My Morning Self Care Routine

My Morning Self Care Routine

There is something about the mornings lately that just gets me feeling so happy. Crazy, I know. I mean, who really actually enjoys waking up at 4:30AM every day. (Yes… I wake up at 4:30 AM Every morning.)

But I don’t know why, I absolutely LOVE my morning routines lately. Even if it is early and the sun isn’t out.

I used to be the type of lady that hated waking up early. I was always feeling so tired and in a funk when I woke up. It was hard to get my energy pumping first thing – even if I slept till 10AM.

But now things are different. Now I enjoy waking up and starting my day bright and early. And I have a whole routine in the AM that I am truly obsessed with. Seriously.. it’s amazing.

So I wanted to share it with you all – because I think we all could benefit from some more self care in our schedules don’t ya think?


My Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is super important. Not only does it snap your brain into that “it’s morning time,” mindset, but it also keeps you starting your day on the right foot. Even when I skip one or two things on this list, I still know that I am taking time for me each morning and that makes me feel really good.

Wake up and hydrate-

The first thing I do every morning is drink 8 oz. of water. It refreshes me, wakes me up and has me feeling bright and happy first thing in the morning. Sometimes I’ll add a little lemon warmed up, but usually I just grab a quick glass from the fridge. It sounds really silly to have such a small thing be so important to my morning self care routine – but seriously, it keeps me going each morning.

My morning cup of coffee with self reflection-

Then, yes, I have a cup of coffee. Honestly I don’t think it is so much the caffeine that I enjoy as it is the experience of ¬†having a warm cup between my hands as a snuggle under a furry blanket on the couch with my guy. It is as relaxing as it is energizing. He likes having the TV on first thing in the morning which I am personally not a fan of, so I use the time to zone out with my cup of joe and a notebook. I take about 15-20 minutes just to write down my thoughts – how I am feeling and what I am grateful for in my life. (positive vibes only.)

Write down my goals for the day-

I always make sure to write out three big goals for the day – Three things I definitely want to accomplish before the day is done. No matter what, I always make sure one of the things on my list is for me and my own self care. Today’s is a nice bubble bath ūüôā

Morning smoothie with Blog work-

Matt goes to work and the first thing I do is have breakfast. Yes. Even if I am not hungry. I sit at my desk with my smoothie and write a blog post for the day. I used to plan my posts but I personally find that writing off the cuff based on how inspired I am feeling is the best thing for me creatively. So yeah… here I am, writing this post! good morning world!


Right after my breakfast, I workout. I used to enjoy working out in the evenings but honestly, I have more energy in the morning. Plus getting my workout out of the way first thing gives me that “no excuses attitude.” It gets my endorphins running and my positive attitude rolling to kickstart the day. I LOVE It.

Meditation time-

I only work out for about half an hour, but I give it 110 percent. When I’m done, I usually just jump right into my daily chore (yes I pick one chore a day) as a cool down from my workout. When I am finished, I hop into meditation land – I spend half an hour zoning out and clearing my mind – trying to connect with my spirituality is a new thing I got going on lately. And I love it.

Shower, get ready and start my day-

YUP. That’s it! It sounds silly and lame to put in a blog post but a lot of people have asked me about my routine – and I love sharing! Hope you enjoyed!

Do you have a favorite morning thing you love doing each day? What is it? I would love to add new special things to my morning schedule!


How to Stop Feeling Gross, and Start Feeling Healthy.

How to Stop Feeling Gross, and Start Feeling Healthy.

I’m about to get so real and honest with you guys.

Being overweight – when you know you’ve been thin before – sucks.

It is a shitty feeling that hurts more than that big belly ache you get after finishing a box of donuts….. not like I’ve been there or anything.

But seriously…. there is a really big reason that women try to lose weight that makes us different than men – we have such a super strong emotional connection to our bodies, that taking care of them is not just about appearance.. It’s about how it makes you feel.

And if you’re like I was 60 pounds ago – yes… Feeling stuck in your body when it isn’t the body you want for yourself can feel pretty horrible.

So let’s talk about it shall we?

Why is losing weight so important to us women? The real blunt truth about body image: 

-Sex is always better when you feel good about your body.

-Getting dressed in the morning is so much better when you don’t have to try on 15 million things to figure out what fits.

-Feeling fat sucks when you take pictures with friends and need to over analyze how your chins look in every single photo.

-Being present is so much easier when you like the body you are in.

-Connecting, loving and expressing yourself when you are in a body that represents you is pretty fun. Doing those things when you don’t like your body really sucks.

-And let’s not even talk about summer seasons and bikini beach life shall we?

