Getting Organized, Excited (and Adorable) for 2017 [FREE GIVEAWAY!]

Getting Organized, Excited (and Adorable) for 2017 [FREE GIVEAWAY!]

The New Year is around the corner. And I don’t know about you, but I want 2017 to be amazing. Not just regular amazing though. I’m talking brave, badass awesome, amazing, and all those feel good vibes you can think of. This year, I’m doing more than “wanting” my resolutions. I am making them HAPPEN. For realzz.

And today I’m going to show you how to do succeed in your New Years Resolutions. Did you know 92 percent of people who set goals for the new year don’t achieve them! UGH. Who wants to be the majority? NO thanks.

Last week, I made my own resolutions and promised myself to kick butt this coming year.  I snuggled up to some christmas tunes and in my warm wooly socks, I started dreaming of all the things I want for my new year. When you plan ahead, organize your vision, and get clear about what you want, THAT’S when you succeed. (P.S. I kicked butt in all my last years resolutions… and this year is going to be no different.)

So today I am sharing my tips, and a free E-guide with you to show you how to break it down and get organized. And I’m teaming up with my favorite ladies over at Erin Condren to not just break it down for you – but to also give you an amazing Give away! (keep reading)

And I also decided to team up with my adorable mascot and BFF (best fur baby forever) Zoey. Because she loves Erin Condren too! Her notebooks are inspiring, amazing and beautifully colored – everything that life needs to be don’t ya think?

Yes. TIPS. E-Guides. Giveaways. And Puppies. All jump packed into one blog post on How could you not love it? (Oh..and as if that wasn’t already awesome, Erin Condren is having a crazy sale of 25% off everythannnnggg right now. So super good.) Yes.. we have LOTS to talk about. Goals. Guides. New Year. And when you click that link you also get $10 off your first order. NBD or anything.


The Secret To Successful Resolutions [FREE E GUIDE BELOW]

There’s something you need to know about New Years Resolutions – They aren’t just about setting physical goals for your future. I mean, sure we all make plans to do and achieve “physical things,” like, lose weight, quit smoking, or start saving money – but those physical goals really boil down to a deeper rooted “emotional longing.”

Every resolution you set has two underlying emotions 1: Hope for raising your standards and improving your life. 2: _________ (whatever you are longing to feel when you reach that goal.) Confidence? Happiness? Pride? Success? There’s always an emotional underlying tone to your resolutions. And that’s actually a good thing.


Your goals need to be emotional.

Because if there’s zero emotion behind our resolutions, we have zero chance at being successful. In other words New Years Resolutions need to motivate you, inspire you, get you excited, and make you feel happy. (Hence why I LOVE brainstorming my dreams in a beautiful resolution notebook that inspires me.. as ALWAYS)

Resolutions aren’t just about “achieving things.” It’s more about howthose big dreams of yours will make you feel when you achieve them. Much less about just checking something off of a silly list. Because seriously, we do that with our grocery shopping all the time, no big deal.

And New Years resolutions are A BIG DEAL. So you need to make them inspirational, motivational, and amazing.


How to Succeed With New Year Resolutions



Establish three clear goals that inspire you.

Make sure they are well rounded, exciting and adventurous. Don’t “play it safe,” on your new years resolution list. Because quite frankly, you need to be excited about your goals. And playing it safe is a snooze. Come up with a few clear ideas for what you want to achieve in your life. Make them specific, clear, tangible, and real. Don’t just say “I want to lose weight.” Instead, get clear about the amount of pounds or the size of your jeans and create a deadline for yourself. The more specific you get the better. But make sure, as I said, that they are super inspiring.

Get organized and come up with a plan.

This is the reason why every year I rush to my online account and order a new Erin Condren planner… because getting organized is really the most valuable way to set yourself up for success. I map out my whole year of planning each of my resolutions and create small mile stone goals each month. You can do it too with the free E-guide I created. It makes the process super easy. But basically, by looking at each big bad scary overwhelming goal and breaking it down into small month by month milestones, you’ll make sure to be feeling less stressed and overwhelmed by your dream outcome. By the end of the new year, you’ll be rocking it.

Check in each month and evaluate what is working and what’s not.

The worst thing you can do is set your goals, put them away and forget about them for the rest of the year hoping you some how magically achieve your dreams. You (unfortunately) have to work for what you want ladies! And that’s okay! (especially if you make the process fun.) But checking in is really important… because each month you need to evaluate your progress, figure out what’s working and what’s not working and make small changes to your approach so you can move closer to our dreams.













How to Kick Ass in 2017

How to Kick Ass in 2017

Okay. So I am going to leak a few tips and tricks from my amazing new mini course New Me 2017. Because I think no matter what you want for the new year, you sure as hell want to kick ass at getting it.  And I want to help you!

So let’s get to it shall we?!

No fluffy intro, no silly little blogging banter. Let’s get straight to me helping you!

