Happy First Birthday to WIP!

Happy First Birthday to WIP!

Oh Em Gee. I cannot believe it. What is Perfection has officially hit its one year mark.  Yesterday, my iCalendar sent me a notification about it.  And I legit nearly pissed my pants. Has it been a full twelve months already? Did I actually survive my first year blogging? Can someone pinch me? Lots of thoughts all over the place. Total crazy happy vibes. Because it’s actually here. The 1 Year Blogg-iversary. Yup, I made it folks!

Happy First Birthday to What is Perfection!

What is Perfection LLC. is pretty much my love child.

Now, one year later, I am the happiest baby-business-mommy on the fucking planet.

I am seriously so proud. And I’ve never been happier. So in honor of my first year blogging….here it is:


The First Year of What is Perfection LLC.


-When it all started

-How it grew

-What it is now

-And my hopes for what it will become!


First year blogging what is perfection

Happy Blogg-iversary to WIP!


If you don’t know already: What is Perfection LLC. Is not the normal baby business, the traditional blog or the average self improvement website. I know, I know, everyone thinks their child is “special,” but seriously. My baby is damn special.

I’m not just celebrating my “first year blogging.”

Because WIP isn’t just a blog. It isn’t just a website. And it isn’t just a bunch of fluffy pretty pictures and stories about my life.

It is so much more than that.



It’s a place where I share the hard lessons I have learned on my own self love journey.

It’s the self improvement tools that women can use to change their lives.

It’s a series of online self improvement courses that transform their struggle into success.

(Broken to Beautiful, and the Perfection Program) 

It’s a free community and support system.

(Finding Self Love and Healing a Broken Heart)

And there’s a lot more to come.

So, I’m not being cocky when I say WIP is special: It needs to be.

Because if WIP is special – it can spark that greatness in its readers.

And that’s what this is all about.

This isn’t a first year blogging celebration. This is a first year making a difference celebration.

No magic fairy dust. No Hocus Pocus. The real deal.

Here’s how it all started.

One year ago, I left my job as a CBS News producer, said goodbye to the corporate world for good and ventured into my first year blogging. I walked away from a high paying industry and a cushy job title to pursue this dream of helping others. Yes, believe it. Because I did it.

Starting this business was surprising to some people, but it wasn’t an “out of left field” idea. It’s been a long time coming. I guess I was just waiting around for the perfect opportunity to pursue it. But as we’ve all learned – there’s no such thing as “perfect.”

And actually, my life was completely the opposite of perfect when I started WIP.  I was totally miserable and unhappy at my job. My boss mistreated me constantly. My hours were completely chaotic (overnight shifts are a killer) and my relationship was hanging by a shoe string because of it.  I was quickly becoming emotionally jaded in an aggressive industry that just wasn’t fulfilling me.

One day I woke up and realized that I was living my life pretending to make something work that just wasn’t right for me. A professional job title and fancy apartment are pointless if you aren’t happy.

I knew in my heart that helping other people was what I wanted to do. And I had so much credibility and life experience, that it was about time I actually did it! I have my first year blogging in the books, and it still feels like a dream.

Do I have any regrets walking away from my career?


Everyone always asks me this. Do I miss it? Usually, I look at them like they are crazy when they ask me that. The answer (in case you are wondering) is a strong solid “No.” No, I don’t regret my decision to leave corporate life. Not. At. All. Honestly.

I am truly so happy.

What is Perfection is all about helping and inspiring other women – and I feel like I am living the dream getting to help all of you amazing humans out there.


I love being a part of your success, helping you transform and actually being a creator of change.

When I get an emailed success story about a student who has changed her life because of the Perfection Program,

When a woman overcomes an unhealthy relationship with the Broken to Beautiful course,

When I can witness those amazing transformations into happiness with my one on one coaching

-I know in my heart this is where I belong.

I went from feeling empty every day to creating something that fills my life with purpose and meaning. Instead of spending my time reporting on life’s tragedies, I now get to help people rise above their own traumatic life experiences.  And I’m pretty damn good at it. To even think about trading that fulfillment for a few vacation days and a 401k seems ridiculous to me.

There are a lot of learning moments running your own business.


