Daily journal prompts haven’t always been a part of my happiness practice. When I started learning about self love, I was completely inexperienced and a total non-expert. I didn’t have my shit figured out what-so-ever. But I wanted to. So I did what anyone else does when they are trying to figure something out – I googled things.

This is what I found:

Chant positive affirmations.

Compliment yourself in the mirror every morning.

Tell yourself all the reasons why you are grateful. 

So I tried them in the beginning. And they only made me feel worse. I couldn’t come up with reasons or answers for any of those things, so most of the time my practice felt forced, stiff and full of bologna.

So one day I ditched my google search and came up with my own plan. I took out a pen and paper and started asking myself questions that I thought would help me feel more confident in my life. And thus, I discovered my secret weapon for growing my confidence: Daily Journal Prompts.

Daily Journal Prompts What is Perfection

 What Are Daily Journal Prompts?

If you’re feeling intimidated by the idea of keeping journal because you think it’s like a diary or something silly like that, don’t worry. Daily journal prompts are way more than what you remember your childhood journal was. it’s not writing down things like how cute that boy at school was or how much of a brat your little sister is.

Daily journal prompts are positive questions that help you reflect on your identity and grow your confidence. They are a series of important questions related to happiness and confidence that help you rediscover who you are and what makes you YOU. Because by asking yourself the right questions and taking time to reflect on “why makes you you,” it’s easy to grow your self love.

Daily Journal Prompts What is Perfection

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I promise you, just a few times of writing your thoughts out to these daily journal prompt questions will bring you much more joy and happiness.. taking a few minutes each day just to embrace your joy and realizing how much you truly have going for you will make you feel even better about the person you are, the life you are living, and the goals you have for your future!

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