I am so happy it is Friday! Not because I am a normal human who has a job she can’t wait to get a break from (seriously I love my job I can’t get enough of What is Perfection and the WIP Girls in my life.) To me, the fact it is Friday means that Matt will be off of work the next two days, and he can help me get our house one step closer to not being a total disaster.  And that makes me really excited.

Yes. Our house is a mess. And Yes it is driving me crazy.

Lately, my office area has become my little “clean space sanctuary.” It’s sort of my sanity room in the upstairs space of our house. Walking downstairs, I have to walk through the fire place room to get to my bedroom and that is in shambles right now. total shambles. The fireplace room.. not the bedroom.

We moved into our new home a month ago, and since then we have been taking on small redesign projects in the house. The fireplace room is our biggest challenge right now. But it is the most exciting project we have taken on yet. Because I’m obsessed with that space of the house.

The fireplace room is a gorgeous open high ceiling room that leads into our master bedroom. We call it the library room. It has these gorgeous built-in book shelves that I legit drooled over when we first saw the house. But it definitely needed some TLC and some serious redesigning. So here we are, taking on the challenge. We aren’t exactly Chip and Joanna Fixer Upper professionals here – but we are learning as we go! And it’s fun.

But seriously, the mess is killing me. Enough already. 

All my beautiful precious books are scattered all over the dusty floor and it makes me want to cry. I just love my books, and having a built in book shelf was a dream of mine ever since I saw Beauty and the Beast.  Who cares about the handsome man – I want a library full of bookshelves and a sliding ladder in my house!!

So here we are making it happen.

We are taking a big trip to Home Depot today to get the last minute things we need to hopefully complete the project this weekend. The homestretch of messiness is here!!! I see the light! 

But until it’s finished, I am cuddling up here in the organized office area.

I don’t know how I got this way, but I hate messy cluttered spaces. I feel like everything in a home should have a place, and my desk and work area is very much a reflection of that mindset. You can see more pictures of my desk space here in this post. Having an organized home makes me feel less stressed, more put together and very very proud of myself for some weird reason.

Don’t get me wrong if I come to your house and it’s looking like Hurricane Katrina hit it I won’t bat an eyelash. It seriously doesn’t bother me to be in a messy environment, it just bothers me when my own space is that way.

And boy.. It’s a total natural disaster up in here right now.

But sometimes you need to make things really messy in order to make them beautiful.

So as soon as that room is beautiful I’ll let you know 🙂 cross your fingers for a productive weekend!

Okay… so let’s get to the real raw and unfiltered messy talk that’s on my mind right now – the juicy stuff.


My Unfiltered Friday Thoughts

I’m obsessed with my podcast.

I am having so so much fun growing and pushing myself in my new podcast series The Imperfection in Me. If you don’t know about it, it’s my real raw and unfiltered life podcast where I share excerpts from past journal entries and the lessons we can all learn from them. New episodes air in Mondays and so far I got some real juiciness out there… I talk about the time I was raped, the year I ended up in a psych-ward and the journey of finding yourself in your 20s. It’s super fun, and super honest. And theres more coming.

As scary as it was to be so vulnerable and put myself out there – I am realizing that the more real you are – the better life gets. Go subscribe if you haven’t already! Seriously what are you waiting for. 

I’ve been wanting to start my podcast for a while, but kept putting it off. I was scared that the more real I was, the weirder I would be – and the less people would want to be my friend. How silly is that right? What a crazy limiting belief I was carrying around on my shoulders! The more open I am, the better life coach  I can be… and truthfully, the better relationships I have formed.

Because friendships seriously suck.

At least they used to for me. Let me explain.

I got a message from my friend Heather yesterday:

“I love how our friendship is growing and how we are helping each other to be better people. Why cant all friendships be like this?” 

(she’s probably shaking in her boots reading this right now)

Sorry to say it, but most friendships suck because  most women are fake. Most women aren’t real. A lot of ladies pretend to be something they are not because they are trying too hard to do things the way they are ‘supposed to’ rather than be their authentic selves.

“I don’t have to walk on eggshells when we talk. And I hate having to have a filter with people.” 

This really sunk in for me. – Oh my god. Heather is an amazing friend and I am so grateful for her.

And even more so after she said this. It got me really thinking – How many relationships have I had in my life where I was trying to “fit in” or “be something I wasn’t” just to please other people or be polite. How many fake friends have I had over the years?

Heather – thank you for this lightbulb moment. It was incredible. I am seriously so grateful for you.

The truth is I have been that girl with a lot of friends – and I hated the person I was back then. It’s hard to please the majority of the world and be happy at the same time. Living like a chameleon, constantly changing your personality to blend in with other people or certain environments is so uncomfortable… it may be easy to do in the beginning but you reach a point where you totally lose your identity and have no idea who the heck you are!

Looking back on friendships as I knew them before, I can see how much it sucked to live life that way. Heather and I have just formed this amazing friendship over time… and we did it just by being ourselves! That’s what a true friendship looks like. And that’s how we all should live. Being our true authentic selves and not trying to please other people.


So Here are some more authentic thoughts.


I seriously have to poop right now.

Kidding. Just wanted to set the tone for some real randomness right here.

All of my clothes have holes in them right now… and I am too busy to go shopping and buy new ones.

I work from home… don’t really care what I look like.. The only time anyone sees me really is during live coaching calls or Facebook videos. Which reminds me….

I ran out of eye concealer and I need to go buy more like yesterday.

Anyone have a favorite brand out there? I’ve been using urban decay lately and I love it.

I have a seriously unhealthy relationship with Money.

I don’t like talking about it… I don’t like spending it… I don’t like thinking about it. I just want to serve people and not have to come up with prices for my products and coaching plans… but I need to eat too… But why can’t I just date the monopoly man and not worry about it? I’m seriously working on this. Of all my life coaching skills, this is probably the thing I am working on the most right now – learning to be accepting of success and embracing abundance.

I make an active choice to NOT read the news. And I don’t care if you hate that.

It just doesn’t serve me to be so emotionally invested in what’s going on right now. So a while back I decided to shut it off and disconnect from the news world. It is a decision I have made for my life because I believed it would make me happier. And right now, that is what is serving me – focusing on my own mission. So if you want to talk Trump or politics I will listen to you express your feelings and be the shoulder to cry on but I won’t have much to contribute. #sorrynotsorry. I am choosing happiness and making a difference in the world my own way.

I’m reading my new favorite self improvement book for a second time right now.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. In case you are interested.

I am obsessed with the girls who enrolled in this years Brand New Me Course.

I seriously love them to pieces. The are all amazing. (Waitlist is open for the March course now.)

I have to work out.

But I don’t want to work out. My pajamas are too comfortable right now. Seriously feeling the struggle right now.

I want a new tattoo… But I can’t make a decision.

Indecisiveness at it’s best.

I never let anything anyone else does or feels bother me. It is the best life practice ever.

If you are going to take any page out of my book – you should take that one.


P.S. Random Thought Bonus: Did you see my little promo video? I’m kind of obsessed with it.