It’s the forever unanswered question for so many women out there. Sure, maybe we ask it in different ways, like, “How can I feel more beautiful?” or “How can I feel more comfortable in my skin?” No matter how you phrase it, it’s all boiling down to the same basic longing; the desire for learning how to feel more confident and good about yourself.

In a world where we are constantly struggling to boost our self-esteem, it’s hard to figure out how to feel more confident. That’s probably why you’re reading this post – because you want to know how to feel more confident. Well, all you need is a basic understanding of these simple steps to change how you feel about who you are. So let’s dive in!
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How to Feel More Confident- Embrace What You Have.

This is step one in learning how to feel more confident. Because without this first step, you won’t get anywhere. Learning to feel more comfortable in your skin and boost your self-esteem is not about changing who you are.

But I’m guessing maybe you’ve thought that for a while. – Well, nip that belief in the butt right now!

“If I lose weight,” then I will be confident.”


“If I got a boob job, then I could feel more confident.”

or how about:

“If I found a boyfriend, then I would finally feel good about myself.”

Any of these questions ring a bell? Sound familiar?

I’ve been there. Trust me. Along my own journey, before I found self love, I was super fixated on all the things I wanted to change about myself. I firmly believed that if I could finally change my body, and my self image, then I would finally end my struggle with how to feel more confident.

It didn’t work that way.

No matter what goals I reached in my life, they never made me feel good about myself the way I wanted them to. No magic lightbulb turned on that suddenly made me find self confidence.

Want to know why?

Because confidence is not something that suddenly sparks the minute you reach a goal or get your idea body: Confidence is a self-love practice that you need to work on every single day of your life.

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So, if you are trying to learn how to feel more confident, your first step should not be changing how you look or how you act. Your first step in learning how to feel more confident is looking at who you are right here and right now.

“What is it about me that I like?”

“What is it about who I am that makes me feel good?”

“How can I embrace those feel good feelings more often?”

When you start developing the emotional tools for feeling good about yourself in the present moment, you open the door to self love now, and the possibility of actually growing that love in the future.

Self love is like gardening: You can’t grow something from nothing. You need to plant a seed first.


 Step Two for Learning How to Feel More Confident: Understanding The Feelings that Make up Self-Confidence.

Okay, so you’ve done step one for learning how to be more confident. You’ve asked yourself what you like about who you are right here and now. Great! You’ve planted the seed!

Now you are ready for step two: Understanding what exactly makes self-confidence.

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See this chart? These are the four solid components for creating a better you and feeling more confident you. When you reflect on these individual areas of your life, I am sure you can come  up with several examples to feel good about. Confidence does not come from one specific area of our lives. Confidence comes from building a solid foundation of multiple emotions.

Understanding that confidence does not come from one specific outlet is important: We are diverse human beings with diverse reasons to feel good.

How to Feel More Confident Step Three: Find a Balance

Even if one of these areas of your life seems super important and valuable to you right now, remember this: Balancing your focus on all four of these areas (and not just one) will help you become more confident and happy. If we show love and care for all four areas of our lives with equal attention, then we can become the confident person we deserve to be. So start asking yourself what you can do to find confidence in EACH Place of your life, not just one of these areas. Write it out if it helps!

What Makes Self Confidence

So you’ve got those three steps down: awesome. Way to go girl! Now grab the free self-confidence E-Guide so you can learn more about who you are and how to be more confident!

This E-guide will teach you how to focus on the certain areas of self improvement that you have forgotten about and learn to love yourself all over again! Plus, it’s free!

Want more tips on self improvement? Check out this post: 3 Simple Steps for Building Self-Esteem


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