How to Reinvent Yourself

How to Reinvent Yourself

This morning I posted a narrative on my Facebook page. It was sort of a soul reflection on how I got to the place I am in today.

I am the possibility that all people can reinvent themselves.

In 2008 I was raped and walked away from my life to reinvent myself.
In 2012 I left a drug-addicted husband, and reinvented myself as a single woman.
In 2013 I was able to heal and rebuild – landing myself in my first apartment – reinventing myself as “successful” for the first time. 
In 2015 I walked away from an unhealthy career and created What is Perfection LLC.

Now I am here. With Purpose, Passion, and a Fire in my soul.

The old me would have never been able to receive this joy.

But like I said: I am the possibility that all people can reinvent themselves.

In order to follow our dreams and become who we are meant to be, we need to shed the old parts of ourselves that hold us back. That means transforming who we are.

In my life, I have shed a lot of things in the process of reinventing myself to follow my dreams. I’ve lost weight, let go of unhealthy people, gave away possessions, released negative emotions, and said goodbye to the old version of me I didn’t like.

I am still reinventing myself today. Why? Because suffering is the result of unfulfilled dreams. And I refuse to suffer.

At some point you must take the next step. Make a commitment to have what you want in life and then make a plan to get it. It’s there waiting for you, but most likely it isn’t going to just fall into your lap.

Release the negative holding you back. Reinvent the human you are so that you can level up to the dreams you have for your life. And then?



But what if you want to reinvent yourself but you don’t know how? What if you are trying to achieve some bigger than you goal in your brain right now and it feels almost impossible to get there.

This – ladies and gents – is about learning to perfect the art of “Closing the gap.” Getting you from where you are to where you want to be in life.

And all of that, starts from within.


How to Reinvent Yourself

1.Start getting clear about what needs to leave your life. 

This is probably the biggest most powerful shift you can make in your life – removing the negativity.  I also think it’s truthfully one of the hardest. Some of us aren’t even aware of the negative in our life until it slaps us right in the face. Do you have friends who belittle you? Does your mother make you feel insignificant? Maybe your home is so cluttered with reminders of the past you have a hard time moving forward. Whatever it is – learning to recognize what doesn’t serve you and getting rid of it is the first step in reinventing yourself.


2.Figure out who you truly want to be.

This is one of the most exciting legs of the journey – redesigning the vision you have for you life!  If you are a person who doesn’t like change – then lets face it, this might be a hard part of the process for you. But then again you probably wouldn’t be reading this post anyway. Asking yourself important questions about the life you want will lay the solid foundation for change. Do you want to make more money? Do you want to be more kind? Perhaps you have this crystal clear picture of you and your dream love sitting on a beach, or buying a house and raising a family. Get clear about the vision. Paint it. Paint it with all the pretty colors you can possibly imagine. And then execute it.

 3.Set your goal, pick a deadline and take massive action. 

Hire a coach, invest in a program, do something crazy serious to train yourself/ mold into the person you want to be. It’s pretty simple guys. In order to stretch into a new human being, you need to do some of the hard work. That may mean investing in a vision greater than your present state right now. It may mean doing things that are scary and overwhelming and full of fear.

 4. Walk with the fear to become that new version of you.  

So since you know what you want now  get really good at strategy for getting there. It doesn’t mean things are going to be perfect right away – but learning to realign yourself with the higher version of you that you want to be is so important. Learn how to take those big scary leaps that will make you grow and propel you into the person you want to be. If it doesn’t scare you – then you aren’t dreaming big enough!


The Real Truth About Running Your Own Business.

The Real Truth About Running Your Own Business.

Anyone who ever tells you that it’s easy to make six figures running your own business needs a good old slap in the face. It’s not. It’s the hardest thing ever. Next to childbirth.

It was hard for me. Although I’ve never had a baby so I have really no idea how hard that thing is, I can tell you that getting my business to where it is today was the most challenging obstacle I have ever overcome in my life. And if you know me by now, you know I have been through a lot.

Lately I have been getting those messages from people wanting to know how they too can launch and thrive in their own creative space of entrepreneur life. And it’s always a question that I am excited to answer, but also have no clue how to answer at the same time.

“How did you get your business off the ground?”