Here’s the thing… ALL of these reasons that health matters to us ladies are all EMOTIONALLY rooted. They all have emotional pain points and pleasure goals that keep us feeling like, “YES! That is what I want for my body!! NOT this!!”

So …. here’s what I am going to suggest – if you are one of those people out there setting healthy resolutions for 2017 – make your goals EMOTIONAL. Get really clear and invested on the reasons WHY these things matter to you.

Once you figure out why – everything changes.

Next step to stop feeling so gross is to stop comparing yourself to that crazy perfect body you are craving! It seems so far away doesn’t it? It seems impossible maybe? Well stop comparing yourself to it. Try, instead, to set small incremental goals that you can focus on one at a time.

A whole set of stars is super overwhelming to think about climbing (especially when you are a little heavy) so try focusing on one step at a time instead. (I’m being metaphorical here but you get it.)

After that, get so super clear about what life will be like if you DON’T make this change.. ¬†Do Everything than anything you can to put yourself in that uncomfortable place where you are ready to scream with determination from a freekin rooftop “I AM GOING TO DO THIS. NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.”

And then take massive massive action to invest in the person you want to be. Do whatever it takes. Join a program, commit to something to just prove to yourself that you are WORTH THIS. It’s not about having the right resources.. it’s about being resourceful. So make it happen girl!

Oh.. and if you are a WIP Girl – don’t forget to fill out the free Healthy Lifestyle guide to walk you through all of these steps! It’s live in your member section!


Tackling a healthy lifestyle for 2017

Tackling a healthy lifestyle for 2017

Okay. So full disclosure. Last year’s resolutions all came true for me – except for one: Get healthy and lose weight. The truth is I actually did the opposite of that this year. ¬†Got heavy, and got super unhealthy.¬†Running my blog, moving locations,¬†getting engaged,¬†and having the business boom so quickly this year — so much was happening. And I guess I put myself on the back burner.

It’s all my fault, and I take full responsibility for it.

Yes. This life coach is not perfect.

I gained close to 40 pounds this year. YUP. Can you believe it? Well.. I can. None of my clothes fit me, I am super tired all the time, and I know that this is JUST NOT ME. Ever been there? Get so far behind on the person you want to be and then BOOM – you are faced with this total stranger like – what the heck happened? It sucks.

But the truth is, I am actually happy I gained all that weight! Yeah – crazy right? Well, considering I run WIP, ¬†I am looking at this is as a totally amazing opportunity to share my transformation journey with all of you! ¬†The truth is I am an expert in how to lose weight and form a healthy lifestyle. I just haven’t been doing it! Consider this past year my little “healthy lifestyle vacation.” And now I am back on the horse!

I am going to document my healthy lifestyle journey for all of you.

Feeling good in your skin isn’t just about how you look. And I guess that’s why I have gained 40 pounds this year and don’t really feel that bad about it. Surprised? Well.. It’s all about self love ladies. And Now I know that I can do EXACTLY what I need to do in order to make this healthy lifestyle a reality. ESPECIALLY because I am coming from a place of loving myself.

So now here I am with a chance to actually share my journey live – related to something I am TRULY passionate about! ¬†WIP is now going to have a little taste of my healthy lifestyle journey – especially with the Brand New Me Course coming up, it’s just an awesome opportunity to actually participate in a transformation with my girls!

I struggled with my health and body image for a very very long time.

For those of you who don’t know my story when it comes to weight and body image, I used to suffer a serious eating disorder – and I still cope with it from time to time. The story is here. I was once 109 pounds, skin and bones really struggling to feel good about myself. And I guess ever since then finding that balance in my life has been difficult. But I also was really over weight at one point.. more than I am now. I and I guess I just realized that I will never have the “perfect” body. That self love is what’s allowing me to be so open with all of you here!

So here I am Рheavy, and starting over. And like I said, I am actually really excited about sharing the journey with all of you!  And with 2017 officially here, the universe is giving me a fresh start to tackle what is so super important to me!healthy lifestyle journey




I am prepping my meals each week.

This is something I used to do when I was living in Manhattan and working a full time job. And it worked really really well for me. ¬†Having a plan in place takes the guess work out of everything for me. It makes me know that I have something straight and consistent to go to every single meal so I don’t necessarily grab the quick and easy crappy foods that are lying around the house. Yes. I am taking the guess work OUT of it.

I am learning to say no more often.

Matt makes breakfast with Bacon? I can say no. Brownies at the table for a treat? I can say no. The more I make decisions for myself, the more I feel empowered to keep focused on what it is I want to achieve -and that is a healthy body, a life full of energy, and a temple that I feel truly reflects who I am on the inside. Saying no is not a bad thing. It isn’t rejecting love and it isn’t denying someone’s affection. It is simply being in control and deciding that “I know what’s best for myself.”