(And if you want to kick ass next year check out the Mini-course New Me 2017. )


How to Kick Ass in Your New Years Resolutions

Don’t pick too many goals. But pick more than one.

Part of the New Me 2017 that I love the most is helping girls dream up bigger and better goals than they already imagined. So when you first started thinking about your resolutions – let me guess – they were simple right? Things like – “I want to lose weight,” or “I want to finally go on that vacation,” or maybe “I want to not be broke.” Well.. try thinking a little bit bigger than that. Think about multiple areas of your life and how you can improve them: your health, your finances, your happiness, your self image, your sense of confidence, etc. Think of like.. a million different amazing things you could probably accomplish when you dream a little bit bigger than just ONE goal. But okay, don’t pick a million. Settle for maybe three or four.

Make sure your goals are emotional.

The only reason we fail at our goals is because there is no emotional drive to achieve them. (Or we lose that emotional drive along the way.) I was looking back on my goals last year and want to know something? I achieved ALL of them. YUP. No joke. EVERY SINGLE ONE. And it wasn’t because I was iron man or some anomaly. I really just got emotionally clear about what I wanted. This is a whole intensive part of the New Me 2017 mini course, but for now, know this:

Ask yourself WHY you want something. Then ask yourself why you deserve that goal. And then follow it up with another final question: What will happen if I DON’T make this change today.

Create goals that are smart and timely.

SMART goals: Specific, ,measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. There. Boom. There’s a whole guide on this that you can grab for free here. But I will leave it at that. Just think about your goal and ask yourself how you can make it all of those things.

Come up with a solid game plan.

Once you get specific about your goals, it’s time to come up with a game plan. What can you do specifically between now and the new year to prep yourself? Come up with a plan and break it down in weekly or monthly increments. Start seeing things on a smaller spectrum rather than the big big picture. Break what you want down into small steps so you can be more successful in the end. Trust me. It works.


Invest in your dream – whatever it is.

This is the part where I tell you that you should check out New Me 2017. Because it’s the best way to invest in your future. Plus it’s only 13 bucks so like.. why the heck not right? And enrollment will close on the 2nd of January 2017. But whatever you want to do – be sure that you put your money where your mouth is – even if your goal is to actually save money. Go out and grab a book on personal finance, or hire an accountant. If you are trying to lose weight, go out and invest in a trainer. The best thing you can do is invest in yourself. It sounds crazy, but it’s truly the first step in convincing yourself, “I am worth this goal, I deserve this goal, and I am going to get this goal.”

Make sense? Good. Don’t forget to check out New Me 2017.



Oh.. and there’s a free E-guide excerpt from the course here if you are interested.



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It’s Almost Time for New Year Resolutions!

It’s Almost Time for New Year Resolutions!

Do I have to be a grownup right now? Seriously.. I feel like this year has been way too “adult” for me. So many big girl things have happened that I still feel surprised at how amazing this year has been to me. But being an adult is HARD DUDE!  Matt and I got a house (we are moving in a few days.) We got engaged (I just dropped my ring off to be resized.)  We celebrated one year of What is Perfection (I wrote about that awesomeness here) and we even had a baby talk. (sorry, not sharing that yet.)

But seriously… How much more adult can we get here?

My grown up decisions and “adulting” life is now getting the best of me..and now I am exhausted. Too many big things going on and my brain needs a nap. So I am trying to trudge through the next few days before we move with as much “put togetherness” as possible.

Here’s why: If you saw the last video on my Facebook – you know I’m currently going through some serious withdrawals right now detoxing my body from some medication that I was taking for a very longtime. So I am on zero energy and all I want to do is cozy up underneath the covers and watch This is Us. (seriously, you need to watch it, the show is amazing.)

The calendar is zipping by, and pretty soon it’s going to be the end of the year. And I am so sad about it. Because it has been such a wonderful year. But I am also happy too.. because I am obsessed with New Year Resolutions. And I know next year is going to be even more awesome than this one was!

Setting New Years Resolutions is (for some weird reason) more exciting to me than Christmas. I love sitting cozy under the blankets in December and day dreaming about all the big adventurous things I am doing for the following year.

But I bet you’re reading this thinking like — “UGH Lauren I hateeeeee New Year Resolutions because I never actually keep them!” … yup. Time to change that. The next few days I’m gonna be sharing some tips and tricks for saying bye bye to failing your resolutions. So get excited!



My New Year is going to kick Butt

And until I actually have proof of that, I am going to chant it like a crazy lady.

This year I said goodbye to alcohol..

Did away with my job and my NYC apartment (that was kind of the year before that but whatever it still counts.)

Made my baby business blossom into the bad ass self love self improvement resource it is today.

Matt and I  bought our first home and did a bunch of existing grown up things that I already mentioned.

And I found true amazing happiness that has made my dreams come true.

I couldn’t have done ANY OF IT without my self love practices and tools. Thank god for everything I learned on my self love journey and the strength I acquired when I rebuilt my life. I feel so charged with endless power (wooahh that sounds crazy.) But seriously..