Don’t get me wrong, my first year blogging and running What is Perfection was super hard. And I know it’s only an uphill battle from here. Social media outreach is painstakingly slow (and time consuming.) Being a horrible speller and a sloppy copy editor is a constant challenge (and sometimes an embarrassment.) And as every month passes I get more and more anxious about tax season (financial experts anyone?)

I am still learning and growing every single day. And I always will be. Because I’m not perfect. And W.I.P. will never be either. And I guess that’s what makes this so awesome. Everything about this brand is real, authentic, and transparent. (Proud mommy tears over here.)

What’s even more awesome is that I know it’s all worth it.  I am making a difference. And that was something I wasn’t sure I would be able to do my first year out.

It is, after all, it’s a big jungle internet world out there. And it’s hard to survive.

People said What is Perfection would be a huge risk. But I never called it that. And I never will. This business venture was not some random bet at a Craps table. It was a choice I am so happy I made.

Because I wasn’t “taking a chance.” – I was making a decision.  

And when you come at a dream with enough determination and humbleness,  anything is possible.


What is Perfection is all about you.


This company was never about me.

I never had interest in celebrity, idolization or recognition.

And I never will.

Because if  I did, I would never be successful.

I don’t want to be a false sense of Perfection. I want to be real.


So after my first year blogging and running this business,

I am still on the same mission.

To help the girl I used to be:

-The suicidal girl who has no idea how to be happy.

-The self loather who doesn’t know how to stop hating herself.

-The unloved girl who wants to leave an unhealthy relationship but feels stuck.

-The girl who wants to change. The girl who needs to change. The girl who doesn’t know how.

Because I am in every single one of those girls. I have been there.

I was once a pro in the “living a miserable life” ball game. But now I am an expert in the art of  completely changing that path.

And with What is Perfection I get to help other people find that happiness and transform their own lives.




So.. In Closing of my first year blogging,

To My Baby Business & My Beautiful Readers:


Thank you for growing.

Thank you for loving.

Thank you for being my rock and my reliable source of contribution to this world

and to your world.

Please don’t ever stop doing and being those wonderful things.

If you don’t give up, I sure as hell won’t either.

Sincerely yours,



A Peek into My Office Space!

A Peek into My Office Space!

Ever since I became an entrepreneur, I’ve become even more obsessed with my desk/office area. Now, if you know me personally, you’re probably thinking that’s crazy – since I was already so obsessed with my desk. But it’s for a good reason. Now that I work from home as a full time blogger and life coach, my inspirational workspace is the most important part of my home. It is basically life.

Because I LOVVEEEE me a sexy motivational desk area.  And if I don’t have one, I go crazy. No joke.

Forget about working… when my desk is a mess, it sets me off into crazy town.

To be clear, I’m not really a clean freak. I’m fine skipping out on the laundry for two weeks and letting the dishes pile up. Sometimes I even forget t to sort through the mail. All that is totes fine with me. But if my desk isn’t organized or if my inspirational workspace is cluttered, then we have a serious problem in Lauren land. I’ve become somewhat of a pro in the art of creating an inspirational workspace. So today I am sharing my tips so you can do it too!


desk organizing ideas what is perfection


Creating an Office Area that Inspires You.

I am a firm believer that certain environments give off different energy vibes. If you are constantly working in different places, or if you don’t have a desk to call your own, you are more likely to feel stressed, disoriented and chaotic in your daily work routine.

I can definitely attest to this. I get much more work done at my desk than I do when I bring my laptop in bed or to a coffee shop to work. The quality of my work is reliant on my inspirational office area.

So since I know how important it is to have an inspirational workspace, I make it a priority. When Matt and I moved into a small temporary space this past winter, I had one requirement: There MUST be room for my desk.

inspirational workspace what is perfection

How to Create a Motivational Workspace

Here are my solid simple tips for making your own inspirational workspace that rocks.

1. Create a space that represents you. My office area is a representation of ME. And I LUVVVV that. Having an inspirational workspace that has me feeling connected to my own passions and identity keeps me continuously positive during my workday. Honestly, without my own special space, I am not sure where I would be. So when I decorate my desk, I always look to feature decorative items that make me feel connected to my soul. The koala I have next to my computer for example reminds me of my boyfriend. He calls me his koala (because I am always sleeping) It’s a silly little inside love joke just between us, but when I see this little koala every day, it reminds me of the reasons why I work so hard. Because I love him, duh.

