. No shame. Because it works. And It’s awesome being a woo-woo.

I have a BUNCH of favorite morning rituals that I wrote about a while back in this post, but today I wanted to really hone in on giving you ladies one of my favorite pieces of my morning self care routine: setting intentions.

Every a.m. I take out a notebook and ask myself, “What are my three morning intentions for the day?”

It’s a routine I started recently, but it seriously has had such an impact I need to share it with ya’ll.


Setting Intentions is total Game Changer.

Intentions help us gain clarity on the things we want more of and the things we want less of in our life. When we wake up and start our day identifying our intentions and purpose, it gets us super connected to what it is we want to experience in our life.

Setting morning intentions is one of the best ways to start my day. I write down three intentions I want to focus – so I know exactly what I am trying to feel for the whole day.

Lately, my intentions have been sort of similar each morning, but they do change and evolve. You don’t need to make one intention a permanent life intention every single day. What’s great about doing this every morning is that you can always change your mind and create more fun and variety in your life.

So each morning I wake up and ask myself – what three things do I want to accomplish? What three emotions do I want to embrace and experience today? What three main forces of energy do I want to attract today?

And then I write them down, look at them, focus on the words for a few minutes, and then release my thoughts. I always do my best to make sure that whatever intentions I set, they are filled with gratitude and positivity.

My Three Morning Intentions Today:

1. I Will focus on giving and providing service to the world. I will help others.
2. I will feel energized, balanced and clear minded today.
3. I will be productive, without feeling stressed.

Some of my other favorite morning intentions:

1.Today I will feel loved in multiple areas of my life.
2. I will focus on peace and balance in my life today.
3. I wil honor my needs.
4. I will remain present and grounded in every single moment today.
5. I will surround myself with love and positivity.
6. No matter what happens I will protect myself from stressed be surrounded by love instead.

Do you have some favorite morning intentions?

Join the community group and share yours!!



My Morning Meditation Game Changer.

My Morning Meditation Game Changer.

Dear Universe: 

I have a new morning routine that I am in love with – morning meditation.

I am not exactly a newbie when it comes to meditation, but I have never in my life ventured away from the “guided meditations.” You know, the ones where you put on a recording and listen to someone tell you what to do during your experience.

So this morning I tried something for the first time: Meditation on my own.

It was the most amazing self realization experience ever. I sat there with my eyes closed for 30 minutes, focusing on my breathing, and quieting my mind.

After a few deep breathing cycles, I was finally able to move out all the clutter thoughts – the “things I need to do today” and stuff like that – I was suddenly immersed with the most beautiful thoughts and lessons I needed to be learning. It was almost as if I was asking a higher power to sort of “show me the way” through some of the obstacles I feel faced with right now.

And BOOM. It hit me. A wave of self discovery.

So right after the half hour was over I ran upstairs to get my notebook and write down all the thoughts I came away with.

Here they are.. out there for you universe. 

-Money is an expression of love. I am open to receiving it.

-I am my most important client. When I don’t focus on growing and bettering myself, I cannot help change the lives of others.

-I am a role model for my audience. I give and I receive. I am a peer among this community – equal to all of these wonderful women and never ever above them.

-I love connection. I don’t get hurt by it. I live passionately for my community.

-I need to continuously be growing and improving myself so the I can be the best representation of what loving yourself truly can do for you.

-Receiving is beautiful, abundant and full of love. It is not scarce.

-My creativity fuels me. It is my purpose. And has my deep gratitude.

-Do what you love and the money will follow. The lives of others will change. you will make a difference. All you have to do is follow your heart and passion and the universe will reward you.

-I put myself first not because it is selfish, but because I am teaching others to do the same. Practicing what I preach ….. not just saying what is right, but living what is right every single day.