How I Used Essential Oils to Heal My Anxiety and Depression

How I Used Essential Oils to Heal My Anxiety and Depression

Get ready for a long ass post about essential oils guys.

Not the promotional “here you need to buy this” post that I think so many of you guys are used to. Instead, I want to give you the “everything you need to know” post jam packed with information about how you can use essential oils as an alternative to healing your anxiety and depression.

I know first hand how difficult it can be to live life while battling symptoms of anxiety and depression. But I also know what life can be like when you find healthier alternatives to treating your symptoms.

Before you continue reading, let me tell you something – this post and the information in it is not “expert advice.” in other words, I am not a doctor, I am not certified aromatherapist, and I am certainly not here to convince anyone to do something dangerous like drastically cutting out their anxiety or antidepressant medication. So please listen to your body. I know – some people can not go off medications and have no intention of coming off medication and I am not here to convince anyone otherwise.

But let me tell you from experience – whether or not you choose to come off of pharmaceuticals – I know that using essential oils as a holistic alternative to medication (and even using them while also still on medication) has drastically changed my life and reduced my symptoms of emotional off balance.

Here’s what I know to be true: you cannot take a pill and have all of your problems solved. There is definitely some work that goes into living a happy life – medication or no medication – you have to do the inner work.

So this post is a little peak into how I used essential oils to heal my emotional health and create the life I deserved.



My Emotional Health Backstory

A lot of you have read the story of my Sexual Assault on the blog and what happened to me when I was young. That was the moment looking back where my mental illness started to manifest into my life. When I was raped my freshman year of college, I spent a few weeks in a psych ward shortly after – and that was when I was first diagnosed: “Bipolar disorder and symptoms of borderline personality disorder.”

Later on I had diagnosis like, “anxiety symptoms,” and “Manic Depressive.” All of these diagnosis came with years of me taking medication cocktails trying to find the right combination that worked for me.

Some of the medications I was on over the course of 6 years (all probably misspelt) – Seroquel, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Geodon, Abilify, Xanax, Adderal, Lexapro, Prozac, Celexa, Paxil, Klonopin, Ativan, Valium, and a bunch of others I cannot remember.

Some of the symptoms I experienced from these medications over the course of 6 years: Weight gain (lots of it) Weight loss (only sometimes) Irregular sleep patterns, Acne, Zombie like persona, Lethargy, emotional disconnect, lack of sex drive, too much sex drive, inability to remain awake, inability to feel anything at all, inability to socialize, make friends, or do anything fun.

About three years ago I decided I was sick of being labeled as mentally ill. I was past the victim phase of my life and I was sick and tired for feeling sick and tired. So I decided to do something about it.

How I Started Healing My Mind with Essential Oils.

I felt overwhelmed by the idea of coming off of all my medications at once. At the time, I was taking Prozac, Adrenal, and the occasional Xanax. I knew that if I came off of all those medications at once I would certainly be in for some trouble. SO here’s what I did: I started to remove the ones that felt the “easiest” (lets face it, it was all hard.) I knew the medications I took on a situational basis like Xanax, which I used to calm random onset panic attacks, would be the easiest to remove if  I could A- reduce my panic attacks, and B- find a new healthier habit to replace my state change pills.

So I decided to look into essential oils. I spent every night falling asleep to diffusing lavender. This helped my brain learn how to get into a “Calm state” of falling asleep rather than an “IM exhausted let me pass out” minds that it was so used to. I developed a night time routine around essential oils that helped me get into an ease flow and clam attitude. From there, during the day, I was able to easily fall back into that state when I needed to. I expanded my oil practice into the afternoons – every afternoon  I would spend 5 or 10 minutes just acknowledging calm moment. I would apply oils topically to my skin on my wrists or on my temples just to calm myself down. This made me realize that I had the ability to go to that state whenever I needed to! While it wasn’t easy at first, I can tell you after time and practice, now it’s amazing how quickly I can get into that mindset.

I also started replacing my medications for supplements.

