Ready for an awesome breakup quiz? — I know, I know… how can a breakup be awesome right? I mean – the words breakup and awesome don’t exactly go together.

But they do here.

Because I am about to give you the simple questions you need to ask before breaking up. So that when you actually do, you feel your bad ass confident self is making the right choice.

Okay. Here we go. But first things first

The Relationship Breakup Quiz from What is Perfection

It’s really easy to get wrapped up in everything our relationship used to offer us. After all, we didn’t exactly fall in love with our partner for the same reasons we are falling out of love right? If you feel ready to call it quits though, check this post for the steps on exactly how to move on after a breakup. If not, keep reading.

A lot of us sit in limbo trying to figure out if this walking away is the right decision for ¬†us because we just aren’t sure what to do. We feel stuck. Sometimes we are afraid of being alone. So we hold onto our unhealthy relationship. Other times, we just feel scared we are making the wrong decision.

But whatever the reasons are for contemplating walking away, the first thing I tell all my clients to do is to start asking the RIGHT questions.

And today I am going to share some of those with you.


The Questions Before The Breakup Quiz

Does this person make me feel whole or make me feel less than?

Nine times out of ten, my clients tell me that their relationships make them feel less than they know they deserve to feel. After all, I coach women who are completely at their breaking point. They are pretty certain their partners are preventing their happiness when they come to me for guidance. But not all of us have reached that “rock bottom” moment just yet. Asking yourself how this person makes you feel on a regular basis is important. Because it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the things you wish you could change. And so sometimes we forget how to see things for what they really are in their current state. Forget how your relationship used to be. How is your relationship right now?

Does my relationship fill me with happiness and security or does it leave me feeling empty and full of doubt

Relationships are full of all different kinds of emotions. Even in the healthiest of relationships we can experience frustration, anger and doubt. But asking yourself how your relationship feels to you on the WHOLE (meaning weekly or monthly) is good way of evaluating your experience. Your relationship should never take your self worth away. It should never fill your heart with sadness or doubt more than it is a source of comfort and safety.

Do I rely on this relationship to provide me all of my happiness? Or are my expectations for this relationship realistic?

This is a big important one guys. So so many of us are not complete whole and happy individuals ourselves. I see this so often in my coaching program. Women come to me feeling like their relationships are not providing them the emotions they wish they had in their lives. Which is a good thing to recognize. But when you are relying on your love life to be your only source of salvation and happiness -you have a problem. We cannot place demands on our partner asking them for things that we don’t provide for ourselves first and foremost.


The Breakup Quiz

Did you get all of those questions out of the way? Good. I hope so. Still feel stuck? Don’t worry. Grab this free printable guide to take a little breakup¬†quiz for yourself. This Question form will help you uncover the strongest sources of emotion in your relationship to help you figure out whether or not you should stay or go. If the light bulb goes off and you realize it’s time to walk away but you’re still shaking in your lady boots don’t worry. Check out the Perfection Program to start making your dramatic life transformation and healing your heart step by step.

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