I get asked this question a lot: “What should I enroll in? The Perfection Program, or the Broken to Beautiful Course? Which one is right for me?” In the course section of What is Perfection, there are two big 30 day programs to choose from. So if you’re that girl wanting to enroll in a self improvement program, but you aren’t sure which one is right for you – I’m gonna break it down for ya.


The Perfection Program and The Broken to Beautiful Course 

-Both are 30 Day programs.

-Both have amazing success stories.

-Both are life transforming.

So which one do you pick? 


About the Two Self Improvement Programs

cutehearttealwipThe Perfection Program is a 30 day program for the girl who feels unhappy, insecure, and unbeautiful. In 30 days you set new goals for your life, learn how to let go of limiting beliefs and start rebuilding your confidence. You learn how to redefine “Perfection” so you can start actually fulfilling your dreams of living a perfectly happy life. You get specific and identify exactly what insecurities/fear factors are the cause of you feeling unfulfilled in your life. You re-identify the emotions you are longing for vs. the emotions that you have and create a custom roadmap for feeling happy confident and successful in your life.

cutehearttealwipThe Broken to Beautiful Course is a 30 day program for the girl who wants to stop living in unhealthy unhappy relationship. In 30 days you set new goals for your love life, learn how to let go of the unhealthy limiting relationship beliefs that you’ve established from your past and start rebuilding your confidence. You learn how to let go of the fear and doubt your previous relationship has formed in your life. Create a custom roadmap for happiness and a new future as a single woman, or as a woman who no longer tolerates unhappiness in her love life. Let go of the pain of a past relationship and start healing your heart so you can find true love.


How The Programs Are The Same:

Whether you enroll in the Perfection Program or the Broken to Beautiful Program,

here’s what will happen in 30 days:


The Differences Between Broken to Beautiful and the Perfection Program:

So, these programs, while both all encompassing and focusing on self improvement, are tailored to two different groups.

The Perfection Program is really for the girl who just feels unhappy overall in her life. Who feels like she deserves more confidence, and wants to start making positive changes for her life. While she may have been in unhealthy relationships in the past, those relationships are not the driving force of her need to change.

The Broken to Beautiful program is for the girl who is really in need of repair from damaging past relationships. She is so heartbroken from being in unhealthy relationships  that she has had enough and feels ready to change.

In a nut shell, this is the difference between these two programs.



self improvement course


So that about does it ladies:

the simple quick breakdown of the two awesome programs that are here to help you transform your life!

Now Go check them out and get started on your journey today!  


cutehearttealwipThe Perfection Program

cutehearttealwipBroken to Beautiful

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