2. Fill your inspirational workspace with positive symbolism. See that dictionary that’s propping up my Mac computer? I got it from a producer I worked with at CBS News. I thought he was a genius. But then he got fired. I saved this dictionary as a constant reminder that sometimes even the best of us fail. It keeps me focused on my mission to learn and grow and also keeps me humble. It’s a solid reminder that even the smartest people in the world still learn hard lessons.

inspirational workspace what is perfection

3. Fill your inspirational workspace with quotes that speak to you. I love looking at this dish on my desk. Sometimes it’s covered with little paperclips and I lose sight of the quote on there. But when I get a chance to look at it, the quote makes me feel so happy, inspired and relaxed. So, when you are designing your inspirational workspace, be sure to find some quotes to display at your desk area. Whether they are framed quotes, notebooks with quotes, or ceramic piece of inspiration, it doesn’t matter. Having a few scattered positive quotes across your inspirational workspace can help you push through those tough days when you aren’t feeling as creative or motivated.

4. Keep the clutter away. I am a firm believer in keeping my inspirational workspace as organized as possible. So keep your office area as organized as possible. Get folders or a nice file bin to keep your paperwork clutter off your desk. Buy bins to store your markers, crayons or extra electrical cords. Keeping the clutter out of site will keep you more focused on whatever work you are doing that day. I do keep some beautiful notebooks shelved on the top of my desk for decoration. But most of my research material and office supplies is stored away in bins or in nice organized piles underneath my desk. That way I have nothing to distract me while I am working.

inspirational workspace what is perfection

5. Keep a thematic color scheme. I have so much of that gorgeous blues and pastel teal color scattered in my inspirational workspace. I love those colors. They make me feel so happy and positive. Having a few books and decorative pieces with those color tones on my desk keeps me feeling positive in my work environment. Not to mention it also keeps me focused because that’s the beautiful WIP brand color! So when you create your inspirational office area, find a few colors that speak to you and play off of them when you decorate. I am not saying you need to go out and get everything super matchy matchy. but pulling a strong color scheme through your workspace keeps the positive mood you created continuous and focused.

I hope you enjoyed my little tips today! More to come on the blog. Do you have any favorite inspirational workspace items? Share them with me, I would love to check them out! Oh.. and if you are a blogger, check out my other blogging posts in the lifestyle section here.

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What is Perfection is the Self Improvement blog for the imperfect girl everywhere. Learn to find happiness, feel beautiful, and be confident in who you are. We all deserve to be happy, and we all deserve to be the best version of us. And we all are truly capable of getting there. Because Perfection Is Impossible. Happiness isn’t. See The Self Improvement E-Guide Collection For Your Life Coaching Guides to Change Your Life Today!

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If I Die in the Hurricane…..

If I Die in the Hurricane…..

Dear Lovely Reader:  The past few days I’ve been in Palm Beach, Florida on vacation visiting my nephews and loving life. Julen and Grayson are six and four years old respectively, and they are awesome. But if you don’t know anything about kids, their ages tell mean that my vacation here in Palm Beach has basically been little sleep, lots of messes and a ton of high-energy. So even though Hurricane Matthew hasn’t hit yet, It kind of feels like it has sometimes.

Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

You should know that I am not a Floridian. I have never been a Floridian. I live in Connecticut right now, and before that, I had an apartment in NYC. The only experience I’ve had with big weather disasters was Super Storm Sandy a few years ago, and when that was slamming the east coast, I was in a cushy hotel in Manhattan courtesy of the company I worked for. Now here I am, in Florida, expecting Hurricane Matthew to hit and feeling completely unprepared for what the heck that means.

The gas lines are ridiculous. Water is sold out everywhere. We put storm shutters on the house (I had no idea that was a thing until now.) So I figured that now would be a good time to say goodbye.

And I know I am being dramatic. Because in reality, this storm will probably just make a little drizzle and knock over a few mailboxes. Maybe.

Or maybe not.

So  just in case Hurricane Matthew is more than that, here are the final things I want to say before I’m gone.

Hurricane Matthew: My Goodbye Letter to the World

A Letter from a Girl About to die in Hurricane Matthew

Here are my final last thoughts, words and opinions. This is everything I want to say before I die today: The important, the interesting, and the obvious.

