There’s something you should know: I don’t give a f*** what you think about me. Sorry girl. I learned how to stop caring what others think about me a long time ago.

So when you read this post or any other post on WIP, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

-I don’t care if you get to know me and decide that you don’t like me.

-Or if  you learn about my life and scoff at it.

-I don’t care if I am vulnerable and you find it embarrassing.

-And I sure as hell don’t care if I share pictures of myself and you find me unattractive.

And get this:

If you think I’m a bad writer, then you can suck it. Because I.Don’t.Care.

(That one took a lot of courage.)

I’m not saying these things to be a pompous-poopie-meanie-face or whatever you want to call me. I’m just being honest. Because learning how to stop caring what others think is such an important part of self-confidence. And so duh-girl, can you guess what I’m talking about today?

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I Learned How to Stop Caring What Others Think…

But I wasn’t always this confident. Just because I am a self-improvement expert and confidence guru today, doesn’t mean I had my shit together my whole entire life. And it’s important I make that clear. Just because you feel insecure now, doesn’t mean your future has to be that way too.

Listen, I’m not going to sugar coat it, learning how to stop caring what others think was one of the hardest lessons on my self love journey. And when I launched  What is Perfection I had to learn that lesson it all over again.

I Needed to be Vulnerable in Order to Make a Difference.

I created What is Perfection to provide a resource for women that I was not fortunate enough to have on my own journey: The tools to find self confidence and create the life you dream of.

But I knew that in order to do that, I was gonna have to get pretty real about my own experiences. I couldn’t inspire women to overcome their adversity in life if I couldn’t open up about my own, right?

So I did. I made the decision to be an open book.

But I’m not stopping now.

And I don’t care if you judge me.

Because being true to who I am to help just one person out there is worth it. One person’s life changed by my stories is worth more to me than a million negative vibes thrown my way.

Sorry if that’s cheesy. But it’ true.

And that’s how you should feel about your own life:

Being true to yourself should be worth more to you than anything anyone else can say about it.


The Real Reasons Why You Should Stop Caring What Others Think:

1.When you are constantly trying to please other people, you stop learning how to please yourself.  It’s the sad truth of living an inauthentic life: When you are constantly worried about what other people think, you easily give up hobbies, interests and passions that naturally bring you joy. Learning about what makes other people proud of you isn’t the same thing as learning what makes you happy. Figuring out what you enjoy, and discovering what makes you unique are really important parts of growing your self-worth. And you can’t exactly do that if you’re spending all your time worrying about the rest of the world.


2.You will never feel fulfilled.  I used to make almost all of my decision based on the amount of attention I thought I could get. If I knew my parents would be proud of me if I got good grades, then I would try really hard to get them. If I thought a certain outfit would get a boy to pay attention to me, I would wear that outfit. But even when I got that attention I anticipated, it didn’t make me feel good – at least not the way I hoped it would. I was too busy looking to other people for the feelings I should have been trying to create for myself. That feeling of pride and joy isn’t fulfilling when it relies on someone else’s reaction. No matter what you do, other people cannot make you feel happy the way you can make yourself feel happy.

3. When you stop caring what others think, you actually start living. It’s a beautiful thing. When you let go of that insecurity, suddenly your life becomes authentic, original and custom designed by you. You start making decisions because you are listening to your intuition and trying to follow your heart (instead of following others.) When you stop worrying about what other people think, you can create a level of happiness and confidence that is simply not possible otherwise.

So go let go of all that B.S., so your life can be bad-ass girl.

Want to take another step in the right direction? Check out this post on learning how to stop caring what others think.


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