I am documenting my lifestyle.

Not to show off, not to just create more content or keep myself busy (trust me, I am busy enough.) I am documenting my weight, my measurements, and my daily food intake and exercise routine. I and I am doing it for a reason: Keeping track HOLDS me accountable, and it also shows me what is working and what isn’t. I tell all my clients to keep track of their progress, and that’s exactly what I am doing for myself too!

I am dedicating time every single day to me.

This is one of the hardest things for me to do. Especially running my own business. I always feel like I am not doing enough, like I am not dedicating enough time to my business, like I can always be doing more. But when I do that, I am failing myself (and consequently my business.) How can I be the best for other people if I am not the best for myself? That’s why I am promising myself to dedicate at least two hours a day to me. Working out, journaling, reading, and growing. Personal development is by far my favorite thing on earth – so how could I possibly deprive myself of that!?

Any one else starting a healthy lifestyle journey for 2017? tell me in the comments what 4 things you will challenge yourself to do for your new lifestyle this year!

6 Ways To Treat Yourself This Holiday Season

6 Ways To Treat Yourself This Holiday Season

Last year’s holiday season was super stressful. And Surprise surprise – this one is no different. It seems like deja-vu. We are packing up everything and moving … again! (but now it’s into an official house! YAY!) But finding the time to treat myself lately has been slim to none. I have had very little time to do much of anything lately.

Then I remembered last year, my friend Gabby inspired me to make a list of all the ways I could treat myself during the stressful holiday season. She did a a post about it last Christmas on WIP that inspired me to make my own.

I took out a pen and I decided it was time to figure out what I could do to feel more calm and put together. It worked.

So this year, I’m revising and sharing my list! These are a few little “to-do’s” that I always include on my holiday season list.

The holidays are supposed to be a time for “peace” and “joy” and lots of happiness. But seriously, how often do our holidays become full of “chaos” and “stress” and lots of things to do.

That’s why it’s so important to keep room for a little love for ourselves in our schedule.





Take time to brainstorm your new years resolutions.

This is one of my favorite things to do. And I always make it a ritual. I make myself a nice delicious tea, cozy up under the blankets, put on an inspirational movie and start day dreaming.  It reminds me of a few things… 1- that I am still important during time of year where personal care falls on the back burner. 2- it reminds me that the holiday season is soon ending… and the new year is something to look forward to. You can grab a free excerpt of my new years resolution guide here if you want!


Have an at home spa day for just one afternoon.

I love spending extra time caring for my skin during the holiday season. Just with a little TLC I can brighten up my mood by caring for my body a little bit more. Check out this at home spa guide if you want some ideas on how I do it!


Spend some time listening to Christmas music. 

Because nothing gets me more excited and happy than the old N*SYNC Christmas album.


Treat yourself to a new little gift for your emotional health. 

Every year before the holiday, I go out and buy a new journal along with a little special something to treat myself for the new year. It’s my favorite thing to do to keep me focused on my happiness. (I’m kind of obsessed with notebooks.)


Stay away from the scale. 

One of the biggest gifts I treat myself to during the Month of December is literally avoiding the scale. It is really hard to enjoy relax and appreciate the holidays when you are obsessively weighing yourself each day.


Spend time writing a gratitude list. 

When you are grateful, it’s super hard to be sad. Trust me. Grab the free gratitude check list here


free gratitude journal prompts what is perfection


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Natural Skin Care Tips for Feeling Beautiful

Natural Skin Care Tips for Feeling Beautiful

Every time the summer ends and winter rolls around, life starts feeling cold, dry and itchy. Literally. The cold weather and change in season makes my skin fickle and a little more sensitive than usual. Having a solid go to survival practice for treating my skin in the winter season is essential for feeling beautiful. So today I wanted to share some of those awesome natural skin care tips so you can have that beautiful glow no matter what season!


natural skin care tips What is Perfection

Natural Skin Care Tips

The Simple Natural Skin Care Tips for Self-Care

Natural Beauty Tip One: Don’t use too many products. I never realized how important that was until I started getting compliments on my skin! I don’t use a lot of products on my face or body (actually I hardly use any.) And even when I do, I try to keep those products as natural as possible. But if you do need to use chemically based products, I always recommend keeping it basic. Don’t use too many different kinds in one week. Keep things as simple as possible.