1. Beyonce is super sexy… but her music sucks. Seriously… her music it’s horrible. Why do so many people love it?

2. On that topic, nothing beats the ’90s. Nothing will ever beat the ’90s. If you don’t agree with me you are an idiot. The end.

3. I did not have sex with your boyfriend – to all the girls out there who thought I did. Sorry. Just had to say it. Sorry not sorry though.

4. I am really sorry I farted in dance class that one time. Seriously… everyone in the room could smell it and I am so appreciative that they acted like they didn’t. Because it was really bad. And I am deeply, deeply sorry.

5. Eyelash extensions are so over rated.. Can you learn how to make them for people who can’t sleep on their back? Because I can’t afford a fill in every two weeks.

6. Shaving your legs is totally over rated.  And why do women have to do it all the time? All men have to do in the shower is make their pits not smell… you guys have it easy.

7. Watching the Babadook  movie was a total waste of time. And it was a waste of money for anyone involved in the production process…. because it sucked.

8.  To The Apple Company: I like that you provide software updates for my iPhone my iMac and my iPad. Thank you for being so “on top of things.” But can you not remind me of the update 20 million times a day? I am sorry I am too busy using my laptop to google Kim Kardashian and her sex tape to update my software with your recent lion/tiger/leopard/whatever-cat software. I wish you would figure out a way to update my Apple products when I’m not looking at them. You know, like at night, when I’m sleeping. Oh wait.. thats an option for updating right? Okay… never mind. Sorry for ranting. It’s still annoying though.

9.To Disney: Finding Dory was great. WHY DID IT TAKE YOU SO LONG TO MAKE IT?!!?? And why can’t I find a cute little baby Dory stuffed animal in the Disney store? DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS TO ME? All you have is adult Dory toys. Fix this problem please.

10. To the girl at the Target counter with the really long nails that make it completely impossible for me to check out in a timely fashion. WHY??? Seriously. WHY????

11. To the person who invented the security chip on my credit card: CAN YOU HURRY THE FUCK UP AND MAKE THIS WORK FASTER ?

11. To Donald Trump’s makeup artist: Are you drunk?

12. To Hillary Clinton’s fashion expert: Are you a lesbian?

13. To the people who are aggressively defending either of those politicians:  I will never understand you.

14. To the people who did that protesting on Wall Street years ago – I still don’t understand you. I was in the NEWS MEDIA at the time when you were cool. So the fact that even I don’t comprehend your mission is clearly a concern.

15. To the girl I went to high school with who was super sexy at the time but then got fat: I am actually kind of relieved that you aren’t a perfect human being.

16. To the women out there who breast feed their children when they are old enough to walk and  talk: You are gross. (Except if you are my friend – then it’s okay because I don’t want to hurt your feelings.)

17. On that topic: for the women who are obsessed with being moms and decide to lose their identity when they become parents: I am sorry for you and your loss.

18. To the girl in high school struggling to feel confident: High school sucks – this is not real life.

19. To the teachers in high school who never understood me: I am pretty sure you wouldn’t understand me now either.

20. To my professors in College who told me that “real life would be harder than senior year of college” – It’s not harder. You were a liar.

21. To the boyfriends who cheated on me – I deserved better.

22. To the friends who hurt me – I deserved better too.

23. To my boyfriend: I love you so freaking much Matt, but why did you have to become a hurricane and ruin my opportunity to go to Disney World for the first time as an adult?? I am so angry…. but apparently I’m now dead too because of Hurricane Matthew. So thanks.

And finally….

24. To everyone out there in the world SELF LOVE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT LOVE. So even though I may not be around to tell you how I feel about it – keep practicing that girl.



P.S. What did the hurricane say to the palm tree? Hold on to your nuts this is going to be some blow job!!!


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What is Perfection is the Self Improvement blog for the imperfect girl everywhere. Learn to find happiness, feel beautiful, and be confident in who you are. We all deserve to be happy, and we all deserve to be the best version of us. And we all are truly capable of getting there. Because Perfection Is Impossible. Happiness isn’t. See The Self Improvement E-Guide Collection For Your Life Coaching Guides to Change Your Life Today!

