I used to be a total yo-yo dieter. Maybe I still am. But I have learned in the ups and downs of life (and the numbers on the scale) that there is a reason I am like this. There is a reason why diets and “healthy lifestyle” programs have never stuck with me in the past. And I have finally figured out a way to stop failing myself and stop falling off the healthy lifestyle bandwagon. You can stop failing your healthy lifestyle plans too. It’s easier than you think.

I wrote a post a while back about finding motivation to lose weight —  And there are a ton of good tips and tricks in there. But today I really want to take things a step backwards, and talk about why you may be sabotaging your success way before the moment you decide to commit to a diet or weight-loss program.

If you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend watching the recorded version of my webinar from last week: Finding Your Power. Be sure to take some notes.. it has a ton of information for you about why diets fail, how to overcome your fear and lose weight and really start making that change. But here’s how you stop Failing your healthy lifestyle and start living the life you deserve.


How to Stop Failing Your Healthy Lifestyle

1. Stop Wanting or Needing Something  and Make a Determination to DO Something: 

“I want to Lose weight,” or “I need to Lose weight,” or “I have to fit into my skinny jeans before I can go out to that club on Friday night…..”

How many times have you said things like this to yourself or to others? Think back to a time you wanted to change something in your life and said things like this. Do you remember your tone or inflection? Was it weak? Was it passive? Was it lacking motivation? Have you actually done those things for yourself yet? No! Why? Well, you probably haven’t because you are reading this of course, but I can guarantee that if you expressed those desires as wants, needs or things you should do, you probably never sprung forth to accomplish them!

In order to change, you don’t need a desire. You need a determination.

A determination is making a decision to change. But it isn’t just a decision. A determination is a decision that is motivated, emotionally driven, and focused. It has reasons to back it.

It turns your Want into a Must. It is a DETERMINED DECISION. And make sure that decision is backed by emotion. Make sure that whatever it is you are going after, it isn’t just about the number on the scale.. it is about FEELING better, or having MORE energy, or feeling more confident. Those are emotional longings that should drive you to accomplish that goal. Stop saying you want to do something, and start saying “I AM DOING IT.” You may not believe it in the beginning.. but after a while your body will catch up with your thoughts and you’ll be grateful you started believing in your determination.

2. Stop Being Unclear About Your Reasons for Wanting To Change. Make Your Reasons Clear, Cut Throat, and Precise: 

If you are just trying to achieve a number on the scale because you think that seeing that number will make you happier, you are never going to set forth and accomplish your goals. Seeing a number doesn’t make you happy! In fact, I could write out a number in front of me every single morning on a piece of paper. It wouldn’t make any difference to my overall happiness right? Your reasons for wanting to change your body need to be clear to you before you even start on your journey. Ask yourself what about life would change if you  made this small change to your lifestyle? What about your relationships would be different? What about the way you get dressed would feel different? Would your sex life improve? Would your connection to others increase because you’d have more confidence? Really try to imagine all the areas of your life and what would be different and hone in on those details! The details are what propels you to take action and change your life.

3. Stop Trying What Works for Everyone Else and Their Mother, Instead of Doing What You Know Works for YOU!

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard women say, “Well.. this diet worked for so-and-so… so I’m going to try it.” Well.. Congratulations to so-and-so for actually sticking to a program that works for him or her, but if that program is all about eating green beans and salads and you absolutely hate lettuce… well… We have a problem. Different diets work for different people… and it has nothing to do with your blood type. your body size, or whether or not your a man or a woman — Different diets work for different people because we are all different and enjoy different things! Most of us eat for pleasure.. and if certain foods make you feel miserable then you shouldn’t pick a diet that you know you will hate just because it worked for someone else. So don’t pretend to be something your not, and don’t try to convince yourself that you can commit to a life of food you hate. Ask yourself what areas of your lifestyle you are willing to change and what areas you aren’t, and make small adjustments to your lifestyle based on your own preferences.. THAT is what works.

4. Stop Making It Complicated. Keep it Simple Stupid: 

When I embarked on a healthy lifestyle journey I didn’t just wake up one day and say, “OKAY, NOW I”LL MAKE GREAT DECISION!” .. hellzzzz no. In fact, I spent a solid week taking physical action to prepare me for my journey. I got out a journal and wrote down my reasons for change, my reasons for wanting to improve my life… then I wrote out all the small things I knew I could do in order to make that change happen: I could cut out soda.. I could stop eating processed foods.. I could go for a walk every day.. etc. etc. Listing all my small things I knew I was going to do for myself really allowed me the ability to view this large transformation I was making in a more simplistic way. And when things looked simpler, it was much easier for me to feel motivated to do it. I didn’t get overwhelmed by all the crazy workouts I would have to do, and I Didn’t make a drastic change over night by cutting everything out of my lifestyle.. I did one small thing at a time until that change I made became a full-blown reality.

5. Stop Being So Serious About Your Journey: 

If there is one thing I learned along my journey its that something that is supposed to bring your life more joy can very easily become a source of discomfort. And you don’t want that. Working out should not be seen as punishment. Eating healthy should not feel like a chore. A healthy lifestyle should be a happy lifestyle… In the beginning it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking things like, “I am making a sacrifice because I want something better for my life and body,” rather than, “This is a fun new exciting journey for me!”  What happens to our motivation when we hate doing something? It Totally disappears. So don’t hate it. Make it fun! Make it a new adventure rather than something you are forcing yourself to do. Think of all the new fun restaurants you can try now that you are eating healthy. Think of all the new dishes you can enjoy making at home. Think of the fun new exciting workouts you want to try and go DO them! Don’t be signing yourself up for a workout program that you hate… you’ll never finish! It will be seen as another chore on the crazy list of things you have to do each day… Make it FUN!

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Change Things Instead of Just Giving Up: 

A while back I tried committing to a twelve week workout program… I told myself THIS IS IT. I am DOING THIS! Well.. guess what happened? I f-ing hated that workout program. I dreaded it. It was painful just to even think about getting up and doing it. So what happened? I gave up. Full blown GAVE UP. The same could be true for that time years ago when I tried the Atkins Diet. It sucked. And instead of switching my diet or keeping life balanced and healthy, I just went back to my crazy indulging ways. Don’t tell yourself you are 100 percent committing to something rigid and rigorous that you hate. Instead, tell yourself you are going to try new fun things and explore a life of healthy living to find what it is you truly love. We are people, not robots.. and approaching a healthy lifestyle with the idea that you will never alter your workout routine or diet is absolutely ridiculous.. and sets you up for total failure.

All of these tips are things I dive into on a deeper more intense level in my E-Book Perfection to Power. The E-book is 100 pages long and covers lifestyle changes, emotional health and making a physical transformation that works. I highly recommend getting the E-Guide.. These are the principles I used to change my life.. and I want you to be able to change yours too! 

Make an amazing change today, and Come check out the online shop to get your Guide today! 

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