… I feel like a goal getting bad ass ninja now. Something I never would have ever considered myself to be.

And I can’t wait to share all the details of how to do it in my new minicourse. NEW ME 2017 So ….if you’re feeling ready to start planning your bad ass new year for 2017, you should check it out.  It’s only available until Jan 2.


And just for a little taste, I took an excerpt of the course and leaked it to you here. It’s just a few pages of a goal setting guide that goes with the program. But I think you’ll like it!


Oh.. and here’s a free E-guide.











The Most Insane Crazy Goal Month Ever!

The Most Insane Crazy Goal Month Ever!

Um… So yeah things are totally nuts and crazy right now. Basically my main goal should just be to survive the last few weeks before the New Year. (But I’m setting goals anyway.) Here’s what’s happening:

The Big News In My Personal Life:

Matt and I are moving. Yes. Into a new home – our first home – and it is happening soon. Legit in like.. less than two weeks. And as exciting as it is, it’s super scary. And very very time consuming (and emotionally consuming.) We are so excited about it, and honestly, it was the biggest baddest goal we have ever set as a couple. And I’m really proud of us for handling the big adult decision so well. The home is gorgeous and I cannot wait to share it with you all! So speaking of goals… let’s talk about last month –


Yeah no joke. They were in this post if you want to check them out. But here’s the breakdown.


-Find our dream home: check! (move in date scheduled for the 16th!) 

-Improve my healthy lifestyle

(I may have gained weight, but I quit drinking AND started cutting back on a big big no no bad habit -more later) 

-Launch Broken to Beautiful 30 Day: Check!! Course starts tomorrow! Woo hoo!!! 

-Grow Facebook communities, be more vulnerable and kick ass on live video – check check check! 



December Goals What is Perfection

Here’s What’s New on WIP this month: 

Broken to Beautiful 30 Day Course Launches tomorrow.  Yes. Tomorrow. It is crazy how fast things are going with W.I.P. The Broken to Beautiful course is strictly for girls going through a hard breakup and trying to regain their confidence. And while I’m really excited about that too – there is still so much to do. (If you haven’t enrolled and want to jump on the bandwagon, you should go ahead and check out the program here.)

New Year New Me launches in January. Yes this is a new awesome amazing program for that big badass life transformation girls always want. And just to raise the stakes here, there’s a waitlist for this program. Want to jump on it? put your name on the waitlist here.

Sale on Programs ends today. Yes. My two programs B2B and the Perfection Program are 30 Dollars for JUST today. After that the price is going back up to the original cost. So you should go check it out while you have the chance to get it a low cost. Okay.. that’s all. Check out courses here.


-Come off some serious medication. For the past six years I have been taking adderall. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a stimulant that is used to treat ADD. And no, I don’t have ADD, per say. But I was put on the medication by a doctor years ago. And I never came off of it. I guess I was always scared to. I was worried that without the medication I wouldn’t be “myself.” But the side effects have really been effecting me lately, and after some talk with a doctor, I decided it was time to try and call it quits for good. Last month I cut out my drinking (I only drank once in the past tow months!) And now that I have that under my belt, I decided that December would by the month I tackle cutting out the ADD medication. I started last week, and so far it’s been hard. But I know I can do it! Anyone else ever done this?

-Start developing a healthier balanced lifestyle. I legit work 12 hours a day on WIP (sometimes more…most  usually yeah, more.) And it is really taking a toll on me lately. My body is feeling the crash. My back has been bothering me more since I sit at my desk so much. And yes, my brain feels pretty fried. So one thing I am making a priority come December is striving for that more “balanced lifestyle.” I want to be successful in my brand and business, but I also want to be happy and enjoy my life too. So that’s what I am going to look forward to this next month – coming up with a balanced routine.

-Start taking care of my beauty a bit more. Part of being a blogger and an entrepreneur is working from home A LOT. Because of that, I don’t really doll up often or take care of my appearance as much as I should to feel good about myself. So next month I am making sure to put this as a “must” for me. I want to get dressed nice more often. Not to impress anyone, but to make myself feel a bit better about me! So yep. That does it.


I am keeping my goals simple this month. Because I know these are big super lifestyle changes that I really need to put a lot of energy into fixing. 

What are your goals this December? Anyone want to share?

Oh… Want to set your own goals this month?


Get the free Goal Setting Worksheet! 


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FREE 5 Day Self Love Jump Start!

FREE 5 Day Self Love Jump Start!

Hey hey gorgeous girl. Need a little confidence boost lately? Good thing you’re here.. because I want to tell you all about the FREE 5 Day Self Love Jumpstart. I made it for all you WIPGIRLS out there looking to feel a little happier. It’s a free awesome Five Day Program to help you set new goals, revamp your life, and make some big awesome changes (well… 5 days worth)



In five day’s you’ll start

building self confidence

setting new goals

feeling a little happier

and even a bit more determined too.

Cool huh?

plus it’s FREE yo.

So why not give it a try!





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