Natural Beauty Tip Two: Keep A Routine. I make it a point to have some sort of natural skin care treatment on my face at least once a week. Adding that to my routine keeps my care consistent ¬†and I don’t forget to treat myself. Every night I do something special for my skin – either moisturize with a coconut oil, exfoliate with a sugar scrub, or reduce my puffy eyes with a little face mask.

Natural Beauty Tip Three: Don’t Just Treat Your Face. Treat Your whole body. This is really important on my list natural skin care tips because without treating my whole body, I wouldn’t get that full effect glow for feeling confident and beautiful. Whatever I do to my face, I always try to do something consistent to the rest of my body. If I am exfoliating my face, I’ll dry brush my legs and arms. If I am trying to moisturize, I am sure to do it from head to toe. It gives my confidence an extra boost!

Natural Beauty Tip Four: Moisturize in the most natural way possible. I am always using coconut oil to treat my skin and moisturize regularly. You can read all about it in this post. The most natural moisturizer is best for keeping your pores clean and healthy.

natural skin care tips What is Perfection

Natural Skin Care Recipes and Tips – More!

Okay… now the fun stuff. RECIPES AND HOW TO TIPS!!

These are my go-to favorite natural skin care recipes on my list of go to natural skin care tips. These are in my back pocket at all times!

Dry Brushing How To 

DIY Sugar Scrub 

DIY Grapefruit Cellulite Scrub

Homemade Body Wash Recipe 

Detox Bath Recipe 


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How to Stay Confident While Losing Weight

How to Stay Confident While Losing Weight

Every time I write about self-confidence, I think about that awesome Demi Lovato song. “What’s wrong with being confident? Whats wrong, what’s wrong, what’s wrong with being confident?” Well I’m here to tell you what’s wrong with being confident. It’s hard to be. That’s what’s wrong with it.¬†Why can’t it be easier?! Demi Lovato is a super sexy goddess who embraces her curvy figure and loves herself. And we should all feel that way. But figuring out how to stay confident while losing weight is like, the biggest challenge ever. So let’s talk about it so we can figure out how to stay confident while losing weight and feel awesome about ourselves like Demi Lovato says we should.

How to Stay Confident While Losing Weight

Most of us try to lose weight so we can feel better about ourselves. We want to change our bodies so we can grow our self-esteem and boost our “feel good vibes,” am I right? But if you’re on that weight-loss journey hoping that you’ll feel confident later on when your 5 pounds lighter or a few sizes smaller, you are failing yourself, and you are failing my girl-love Demi.

You can’t wait to feel confident. If you wait, it will never happen. You need to feel confident now.

Are you the girl who is weighting to wear that sexy outfit in her closet because she needs to lose five more pounds?

Are you putting off going on that date because you aren’t exactly as fit as you want to be?

Are you avoiding the mirror in the morning or wearing lose clothes because you don’t believe you look good?

Stop it. Stop it right now.

If I could see you through the computer screen I would punch you.

Just kidding, I love you.

But seriously stop.

If you aren’t confident now, you will never be confident. Practice self love now, so you can find that “I can do it” confidence that you need to push you towards your goals!

how to stay confident while losing weight setting goals the healthy way what is perfection

How to Stay Confident While Losing Weight

Step One: Stop Waiting. Your first step in learning how to be confident while losing weight is to stop PUTTING OFF THINGS. If you want to feel more beautiful, do things that make you feel beautiful! Dress nice. Go out and socialize. Do your makeup. Style your hair. Shave those legs for christ-sake!

Do whatever it is you would normally do if you were your ideal perfect body weight.

Step Two: Embrace The Qualities that Make You Beautiful Now. You need to be confident in who you are. You need to feel beautiful so that losing weight is just an added bonus to your wonderful confident self. If you are constantly relying on losing weight as the one thing to make you feel good, you will be failing yourself for the rest of your life.

To embrace your sexy goddess self, try journaling all the ways you are beautiful. Make a list of all the reasons you deserve to feel good about yourself. Embrace that list and keep it in a place where you will see it often.

Final Step: How to Stay Confident While Losing Weight

Step Three: Stay Motivated on Your Journey. I have a ton of practices that I use for boosting my self confidence when I am trying to lose weight. But the one thing that really keeps me motivated on my weight-loss journey is journaling. I make a list of all the reasons I deserve this goal I want, and I dig deep and figure out exactly how this goal will enhance my life. I don’t just focus on the number I see on the scale.

I get crystal clear and laser-focused on the feelings I am trying to achieve, the way my future will look and the changes that will occur in my life when I reach that goal. When you envision the future, anything is possible.
Need extra help? Check out this post on weight-loss goals to get the free Goal setting guide to keep you motivated!

weight-loss goals


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