Oh man oh man have things been crazy. If you follow my Facebook page, you know that the last few days have been INSANE. Exciting, but INSANE.

We moved!!!!

WIP changed locations –  and all our stuff was in boxes (and I had zero internet the last few days.) The move was a little but more chaotic than we anticipated.  But that’s the short answer for why you haven’t seen me hanging around on WIP until now.

Now that we are all settled in and the stress is gone, WIP is back in business!! So I decided to jump back into blog posts with a little exciting “here’s what happened” recap.


Yay!!!! It was not an easy move though. Not in the least.


1: Moves are ALWAYS hard right!!!?? Especially when you are moving a business, a home, and a big storage unit. Yes. LOTS of stuff. Lots of running around – lots of back aches.

2: It snowed on our moving day. YES. SNOWED. and not like… a beautiful magical flurry…. here – it was a disastrous 8 inches. Lots of snow… and ICE.

3: We live on a hill. A Very large hill. Not like a little Jack and Jill climbed up the hill sweet little hill – I’m talking like a big mount everest full fledge mountain ledge hill. Yeah. So that with the snow was fun.

We definitely made some serious memories in the process of moving.



-Our moving truck almost hit Matt’s car.

-Our movers got stuck on a hill going to our house and almost fell down the road.

-Our moving truck actually got stuck in our drive way and then fell into a ditch.

-A tow truck came. Didn’t help.

-Then the town came and put down salt.

-Then we got charged all this extra money for the crazy luxury of the experience.

(don’t worry, we got it back) 

But yes. It was CRAZY! 

Here’s what I learned…..

I absolutely LOVE my WIP Girls and I missed them so much.

Not having internet drove me crazy! So happy to be back!

Sometimes you need to shut down other areas of your life to focus on big important projects.

So I did! And Now it’s over!

This little original WIP Girl got her shyt together


Lots of awesomeness in-store!

And…. of course – more pictures!