Are you the type of girl that can’t make up her mind? You know who I am talking about… you probably have a friend or two like this. You know, the girl who you ask, “Where should we go to dinner?” Or “What should we do tonight?” And you never get an answer. Maybe that’s you sometimes… the girl who just can’t make up her mind or at least speak up and say what’s on her mind. It’s all about decision.. being able to have the power to make decisions and learning how to harness your power to make them more often.


Why Being A Decision Maker is Kick-Ass

Aside from NOT being the annoying girl in your group of friends, being a decision maker is totally a kick butt way to live life. Here’s why: Decisions are your pathway to shaping your life in the way that you truly want it to be. If you can’t make decisions about what to eat or where to go for dinner, how could you possibly make decisions about the big stuff – like what job to take, what house to buy, what career to have?

Different actions produce different results, and if you want to be the type of person who creates the life she wants to have, making decisions and learning how to (by practicing with small decisions) is the best way to custom create your life, as opposed to having other people do it for you.

“It is in our moments of decision making that our destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins 

Look back on your life and really ask yourself what decisions you have made in your life that have brought you to where you are today? If you made different decisions, wouldn’t you be somewhere different? What exactly would be different about your life if you did? Would you be happier? More fulfilled? Maybe? Maybe Not?

Make a decision today about how you are going to live the rest of your life. If you don’t. Someone else will make those decisions for you… whether it be friends, family, or the universe.


Decision Making Sets Standards For Your Life.

If you don’t make decisions about your life or take massive action to change it, your attitude and way of living will set the standards for how you live for the rest of your life! You’ll find it easier to slip into attitudes, behaviors and a lifestyle that are substandard for what you truly want and deserve in life! So take massive action and make a decision to do something different with your life.. Whether its eating healthier and working out, or signing up for a new educational program to switch jobs… or maybe to ask that person out on a date (or break up with someone) Or even change the way your current relationships are. By making decisions you can change the standards by which you will live the rest of your life.

“Making a true decision means committing to achieving a result and then cutting yourself off from any other possibility.” 

Don’t make anything else an option. Make that choice. Live that life. Because you deserve it

The minute you make a new decision for yourself, you set in motion a  new cause and effect process in your awesome life. New things will result from your new choices, and life will be forever different. How awesome is that.


The Steps to Being An Awesome Decision Maker

Remember Just how Powerful decision making is – When you know it is important, it will be more important for you to actually make those choices for yourself.

Realize that the hardest step to achieving anything is actually making that true committed decision – this is something we teach in our Perfection Program – there is a huge difference between wanting to do something, thinking about doing it, planning to do it, vs. Actually doing it. Taking massive action is the biggest sign to making a change happen. Don’t just decide to lose weight – sign up for a gym membership. Don’t just say you’ll go back to school – enroll in a program. Take some massive action associated with what you want to make it real, concrete and tangible, so you cannot fail!

Make Decision Often – Decision making is a muscle guys.. the more often you use it, the more chance you have at being happy and living the life you deserve. Why? Because when the time comes to make real big decisions, you will be so used to making the small ones that those big life choices will seem easy and conquerable to you!

Learn from your decisions – The worst failure is not learning from your choices.. Always learn and always grow.

Be Okay with Changing your Approach on the way to success – there is more than one way to get there… more than one way to achieve whatever goals you have. Don’t create some rigid map for yourself and get frustrated and give up when you have to veer off course. Different paths to your dream — don’t matter. As long as you get there.

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