I am different. Let’s face it. There is no way around it.

Some people would call me weird. But I don’t care. Actually, I love it.

Because I don’t exactly follow the “rules of life” by the book. And I am so much better for that.

I am the person who needs to learn lessons the hard way.

The girl who constantly felt like she didn’t belong.

I am no longer living my life doing what everyone else is doing just because everyone else is doing it.

That’s not enough for me. And I am so glad it isn’t.

I choose to be myself. And I don’t do that in spite of my differences. I actually do it because I am different. It is something I am truly proud of.

And while it did take me a while to accept my uniqueness- Today I am in a place where I am so proud of it. And I wouldn’t want to be any other way.

So if you’re that girl struggling to accept the fact that she is a little bit unlike the people around her – I am here to tell you this:

“Stop trying to be like everyone else. Embrace your unique bad ass self girl.”

I am Different What is Perfection


I am Different: But So Are You.

For a very long time, I spent almost all of my energy trying to live my life by everyone else’s standards. And it sucked. I wanted to look as beautiful as the people around me. I wanted to be as smart as the people in my class and the mentors I had for my career. And yes, I even tried to do things to be just as cool and “accepted” as the people around me.

That life sucked. So much.

Because what the heck is life about if not to enjoy it? And you can’t possibly enjoy your own life when you spend so much time trying to make it like everyone else’s.

At some point I realized that being unique was wonderful. And embracing the fact that I am different has allowed me to do so much more with my life.

I get to be myself, live by my own standards and actually feel confident about the person I am.

I can actually go after certain dreams that I know make me happy. I actually feel more fulfilled in my life because I live it being true to myself. And I just feel happier all around.

I want that for everyone in the world. Because once I accepted and embraced the fact that I was different, I stopped trying to live for other people and started trying to live for myself.


How to Love Your “I am Different” Self

If I could break it down – how I learned to love the fact that I am different – my list of advice tips would probably look like this:


-Get honest about who you are. Try reading my post about being authentic.

-Stop trying to do certain things for your life just to make other people proud.

-Give up pretending and holding back your opinion and start being vocal about your own thoughts. Speak your mind!

-Start thinking for yourself.

-Stop asking what the people want or think.

-Start asking what will make you feel happy and fulfilled.

-Let go of the thought of what other people think (get my free worksheet on learning how to let go of that if you need help)

-Let go of friends who don’t serve you (again if you need tips on this you should check it out here)

-Build your confidence by embracing the things that make you different.

-Practice self love.


Finding Happiness Because “I am Different”

The happiness you experience when you embrace your uniqueness is way more amazing than any pretend ¬†happiness that could possibly come from trying to live up to other people’s standards.

This is why personal development, self confidence building, and self esteem techniques are so super important to your over all life.

If you feel ready to make that big bold step for yourself and start redefining your life, then stop right here.

And check out the Perfection Program. This course can transform your worth and your confidence (not to mention your life.) All from the inside out!