I’m about to get so real and honest with you guys.

Being overweight – when you know you’ve been thin before – sucks.

It is a shitty feeling that hurts more than that big belly ache you get after finishing a box of donuts….. not like I’ve been there or anything.

But seriously…. there is a really big reason that women try to lose weight that makes us different than men – we have such a super strong emotional connection to our bodies, that taking care of them is not just about appearance.. It’s about how it makes you feel.

And if you’re like I was 60 pounds ago – yes… Feeling stuck in your body when it isn’t the body you want for yourself can feel pretty horrible.

So let’s talk about it shall we?

Why is losing weight so important to us women? The real blunt truth about body image: 

-Sex is always better when you feel good about your body.

-Getting dressed in the morning is so much better when you don’t have to try on 15 million things to figure out what fits.

-Feeling fat sucks when you take pictures with friends and need to over analyze how your chins look in every single photo.

-Being present is so much easier when you like the body you are in.

-Connecting, loving and expressing yourself when you are in a body that represents you is pretty fun. Doing those things when you don’t like your body really sucks.

-And let’s not even talk about summer seasons and bikini beach life shall we?

Here’s the thing… ALL of these reasons that health matters to us ladies are all EMOTIONALLY rooted. They all have emotional pain points and pleasure goals that keep us feeling like, “YES! That is what I want for my body!! NOT this!!”

So …. here’s what I am going to suggest – if you are one of those people out there setting healthy resolutions for 2017 – make your goals EMOTIONAL. Get really clear and invested on the reasons WHY these things matter to you.

Once you figure out why – everything changes.

Next step to stop feeling so gross is to stop comparing yourself to that crazy perfect body you are craving! It seems so far away doesn’t it? It seems impossible maybe? Well stop comparing yourself to it. Try, instead, to set small incremental goals that you can focus on one at a time.

A whole set of stars is super overwhelming to think about climbing (especially when you are a little heavy) so try focusing on one step at a time instead. (I’m being metaphorical here but you get it.)

After that, get so super clear about what life will be like if you DON’T make this change..  Do Everything than anything you can to put yourself in that uncomfortable place where you are ready to scream with determination from a freekin rooftop “I AM GOING TO DO THIS. NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.”

And then take massive massive action to invest in the person you want to be. Do whatever it takes. Join a program, commit to something to just prove to yourself that you are WORTH THIS. It’s not about having the right resources.. it’s about being resourceful. So make it happen girl!

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