Okay, so let’s talk about gratitude for a minute. Because learning how to feel grateful is such an important part of feeling happy, confident and proud of your life. So let me show you how with today’s post on gratitude journal prompts and the free worksheet for you! But first…read this:

What Is Gratitude- Exactly?

In case you need a reminder, on what gratitude is before you jump into the gratitude journal prompts, here’s what you need to know:

Gratitude is that awesome emotion of appreciation. It’s what keeps you feeling happy about what you have in your life instead of feeling frustrated about what you don’t have yet.

-It’s the emotion that warms your heart when  someone surprises you with a present.
-It’s that feeling you get after you have a romantic date with a boyfriend.
-It’s the way your soul lights up after someone gives you a compliment.

But the truth is you need to learn how to feel grateful on your own. You can’t just rely on what the people do for you. You need to make gratitude happen on your own. Get what I’m sayin’ girl? And you need to practice with gratitude journal prompts.

Like right now, for example, I got that feel-good-vibe like crazy yo. Because last night I had the most amazing dream that Justin Bieber was my boyfriend. And he was super sexy. YUP. Thank you awesome REM Cycle sleep and gratitude-vibes. Because this morning I feel happy, positive, and grateful. And even though it’s because of the smallest silliest thing, it doesn’t matter: I feel good. And that’s a big deal!

What Happens When You Aren’t Grateful?

If I wasn’t embracing that gratitude feeling right now, I’m pretty sure this is what I’d be feeling instead:

-Stressed (because I have a lot of work to do today)
-Disappointed (because I didn’t wake up early enough to start my work)
-Angry (because I should have been more responsible and woken up on time)
-Sad (because  I didn’t reach my Monday goal of going out for a run)
But do I feel that way? No! Because I am grateful! 

See… when you truly embrace gratitude, it is actually hard to feel negative about whatever’s going on in our life.

You can’t feel angry if you feel grateful. You can’t feel sad if you feel grateful.

Practicing gratitude is the quickest easiest way to start feeling more wonderful about who you are and the life you live.

Not a guru in gratitude practice? That’s okay. You just need to work at it. Here’s how…Journaling! (with my free gratitude journal prompts worksheet in this post)

Why You Need Gratitude Journal Prompts –

Sometimes you can’t just start feeling grateful out of the blue… especially if you aren’t used to it.

I remember when my little sister had her prom. She got her makeup done, her hair styled, and her nails did. She looked like a total princess. Seriously, she was beautiful. She was feeling so happy and so confident, but the minute she put on her dress a switch went off in her brain and BOOM- she felt horrible. She was so obsessed with her stomach and how it looked in her tight fitting gown. Suddenly she felt really ugly and really sad.

It was literally like a switch went off in her brain and completely changed how she was feeling in an instant.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever done a bunch of things to feel great, but then one small thing brings you down?

Gratitude journal prompts will help you re-train your brain so that you can switch from a sad state to a happy and grateful state in a quick short amount of time.


Gratitude Journal Prompt Tips:

If you are used to feeling negative and unappreciative, it’s going to be much easier to feel that way. And you’re gonna need some help changing that mindset practice. So I created these gratitude journal prompts – so you can learn how to  feel more grateful more frequently.

But if you are new to gratitude journaling, read this post on how to start a gratitude journal. Here are some tips for when you start:

-Ask yourself positive questions whenever you feel stuck or in a rut. Positive questions will help you retrain your brain to think differently about yourself and about your life. Make sure those questions are emotionally charged and phrased in a way that you are forced to think of the positive.

If you are feeling lonely because you don’t have a boyfriend for example, take out your gratitude journal, and write down all the reasons you should be grateful you DON’T have a boyfriend right now. “What positive opportunities does being single right now offer you?”

If you are feeling unbeautiful because you haven’t reached a weight-loss goal or you struggle with acne, why not try to make a list of all the ways you should feel good about your exterior image? “What about your beauty are you appreciative of right now?”

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