One year ago I planned  a trip to Florida so I could attend my first Tony Robbins seminar. I went – and it was amazing. The universe is magical, and I think it is only ironic that now, one year later, I am going again. This time it’s in Los Angeles.


Yup. This morning I sat on my computer, opened up google flights and boom. I made a decision. I am going to L.A.

Life comes full circle. For real.

My second Tony event and an amazing first time visit to Los Angeles are about to go down. And while that all may sound exciting to you, here’s the part that may not sound so good: I don’t have a hotel booked yet. I don’t even have my seminar event ticket yet. I don’t have a car and don’t have any idea how I am getting to and from each airport.

You heard me right. I have zero plans other than the flight booked. And I’m going solo.

And want to know the even more shocking part? It doesn’t bother me at all!

Don’t care. Guess what Tony – I’m coming for yah.

It may seem impulsive to you, or irresponsible. I totally get it.  The old me would have never done something like book a random flight without hotel plans or an itinerary schedule. And a trip on my own? I would have probably cried at the thought.

I used to live my life needing all the details plans and schedules worked out before I so much as left my house.

(Like even on grocery day.)

But I don’t live like that anymore. And it’s a beautiful thing.

I stopped micromanaging my life. I listen to my heart and do what feels right.

And boy does it feel amazing.


Disclosure : This is all that’s left of the long post I wrote because I got disconnected from the internet and lost everything else.

Had little internal freakout for a sec, but then I realized the universe was being silly:

“Lauren… you said you don’t micromanage …. go with the flow while I test you – Sincerely, the universe.” 



No but seriously. I stopped micromanaging.  I think for a longtime I had this big fear that if I wasn’t planning out all the details, then I was being irresponsible and too much of a risk taker.

Guess what: No I wasn’t. And there is no such thing.

My life is so different now. And it is all because I changed how I was thinking.

I stopped limiting myself with the shoulds and the shouldn’ts, the supposed to’s and the not really a good idea’s. Because honestly, what’s the point?

“Don’t buy that you are too broke” will only leave you feeling more broke.

“Don’t wear that your too fat” will only make you feel more fat.

“You can’t afford it,” only means “You aren’t prioritizing it.

I turned off the negative nancys a long time ago guys. Seriously it was the best decision ever.

But every once in a while the “should” monsters come back into my head – not really so much in my person life, but in my business.

“You should be posting on your Facebook every hour, Lauren.”

“You should writing five blog posts a week, Lauren.”

“You shouldn’t be watching TV right now you could be trying to hustle and run your communities online.”

“Don’t shave your legs Lauren, you should be using that time to help others.”

Hustle hustle Hustle.

Running my business with the hustle mindset didn’t do anything – It only made me more stressed and more pressured to keep up with some imaginary “success timeline” that I had mapped out in my head.

“You SHOULD be making more money by now.”

Calling bull shit.

This is my PSA to everyone out there that I am done with the should’s when it comes to my biz.


Well, because my business thrives on the sole principal of living a life authentically. And in order to thrive, it needs to live up to that standard.

Following some rule book of how to make it big in the online market just seems fake to me.

How can I be teaching people to be their authentic selves if I am not running my business that way?

I don’t want to strategize the topics I write about and “plan them out” because I feel like my creativity should never be forced – or else it sounds forced.

So I stopped planning out my articles based on what should “attract the most viewers.”

I don’t want to carefully select SEO key words to boost optimization of my blog posts because it forces my hand in my writing style and that makes me feel icky.

So I stopped picking topics and seo keywords that should “generate more search engine hits.”

I don’t want to carefully market sales funnels or plan out launches of products in “the ways it works” that are advertised all across social media because I am not in this to make money.

So I stopped trying to sell, and I started trying to serve.

And yes I know I need money to eat and live – but I’m doing just find holding true to my values thanks. In fact, breaking away from those should’s of the business I have actually tripled my income.

Anyone can do it.

But you have to be comfortable with breaking past “what you should be doing” and start thinking for yourself.

Life is an adventure. And my business is a part of that. And I am not playing by the rule book planing shit out for the sake of trying to get ahead or “doing it the right way.”

There is no right way.

The end.