Okay. So I am here to get totes real about an issue that is so so important to so many women; Weight-loss and learning how to set weight-loss goals that actually work for you.

Full disclosure, let me get this out of the way first: I am not, in any way, a promoter of extreme dieting or living a restricted lifestyle. I’ve struggled with my own eating disorder in the past, and want to make it clear that I am completely against obsessive compulsive eating habits, extreme dieting and excessive weight-loss. I am, however, a total advocate for setting healthy goals and achieving them. And that’s what you’ll learn today.


How to Set Weight-loss Goals

Step One: Find a healthy support system.  After my eating disorder ran its course, I ballooned to a really heavy, unhealthy weight. I wanted to set weight-loss goals and achieve them, but I couldn’t find a healthy support system.

People would say things like,  “Oh you don’t need to be on a diet,” or “Oh you don’t need to lose weight,” and it really discouraged me. Here I was trying to do something healthy and positive for my life, and I was getting all this negative feedback.

But I learned a really important lesson: When it comes to setting weight-loss goals, not everyone is going to support you. And that’s okay. If you don’t have a proper support system, go find one. Let go of the people who are bringing you down, and stop talking about your diet plans to the people who aren’t supportive. You shouldn’t waste your time justifying your healthy decisions to other people. Instead, you should be putting your energy into actually doing what’s best for you.

Step Two: Develop the Perfect Focused Mentality. When you set weight-loss goals, you need the right mentality to succeed. Achieving your weight-loss goals has very little to do with the “perfect diet or the “perfect workout.” It is more about your mind. Finding the right mentality that keeps you focused and determined is the number one key factor in determining your success.

There are so many ways to find that mental drive to focus on your weight-loss goals. You can create a vision board, or save motivational pictures on your phone. One of my favorite things to do is journal my self reflection and imagine what life will look like when I reach my weight-loss goal.

You want to lose X amount of pounds for example, but what do you want to feel? What do you want life to look like? What do you want to change about your level of confidence? Once you focus in on the emotions driving your desire to set a weight-loss goal, your focus and determination grow immensely.

“Why do I want to lose the weight?”

“What is it I am longing for or trying to attain for my life that is missing right now?”

“How do I believe that losing weight will help me achieve that thing I am longing for?”

If you take a minute to answer those questions, you’ll find a crazy amount of drive to go after your weight-loss goal. You will be totally compelled to make it happen.

Step Three: Diversify Your Goals. Once you figure out exactly what emotions you are longing for, “beauty, confidence, self-esteem,” whatever, your next step is to diversify your goals list and find multiple ways to achieve those emotions. Setting weight-loss goals is only a small part of living a healthy happy lifestyle. You need to find more than one way to feel beautiful, confident and happy with who you are.

“What other ways can I feel _________?”

“What other goals can I set for myself each week to feel more confident and beautiful?”

Do you need to dress a little nicer in the morning? Do you maybe need to treat yourself to a manicure every week or try dazzling up your makeup routine? There are so many other ways to achieve the dream feelings you are longing for. By coming with multiple ways to feel confident, you create a chain reaction of motivation to reach your weight-loss goals. Suddenly your weight-loss goal is not a big challenging obstacle you can’t overcome. Instead, it becomes the added bonus to boost the confidence you already have already.

Need help diversifying your goals? Read this post on how to feel more confident to get some ideas.

That’s how successful weight-loss works. Don’t wait to feel all those amazing feelings you are longing for just because the number on the scale isn’t the one you want to see. Instead, strive for that feeling in a ton of different ways for yourself. You totally deserve it.

4. Make a plan. Find a plan that works, stick with it as best you can until you notice things stop working the way you want them to. At that point, don’t give up on your weight-loss goals, just change your diet/workout routine to figure out what’s keeping you stuck. Nine times out of ten, when you get stuck and hit a plateau it is because of something small that you are overlooking. You can check out this post to read more about the common reasons why you aren’t losing weight from Positivehealthwellness. It’s a great info graphic explaining the simple reasons you may be hitting your plateau. But don’t give up girl. Just change it up!


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