What I want in life has changed over the years. 

I used to believe that I wanted the Perfect body, and the perfect job, with the perfect husband and the perfect amount of money etc. etc. 

Now what I want is far more complicated and less “physical” for my life. Far less “perfect.” 

And ever since I have changed my approach – to go from wanting “things” to wanting “emotional fulfillment,” so much of my life has actually changed. 

So here’s a free flow of thoughts today. 

On the topic of wanting, wishing, doing, and believing. 

I don’t really want to be successful, because by everyone else’s standards, success means making tons of money but living and breathing your job. And I don’t want to do that.

I want to be successful because I promote change, do something that is fulfilling, and feel a passion directly related to my work.

I used to want to be well liked and approved of by others.

Now, I just want to be myself. And that’s what I do. And when I am myself, I find wonderful people to fill my life with. It is amazing.

I don’t want to have the perfect body. I just want to feel beautiful and connected to who I am in my life. Feeling connected is what makes me feel beautiful.

I don’t want to impress the world, but rather, feel proud and accomplished within myself.

Wrong people don’t hurt me. Wrong decisions don’t affect me. Wrong impressions don’t upset me.

I am me. And it doesn’t matter what the world around me thinks of it.