When I was working at CBS, I had the pleasure of working with a few negative nancys from time to time (sarcasm) … but there was this one worker in-particular  who always had something negative to say. Lets just call him Gill. Gill was the biggest grumpiest guy I ever met. No matter what he was always complaining about life, work, how much things sucked and how bad things always happened to him. Guess this guy never heard of the Law of Attraction. Because bad things just kept on happening.. and Grumpy Gill kept on complaining about it. I wanted to shake him, don’t get me wrong. How could someone be so negative, complain about every single thing, and actually believe that life would get better and things would change? Well… maybe he didn’t believe it.. maybe he just liked to complain… but still.. had he taken a few courses or read a few books on the Law of Attraction, I guarantee his life would be different. Less complaining, and more happiness.

The Law of Attraction can completely change your life. Basically the Law of Attraction boils down to one Idea: We Attract What we Think About. It sounds ridiculous — the idea that believing something will just magically have it manifest in your life, but the truth his that thoughts are things — and when you think positive thoughts, positive things tend to happen. It’s a chain reaction of awesomeness.


I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and have definitely applied it to my own life over the last few years. By making simple changes to how we think, we can drastically improve the quality of our lives. Whether or not we get everything we want just by believing we will is irrelevant… the point is that if you want more greatness and awesome things in your life, you should think positively about the possibilities — it can happen! It will happen ! If you think positive!


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Simple Tips for Applying The Law of Attraction to Your Life

1. Remove Can’t and No from Your Vocabulary: When You stop and think about it – How many times have you told yourself you can’t accomplish something? How many times have you said something won’t happen for you? When you start telling yourself that you can’t accomplish things or you don’t have the ability to reach goals, you know what happens? You don’t reach them! Our minds are incredibly powerful, and if you are constantly thinking of the reasons why things WONT happen, well you are just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.

2. Stop Obsessing Over the Bad Things That Happen: When Something goes wrong it sucks.. don’t get me wrong. But if you harp on it and obsess over it, over analyzing every little part of the negative experience, you will only get more negative experiences in your life. Instead of harping on that fight you had with your friend or the bill that went to “overdue” status, why not just think about all of the other amazing things you got going on for yourself? Obsessing over the bad negative parts of life only makes more negative things happen… it’s kind of like you are fueling the fire of disasters…  A snow ball effect if you will. This is why so many people say that once one bad thing happens a bunch of other bad things happen. It’s kind of where the expression “got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning” came from.. because once you start the day off in a bad state, it’s pretty clear that other bad things will start happening… it’s because of your mindset.. So Change it up. When something bad happens, embrace it, experience it, and then move on… you’ll open the door to amazing positive possibilities.


3. Stop Predicting Negative Things: You ever feel worried to open your mailbox because you only expect more bills? Do you ever cringe at the thought of your performance review or your college grades at the end of the semester? You are sitting there predicting negative things and  hoping for positive things.. totally confusing to the universe. Why not, instead, focus on the possibilities of great things happening.. and then they will come to you!

4. Meditate and Invision What You Want: One of the best ways to create the life you deserve is to spend a few minutes every day imagining what it is you want for your life.. you can do this by closing your eyes and listening to guided meditation or calming music each day… or you can make a vision board full of pictures of all the things you want to accomplish. Close your eyes and just imagine all the feelings associated with the things you want. Pretend you have everything you want in the world and imagine what that feels like. The best thing you can do is put those feelings into words and writing it down. Writing down exactly how you feel once you accomplish your goals is a great way to only push you forward towards them…. which is why… step number five is….

5. Take Action Towards The Positive:  Jen Sincero who wrote You Are A Badasss puts it perfectly in her book when she talks about the Law of Attraction… just because your goal is to be at a pool party with President Obama, doesn’t mean you should go to the store grab a swimsuit and show up at the White House just because you have faith in the Law of Attraction. But what it does mean is that you should take healthy positive steps to reach that crazy awesome goal. If your goal is to save up enough money to buy your dream car, for example, go to the dealer, test drive it, sit in it, feel it, take home a pamphlet and then come up with a savings strategy to reach your goal. If you dream of owning a successful company go make an appointment with a bank and start asking questions. The best thing you can do is take a massive action in the moment you make a decision… the Law of Attraction will sure guide you along the way, but by taking small steps to reach your goal, you will certainly get there faster.

Here are a few books I totally Recommend if You Are Interested in learning more about the Law of Attraction. GO grab one. They are awesome.



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