Today is my 27th birthday!! I’m feeling so nostalgic about my life right now it’s ridic. Who I used to be and who I am today are two crazy totally different people. But sometimes I forget that what comes natural to me as a self confidence teacher and life coach wasn’t always this easy.  So as a birthday gift to all ya’ll I’m gonna get real about lessons learned in life and give you my solid 27 most important beliefs.

Sound good?

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Step one:

Lessons Learned in Life: Learning to Be True to Yourself

The truth:

1. Not Everyone Is Going to Like You or Agree With You.  Not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is going to approve of the choices you make in life, and that is always okay.  I wrote this other post how to stop caring what other people think of you a while back. Check it out if you need help.

2. The Decisions You Make For Your Life Are Never Wrong. There is no such thing as making a mistake. Everything is a learning opportunity. Decisions (whether they result in a positive or negative outcome) are an opportunity to grow and become a more unique person.

3. Other People Are Usually Wrong About What is Right For You. You can ask a million people in the world what to do about a problem you are facing. Ultimately, no one will understand the unique feelings you have in your heart for whatever it is you are going through. Being True to yourself sometimes means following your own path and learning lessons the hard way.

4. Being Unique Is A Gift, Not An Embarrassment. Thinking differently, seeing the world differently, being different — these are all qualities you should embrace if you have them. Being different is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Standing out isn’t something to be ashamed of. Trying to fit in is just a waste of time.

Taking Control of Your Own Life

5. There is Nothing You Are Ever Obligated To Do. As an Adult, you are in control of your life. It doesn’t matter what decisions you are making, you never have to do something for other people. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. If you don’t want to stay in a relationship, then end it. You should always do what makes you happy – big major lesson learned in life if you ask me.

6. Don’t Alter Your Personality For Other People. If someone tells you that you need to change who you are, then you need to change who you share your life with. If others call you “too emotional” or “too dramatic” or “too much of a jokester,” eff those people, yo. You need to be solid in your beliefs and confident in your identity. If someone else doesn’t connect with it, then find someone who does.

7. Don’t Ever Be Ashamed of What Makes You Happy. Whatever hobbies you have, whatever passions fill your life outside of work, and whatever brings you joy should never be compromised. What makes you happy is never something to be embarrassed about.

8.Letting Go is Not Failing… It is Moving On. You can walk away from anything in life, but you should never feel like a failure because of it. Just because you end a relationship or quit your job doesn’t mean that you failed at being good at those things. It just means you are figuring out what isn’t right for you. That isn’t a lesson learned in life about why you suck:  It’s a lesson about growing as a person and making room for better things in your future.

9. Your Hardships Make You Who You Are. Any terrible thing you ever experience in your life makes you stronger. Any horrible moment you needed to fight through makes you a warrior. Don’t Ever let those difficult moments hold you back from growing in the future. Lessons learned in life about struggle, and overcoming obstacles make you stronger.

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Lessons Learned in Life About Love

10. Past Relationships Are Full Of Amazing Lessons. Anything You ever experience in your past relationships should be a lesson learned in life that makes you more of an amazing partner in the future. Recognizing what love is can be just as important as recognizing what isn’t.

11. Loving Someone Means Letting Go of Your Fear. Loving someone.. truly loving someone.. is taking a leap and exposing your heart without holding back.

12. Love is About Honesty. Don’t ever lie about how you feel, who you are or what you need. Never hold back from asking your partner to provide you something you need in a relationship. If you are with the right person, they will be able to provide it all.

13. Showing Love is Different For Everyone. Not everyone shows love the same way. Not everyone receives love the same way either. Finding happiness in your relationship comes when you recognize that you and your partner may speak different languages of love. And that’s okay. Check out this post on the language of love if you need more info.


Overcoming Challenges

14. Challenges Make You Stronger. Moments of stress or tension in a relationship are natural. But how you work through those challenges and the lessons learned in life together are the lessons that make you stronger.

15. Love Isn’t Everything. You can love someone who is wrong for you. It is possible. It happens. But don’t have to hang on to a relationship just because you love the person. If they are truly wrong for you, walking away is okay.

16. Love Comes When You Least Expect It. True love can happen around any corner. And being single, and finding your own happiness can lead to unexpected true love.

17. You Should Never Try To Change Someone Else. Don’t waste your time trying to change someone. So don’t hang on to a relationship because you think that person will “come around.” Simply walk away, and find someone who shares your values.

18. Loving Yourself Is More Important than Loving Someone Else. You will never have a healthy relationship with someone else if you don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself. Of all the lessons learned in life, when it comes to romance, this one is the most important. Because you need to learn to establish your self worth and your values before you can have a solid healthy relationship with someone else.


The Other Important Lessons Learned in Life

19. Celebrate whatever moments you want to remember forever…. even if they are not memorable to someone else.

20. Learn to Forgive, but also never forget the lesson you learned!

21. Follow your dreams even if it scares you… because the thought of living unhappy for the rest of your life is scarier than failing.

22. Everyone has a different path to finding joy in their life… whoever judges you for having a different path is just jealous or narrow minded.

23. Don’t Ever Live for other people. Live for yourself.

24. Getting rid of all the negativity in your life opens doors to unexpected happiness you never thought possible.

25. If you Don’t Take Chances in your life, then you aren’t living.

26. It’s okay to let go of the people you feel are holding you back from being happy.

27. Always Keep Growing, learning and improving. Keep Trying. Keep Taking Risks. Keep Believing. Keep Fighting. Never. Ever. Give. Up.Lauren Signature
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