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How to Start A Blog

How to Start A Blog

Okay ladies.. I have been getting tons of questions about starting blogs: What to do, how to do it, where to read up on the ins and outs of writing your own blog. And first off… THAT’S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I love getting asked about how to start a blog because it means that whatever I am writing here is inspiring other awesome ladies to want to write about their lives too! And that is so so fantastic!

So today I am going to give you some advice on how to start a blog – what you should know, and what you need to do in order to make your blog work for you AND for your audience.

How to start a blog tips from What is Perfection Blog copy

Blogging is amazing. But you can see from my post on being a blogger  that actually living a blogger’s life is not a walk in the park. It is a lot of work ladies. There is tons of information out there on the do’s and don’ts of running your own website. Now, keep in mind, a lot of the information out there is garbage. And finding the right advice can be tough. So I hope sharing what I have learned helps answer some of your questions.


How to Start a Blog Step One: Deciding What You Want to Write About.

It is really important in the blogging world that you lay a solid ground work for your blog before you even start. That solid ground is your brand, your stories – what you want to write about. And it’s important to find a central theme to what you are writing about.

You can’t really just say “I want to start a blog,” without knowing  what you want to write about specifically. When I started my blog, I knew I wanted to help inspire women. I wanted to provide the resources for them to live happy positive lives. Who knew that just starting this blog would blossom into a whole major self improvement company and the Perfection Program courses where I teach self-love and confidence to thousands of girls out there!

The vision I had for What is Perfection in the early days of starting my blog has certainly evolved into something even bigger. But that would have never happened if I didn’t have a clear focused topic to write about when I started.

So, when you decide your voice needs a platform and you want that platform to be a blog — that is amazing. But make sure you ask yourself what you want to USE that voice FOR.

What stories do you want to tell?

What mission do you want to focus on?

Do you want to write about fashion?

Do you want to write about Relationships?

Maybe you want to create a general lifestyle blog because yours is super unique — that’s fine too!

Just make sure you identify your concept and main point early on for your own guidance… and also.. for figuring out the name of your blog.

How to start a blog What is Perfection Blog-5

Step Two: Buying Your Domain Name

This one is SUPER important you guys. No matter what you are writing about, you should have a solid domain name to represent your brand. And you are going to have to pay for it. (It’s not a lot, don’t worry.)

There are tons of free services out there like blogspot and wordpress to platform your blog for free. But that’s a mistake. The worst  thing you can do is NOT invest in your domain name.

Buying your domain name will make your blog unique, recognizable, and YOU. What is Perfection would not be the same without it’s unique and easy to remember URL of https://whatisperfection.com. And purchasing a URL is super cheap!

When it comes to buying your domain, I SWEAR by Blue Host.

I’ve purchased URLs through other services before, but What is Perfection was the first time I used Blue Host. Buying a domain is simple and easy when you use their services.  It will cost you around 15 dollars. They have a live chat support that was the total game changer for me when I went to start my blog.

I was able to ask them whatever questions I had along the way of designing my website, and they were super helpful 24-7.

Click Here to start your site with Blue Host or Keep Reading

1- Get Started


Sign up on Blue Host is easy, and the process is simple and not scary at all of new bloggers.

2- Plans

Blue Host has a lot of different plans to choose from as you can tell. But don’t worry or get overwhelmed by the numbers here. The great thing about using blue host when you first start a blog is that they offer amazing customer service. So if you are confused about which package to choose, all you have to do is give them a call or live chat with them. I went for the basic plan when I first started. But overtime, as I upgraded my site, I upgraded my hosting package to support large amounts of traffic.

But yeah, $3.95 a month is an insane deal for running your own blog don’t you think?

How to Pick a Domain Name

When you start a blog and are trying to think of a name for your site, take some time brainstorming. Come up with something that truly represents what your site is going to be all about. For me, What is Perfection was a pretty obvious name for my brand. But if you aren’t sure, take some time searching through the Domain database to get ideas. You can see what names are available. Heads up, you can get a new domain and you can also transfer an old one with their very affordable services.

3-Domain Registration


How to Start a Blog Step Three: Use WordPress. Use Word Press. Use WordPress.

Let me be clear ….. blogging doesn’t have to be full of HTML coding and complicated technical languages. You don’t need to be a coding expert to start a blog. When you use WordPress (which is a free service through Blue Host) you can  purchase your own domain name, and then use a simple interface to write your content. There are also free custom designed themes for you to choose from when you use Blue Host and WordPress.

