Do I have to be a grownup right now? Seriously.. I feel like this year has been way too “adult” for me. So many big girl things have happened that I still feel surprised at how amazing this year has been to me. But being an adult is HARD DUDE!  Matt and I got a house (we are moving in a few days.) We got engaged (I just dropped my ring off to be resized.)  We celebrated one year of What is Perfection (I wrote about that awesomeness here) and we even had a baby talk. (sorry, not sharing that yet.)

But seriously… How much more adult can we get here?

My grown up decisions and “adulting” life is now getting the best of me..and now I am exhausted. Too many big things going on and my brain needs a nap. So I am trying to trudge through the next few days before we move with as much “put togetherness” as possible.

Here’s why: If you saw the last video on my Facebook – you know I’m currently going through some serious withdrawals right now detoxing my body from some medication that I was taking for a very longtime. So I am on zero energy and all I want to do is cozy up underneath the covers and watch This is Us. (seriously, you need to watch it, the show is amazing.)

The calendar is zipping by, and pretty soon it’s going to be the end of the year. And I am so sad about it. Because it has been such a wonderful year. But I am also happy too.. because I am obsessed with New Year Resolutions. And I know next year is going to be even more awesome than this one was!

Setting New Years Resolutions is (for some weird reason) more exciting to me than Christmas. I love sitting cozy under the blankets in December and day dreaming about all the big adventurous things I am doing for the following year.

But I bet you’re reading this thinking like — “UGH Lauren I hateeeeee New Year Resolutions because I never actually keep them!” … yup. Time to change that. The next few days I’m gonna be sharing some tips and tricks for saying bye bye to failing your resolutions. So get excited!



My New Year is going to kick Butt

And until I actually have proof of that, I am going to chant it like a crazy lady.

This year I said goodbye to alcohol..

Did away with my job and my NYC apartment (that was kind of the year before that but whatever it still counts.)

Made my baby business blossom into the bad ass self love self improvement resource it is today.

Matt and I  bought our first home and did a bunch of existing grown up things that I already mentioned.

And I found true amazing happiness that has made my dreams come true.

I couldn’t have done ANY OF IT without my self love practices and tools. Thank god for everything I learned on my self love journey and the strength I acquired when I rebuilt my life. I feel so charged with endless power (wooahh that sounds crazy.) But seriously..

… I feel like a goal getting bad ass ninja now. Something I never would have ever considered myself to be.

And I can’t wait to share all the details of how to do it in my new minicourse. NEW ME 2017 So ….if you’re feeling ready to start planning your bad ass new year for 2017, you should check it out.  It’s only available until Jan 2.


And just for a little taste, I took an excerpt of the course and leaked it to you here. It’s just a few pages of a goal setting guide that goes with the program. But I think you’ll like it!


Oh.. and here’s a free E-guide.