I want to just make a point here that I also replaced all of my medications with a specific list of supplements. I share them in this post here and there’s a video I did about it also here. Keep in my mind that a lot of emotional sickness is rooted in an off balance of hormones, vitamins and nutrients. Did you know that a lack of omega 3 causes depression? YUP. No joke. So keep that in mind.  You definitely want to consider replacing your medications for healthy supplements too.

I started studying the emotional healing powers of oils.

This book became my greatest asset in the beginning of my journey. As I came off medication I started to become a little more aware of how I was feeling. On medication I would only be able to recognize when I felt good vs when I felt bad. But when I stopped numbing myself, I noticed I was feeling all of these other different emotions.

Some of the emotions that started surfacing for me after coming off of medication: Stress, Overwhelm, Fear, Doubt, Insecurity, Guilt, Shame, Embarrassment, Despair, Lacking motivation, Defeated, Closed Off, Body Shame, Tension, Anger (and a bunch more other specific feelings.)

What’s great about the journey of healing my emotions with oils was that I wasn’t only embarking on a journey to heal my emotions – but I was also embarking on a journey to create more self awareness. Through using my oils I was able to deeply recognize what I was feeling, and then find a specific oil to treat that symptom. Here’s a small example of one of my favorites:

My Emotional Healing Routine:

This book was amazing. You can grab it off of amazon here—–> Emotions & Essential Oils 5th Edition + Emotions Wheel But as a bonus to you guys, I also am offering you a PDF guide that breaks down of some of the basic oils and what they are used to heal in this post. Keep reading.

I then realized that not only could I use oils to treat my emotional health on a regular basis with treating the specific negative emotions I was feeling in that moment, but I could also HEAL those emotions. When I was feeling an off feeling, I could identify it in the book, find the oil that worked for me, add a few drops to my temples and wrists, and then sit down quietly with a journal and let out what I was feeling. It was an amazing practice.

My Daily Oil Healing Practices:

Today, I am 100 percent medication free, thanks to my oils and the practices I have. Some of the things I do every day with my oils:

  1. I Diffuse Them Continuously at my desk. This may sound like a bit of overkill, but every morning when I start my work day I put a few drops of a healing oil in my diffuser with some water and I let the scent fill the room. I firmly believe this is a big part of why I do not feel anxiety symptoms in my life anymore. Literally they are all gone. By inhaling oils (not to get all science nerdy on ya,) the healing cells within the plant can pass through the brain blood barrier to allow your brain to feel more happy endorphins. And when you’re happy, anxiety isn’t really a thing anymore.
  2. I add a few drops topically to my skin to start the day. This is like my “pure-fume” for the morning, but it also helps me set intension for my emotional balance – “let me remain a calm, clear and divine channel for all I am trying to bring forth today in my life.” The universe listens.
  3. I have a self care practice every day that includes oils. Yes. Every afternoon or evening I set aside some time to get down to the ground and deep into my heart. I call on my oils and apply them to my hands and feet, and I journal out exactly what I am feeling and going through that day. This realignment of creating self awareness and expressing how I was feeling every day was hard in the beginning. When you spend a long time numbing yourself it is every easy to feel overwhelmed by your new feelings. Don’t get discouraged. Feel into them and allow yourself to work through the process of journaling and oil healing together.
  4. Meditation over medication: I swear.. meditation has healed my life. And applying oils topically before meditation and diffusing them in the room I meditate in has made a world of difference to me. I highly recommend this powerful healing work to everyone.

Want to know what oils do what? You’re free gift from me:

I coach a lot of my clients 1:1 on how to use their essential oils for emotional health. When girls reach out and tell me they are interested in using essential oils, they get a free 32 page E-guide from me that shows them how to use their oils for emotional health. (They also get access to a private coaching group with me and free coaching calls weekly.) But since I want to give all my WIP tribe girls an opportunity to get access to important oil healing information so here’s what I did – I took a few pages from my Eguide and I bundled them free for you! just go here to submit your information and get access to the free excerpt! (You’ll need to confirm your email so don’t forget to do that!)

So excited for you ladies out there interested in this step! and if you have any questions or concerns, let me know girl! Just reach out to me on Facebook.