Trust me when I say it actually running a website is easy and nothing to be scared of.

Once you create an account though Blue Host you can easily install wordpress. This is  a little peak of the dashboard to give you an idea of what it looks like, the Word Press button is right there: INSTALL WORDPRESS. BOOM. DONE. Click Here to start your site with Blue Host

6 -cPanel


Step Four: Have Fun. Be Vulnerable. And Be Brave

When you first start a blog, putting your life out there in the open can feel a little overwhelming. You are putting your voice out there for the world to hear, and the idea you may be disliked for it can be scary. Facing criticism is hard!

But the great thing you need to remember when you start a blog is that you can open up at your own pace.

Also, you need to remember that no matter how open you are, no one is being forced to read your stories. If people don’t like what you have to say, then tough shit. They don’t have to come back and read them anymore!

This world is full of tons of people and not everyone is going to like you or what you have to say. Don’t let your insecurities hold you back from speaking your mind in the online world. When you start a blog, remember to be honest and truthful about whatever you are writing about.

The truth is, blogging is an amazing platform for creative expression and unique voices. So take advantage of it. And embrace it!

Click Here to start your site with Blue Host

How to start a blog What is Perfection Blog-13

Need more tips on Blogging? Check out more posts on the Blogger Lifestyle. 

And if you need help overcoming insecurities about being vulnerable, maybe these posts will help you! 

  1. How to Be Brave and Live Fearlessly 
  2. How to Speak Your Mind – Even When It Scares You
  3. How to Let Go Of What Other People Think of You



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What is Perfection is the Self Improvement blog for the imperfect girl everywhere. Learn to find happiness, feel beautiful, and be confident in who you are. We all deserve to be happy, and we all deserve to be the best version of us. And we all are truly capable of getting there. Because Perfection Is Impossible. Happiness isn’t. See The Self Improvement E-Guide Collection For Your Life Coaching Guides to Change Your Life Today!

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What I Learned My First Two Months Being A Blogger

What I Learned My First Two Months Being A Blogger

When I left CBS News and started my venture running What is Perfection, the future was incredibly uncertain to me. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or how I was going to find the one thing that would provide a sense of confidence and purpose. My dream, though I kind of had an idea of what I wanted to do, was still unclear. I knew I wanted to write, use my photography skills on the regular and share stories of my past to help influence and inspire other women to learn to love themselves. But once I decided that being a blogger was the way to do I was faced with an even bigger challenge. Actually doing it! 

Even though finding  the outlet to pursue my dream took some time, the path of actually getting there is even longer, and far more work than actually discovering my dream in the first place. Being a Blogger is a lot of work, and a job that comes with a ton of obstacles. It takes time, energy, and endless creativity. Oh.. and an insane amount of multi tasking.



Being a Blogger – What I learned my first two months in the Blogging World

When I started What is Perfection, I honestly had no idea what I was in for. I didn’t know much about being a blogger or what html coding was really. And because of my inexperience, I knew and expected to be learning new and exciting things on the regular. The first month I spent a ton of time researching how the internet world works, how search engines find your website, and how to design a pretty website. But what I didn’t realize was how MUCH learning there would be in the process of running my own blog. I am still learning, each and every day. I used BlueHost – Which was an amazing help since it is probably the best web service I have used EVER. I’ve taken a crack at blogging in the past with other services, and was never happy. But using BlueHost was really the game changer for me. Their service was impeccable.

As scary as it is to be doing something I don’t exactly know how to do 100%, it is so incredibly exciting! Learning every day, growing every minute, and being given the opportunity to be creative all the time has really allowed me to flourish, find  happiness, and feel incredibly fulfilled.

But since Being A Blogger was a responsibility I didn’t really know much about in the beginning, I thought it would be cool to share with you guys some of the things I have learned along the way so far. Giving you a taste of what being a blogger is really all about seemed like a good thing to do….


