I’m not just a life coach. I have a life coach. And no – that doesn’t make me a fraud. It makes me a real deal human being who believes in what she does and the value it has- so much so – that she actually invests in herself.

Would you buy an iPhone from someone who told  you how awesome it is but he didn’t actually own one? Don’t think so.

Like Shoshana on Girls, I have my own “crack spirit guide.”  My life coach is freaking awesome. I love him to pieces. He has seriously changed my life. (I’ll get into that in a minute. But first, real deal talk.)

When I started my self love journey, I decided I needed to take massive action to change my life and I couldn’t do it with a therapist or a psychologist. (I ha tried that FOR SO MANY YEARS BEFORE.)

Here’s why I gave up on that:

* THERAPY FAILED ME *Western psychotherapy – the psychologists visits and therapy couch sessions – didn’t work for me. All they did was remind me I had a ton of messy problems. I never learned how to get unstuck in therapy – all it did was remind me that I was sad, unhappy and stuck.

And stirring up shit doesn’t make shit go away. It just makes the water in the pool of life feel a lot more dirty.

So I stopped swimming in circles and finally got out of that old cycle of unhappiness. And I found a system to fix my life and rebuild my happiness. 

I stopped stirring up the crap and started creating a system to dramatically change my life.

I let go of limiting beliefs and was finally able to achieve my goals.
-I quit my abusive unhealthy relationships and found new love.
-I organically developed my self worth and emotional education so I knew exactly what I deserved, wanted and was capable of.

Now I smile all the freaking time. And the water on this side of the pool is crystal clear baby!

And I did that with a life coach. My awesome amazing fantastic life coach.

Today – I am so freaking inline with my mission, my life, and my dream – and it all happened because I took a big step to invest in my future and stat finding a guide to help me do what I didn’t know how to do.  So let’s talk about it.

-Hiring a Life Coach is not like hiring a therapist.

Western Psychology is all about rehashing the pain of your life over and over again hoping you will heal it eventually.  “One day, you will wake up happy,” is usually the plan. This is not what life coaching is about.  No ill will to people who have therapists, in fact – a lot of my clients actually do both! Having someone to talk things through with is amazing! And if it helps you, don’t shy away from it. But it’s important to get real about the difference  here: When you go into a life coaching program – be prepared to take massive action. Life coaching is for people who feel hungry for that big change in their lives and are willing to do what it takes to be guided into a new big life change. So while therapy is about healing, life coaching is more about getting the results you want to live the life you have been hungry for.

-Be ready for homework assignments.

The best coaches provide you homework and personal development assignments. So take notes during your calls and get ready for some serious self reflection.

-Commit for at least three months. 

It may feel like a big investment, but get into the journey and be serious about it by committing for at least 3 months straight. It will solidify any work and progress you make with your coach so that when you are done, you don’t feel lost or unprepared for staying committed to the changes you made.

-Find someone who you relate to and feel comfortable with. 

I lay it all out there for my coach – I get real about everything, with no holding back. The more I am open and honest, the more amazing breakthrough lightbulb moments I have. Having a coach who you feel you can be open and honest with is key.

-The certification doesn’t matter  It’s about Connection.

When I hired my own coach, I never asked, “Oh where did you get your certification?” Because it didn’t matter to me. I knew from the minute  I started listening to his podcast that he had so much knowledge about life, happiness and love that I was hungry to absorb. I saw someone who was doing what I was trying to do, and I knew I could learn from him. That was all the credibility I needed to feel comfortable making a decision to hire him.

There are so many life coaches out there, and not all of them are the same. Some coach with a masculine energy, some are more spiritual woo woo. There are some that are more focused on motivation than they are massive action. It’s important that when you go into your “search to find a life coach,” that you make sure you truly connect with the person you are working with. The more you connect and relate to that person, the more you will be comfortable putting yourself in a vulnerable place, opening up and getting clear about your goals. It is all about trust. The more you trust your coach, the more amazing results you will get.

-Be honest with your coach and yourself about what you want.

Get ready for some serious self reflection and inner work. The greatest life coaches get you speaking a new inner language and teach you how to become more aware of what you want and what you are needing. That inner language work is super important so make sure you are ready for it.

-Get ready to let go of limiting beliefs. 

If you don’t go into the journey ready to let go of your old mindset, you won’t get the most out of your experience. It’s time to start thinking differently! The more open you are to changing the way you think, the bigger and better your coaching experience will be!

-Don’t go into it unless you feel ready to make a massive change.  

Life coaching is about transforming your life. There are some people out there who feel really stuck and unhappy with where they are, but they aren’t quite ready to take that big massive leap and make changes in their lives. So before I take on a client, I always try to figure out whether the person is “emotionally ready.”

I am very very careful about who I take on as a client, and for good reason – I am just as serious about being a coach as I am about getting results for my clients. Some coaches don’t have a screening process though. There are a lot of people who will just try to take your money even when they know in their gut that you aren’t quite committed to the change.

The best thing you can do is to find a coach that you feel has the same morals as you do. Someone who values honesty, truth, vulnerability and trust.

Listen to your gut. And if your gut is telling you it’s right – run with it. Don’t let fear hold you back

-Find a coach that offers a package with 1:1 calls, and direct-mail contact.

I always offer my clients direct contacts for me so they can follow up when they need to and that way I know they are feeling safe along the way. Make sure you have that in a coach.

-Be prepared to get nervous before you start your journey.

A lot of my clients come in nervous. They don’t know what to expect, they don’t know what the journey will hold, and so yeah they get a little bit of the butterflies. It’s totally normal. If your gut is telling you that you are ready for this change – that is ALL you need. You don’t need to know HOW you will do it – that is what your coach is there for.

-Be ready to change your beliefs about money, love, and success.  

In my unhappy life way back when, I believed that money was this thing that was always scarce, that I would struggle to get and spend years trying to save. Boy was I wrong. That mindset only left me feeling more stuck, more discouraged and more “broke and cheap” than I ever wanted to be.

Hiring a life coach, investing in myself, buying programs for personal development – these were things I used to think were a waste of money or a “gamble” of my funds. In fact, it was jut the opposite. Investing in a life coach total shifted the energy of the universe for me. The minute I started placing value in myself – fighting to invest in my future (even at times when I couldn’t afford it) I was telling the universe I was so serious about making changes.

Ever since the first step, there have been a million steps. I keep investing, keep growing, and keep feeling happier and more fulfilled in my life (which honestly is the whole point of living isn’t it?) And I am so far from that broke cheap lifestyle I used to live.

Be prepared to have a shift in your lifestyle, your money, love and success vibes. I see so many of my clients going from a place of feeling lost and broke to completely transforming their financial state. It’s ALL possible.

Believe in the change and the journey you are on.

Having a life coach/ a business coach/ a personal development coach/ a crackspirit guide like shoshana on HBNO Girls did, whatever the F- you want to call it – it is the biggest bad ass amazing fantastic unicorn freaking awesome game changing thing you can do for your life.

I can’t say enough amazing things about it. It changed my business, my life, my career, my everything.


Take the freaking leap. Do it.

Because if you see someone doing what YOU want to do and being successful at it – they hold the secret. And they are 100 percent willing to share it <3 you are legit just 2mm away from creating that life you deserve. SO FREAKING CLOSE.