  1. Your Family and Friends Will Have NO Idea What You Are Doing: I read a lot about this on the Nectar Collective and Skinny Confidential when I first started blogging. The world of being a blogger is a bit confusing to a lot of people. Telling people what you do for a living is not exactly a short conversation. Being a career women, I always got a lot of the “so what do you do for a living” question when I meet new people.  It’s easy when you work for a company and have to explain your job. Before this blog, my answer was simple:  “I am a producer at CBS News,” I’d say. It was easy to tell people what I did and I took pride in saying it. Peoples eyes would light up and expressions of “oh wow!” or “that’s awesome!” would follow. But now I don’t have that short answer I am proud of saying in my back pocket. Having to tell people I am a blogger, and then explaining what I do is still something I am trying to figure out. How do you explain what you do when you are still learning how to do it!??!
  2. You Never Stop Working: Most people think being blogger means sitting on the couch all day in your PJs writing on your laptop while episodes of the Office play in the background. And yes, it is true. I do do that on occasion. But Being A Blogger is essentially like building a start up company… ALONE. There are tons of endless moving parts to building a blog – Scheduling social media posts, coming up with blog ideas, photography shoots, responding to emails, and building E-Books …..there is ALWAYS something to be done. There are days my boyfriend leaves for work at 7, kisses me goodbye while I am typing away at my computer desk, and still finds me sitting there when he gets home at 6 at night! I seriously don’t stop. There is always something to be doing. Once I finish a project or fix one function on the website, there is another challenge or obstacle that pops up on my scheduled tasks.
  3. Creativity Becomes a Requirement and A Challenge: I love being creative. If there were any quality to describe me and my personality,  being a creative individual is what I identify with the most. But having to use my creative brain all the time is now a requirement in my daily routine: The responsibilities of being a blogger. And it is a responsibility I have all the time.  Challenging that part of my brain on the regular is super exciting for me, but it can also be challenging. There are times where I know I have to come up with ideas for new posts or new E-Books, and my brain is just not having it. It’s normal to have moments where I don’t feel particularly motivated about writing a certain post or brainstorming new ideas…. but it is now something I have to do. On days where I don’t feel particularly motivated to be creative, I have to use my brain in other challenging ways: Fixing HTML coding, Logging Google Analytics Stats, or Even coming up with new social media strategies. Basically… my brain has zero resting time. Hence the “never stop working” point I made earlier.
  4. It is A Slow Moving Process.. Physically and Financially: When the thought of being a blogger started to cross my mind, I of course was concerned about the financial consequences of pursing the blogging life. I started googling the ways to generate income, the options of using advertising and building affiliate relationships with companies… It was (and still is) a confusing concept to me. How are there so many awesome bloggers out there making a ton of money doing this every day? It wasn’t until I actually jumped into the life of being a blogger that I realized how slow the process is, how much time is required and how important it is to accept that. Building your reputation online — in a world of millions and millions of other bloggers trying to do the same thing is super competitive. It takes a long time to gain credibility, find your voice as a blogger and build your brand as a business. All really incredibly important things to turning your blog into a revenue source.
  5. Social Media is Complicated, Time Consuming, and Vital To Being A Blogger: I remember when I was younger and would get yelled at by teachers for being on Facebook during class, or how my parents would get annoyed with me at dinner when I was on my phone checking my Instagram. But Social Media is actually part of my job now – A Concept that is a bit confusing for me to comprehend. I have to come up with ways to broaden my audience and reach out to people to come follow What is Perfection, and part of that is getting people’s attention through outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media strategies are confusing.. there are endless ways of generating campaigns and coming up with new ways to connect with your audience… but finding the right strategy is difficult. Sometimes I’ll have an idea for a way to get more followers and nothing happens. Other times, I have zero strategy, notice a huge following gain and have to figure out why it happened. Analyzing my success with social media activity and statistics is confusing, and complicated. It is something I still haven’t exactly mastered.. probably why my Pinterest following is stuck at 20 users. But like I said, being a blogger is an endless education… a “course” that I will probably always be studying in.
  6. The Possibilities Are Endless, and Inspiring: Aside from all the obstacles of time management, and the struggle of building a solid reputation online, being a blogger is an amazing opportunity for me. I am finally in a place where I can use all of the passions I have in one complete outlet. I get to write and tell stories – which I love. I get to photograph inspirational things on the regular, which I love. I get to think outside the box and come up with new strategies and ways of creative expression – which is always so fun. The added bonus is that being a blogger has given me something I was always looking for: The freedom to be me, the ability to express myself and the acceptance of being an open and honest person that wears her heart on her sleeve.

I wouldn’t change it for anything.
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