“What did you do to make WIP as successful as it is today?”

If these are the questions I am getting now at this stage – I can’t wait to see where I’m at in five years!

I am always excited to answer questions like that because – well lets face it – I messed up a LOT in my life. Now that I finally figured out the right stuff to do – it’s kind of cool to talk about it and share it with the world. And I am always up for talking about the good stuff to celebrate how I got here. But trying to answer those questions is also really confusing for me too.

Where exactly do you want me to start?  And Am I really successful? Is this it? Like.. is this the real deal now? Can I relax and take off my lady boss pants, put on my pajamas and binge watch Netflix for the rest of my life? Yes! Finally! Success!

It’s time I get real with you guys about the questions – and give you the answers bold and raw. You run a business other there? You trying to launch your own brand? Listen up. This post is for you.


I see ads on my Facebook all the time – “Make your first 10K” and “Learn how to create your first six figure launch,” – I some times wonder if whatever they are teaching is what I am practicing. Do I run my sales funnels the right way?  Do I network and advertise my programs properly? It’s really easy at this stage to fall into that trap of constantly trying to figure out if you are doing it right. Well guess what. You are doing it wrong. All of us are.

So here’s me telling you everything that I know and believe about running a solo business. The truth. At least the truth for now. This is everything I wish I knew back then when I started. And some of you out there may not believe the advice, or take the advice or even listen to it. But here’s my advice on that (lol) – take the parts that work for you and leave behind whatever isn’t valuable in this post. Consider it practice for the mindset you should have running your own biz! Taking what works and leaving behind what doesn’t … you are gonna have to get used to doing that a lot. Okay. Here we go.

-Numbers Are a Big Lying Sack of Poop. I used to sit around and count the dollars rolling into my bank account each month. In fact, talk about nerding out – I used to keep a chart where I would track my income each month just to make sure I was improving and growing at the rate I was “supposed to be.” I still have no idea what the heck that rate was. And it wasn’t just money numbers. I would do this with social media numbers, page followers – everything. Seriously, every month I would track my income, my ad revenue, my sales, my Facebook followers, my instagram followers, my number of email subscribers, my website visitors. I mean seriously. I had this ridiculous excel spreadsheet that I was keeping track of to document all of my growth. I promised myself that every single month would be better than the month before – and yes.. I had to be better in each of those categories. It was…. exhausting. And ridiculous. And pointless all at the same time.  Why was I doing it? Because in the beginning – I wanted to make myself believe that I was achieving success – and for me at the time – I thought that meant money. You see… when you start a business everyone shames you. Everyone tells you that you can’t or that it’s going to be hard or that you are crazy… and so that really weighed on me in the beginning. And if I had the numbers to prove I was successful, then I could finally say “YES AH HA! See! I LOOK WHAT I DID!” It was pointless. Stop it. Stop it right now. Your numbers have literally NOTHING to do with your success.

-No one gives a shit about your success so stop obsessing about “not failing.” Let’s just roll into this one since its on the tip of my brain here. Yeah. Stop obsessing about NOT failing. And if you’re obsessing over not failing because you don’t wan to be a failure to other people, well Stop even sooner please. If you run your business paranoid about making all the right choice because you don’t want to fail – you might as well quit. You are going to fail. And people are going to see it. You are going to make big messy giant failures that people will laugh at and make faces at and hey – guess what – it’s their problem not yours. Because while they are sitting around playing “same old life,” you are out there learning from whatever that big failure was and making even better decisions for your business. What they think means nothing. They are not you’re ideal client and they don’t own your “permission to success” ticket. Let them go so you can grow. Which brings me to my next point.

-There is no right way to do anything. Remember those ads I mentioned before? The ones that show you how you’re doing it wrong? Yes. Like I said. We all are. But here’s the thing. So are they! I work with a lot of clients who are trying to market their businesses in the online space. And they tell me “So and so is doing this,” and so “so and so is doing that, should I try it?” They spend so much time learning what others are doing that they spend so little time trying to figure out what works for them. Don’t be on twitter because you’re “supposed to have a presence there.” Be on twitter if it works for you. And if it doesn’t, F it and move on. Oh… and another thing.

-What Worked 2 years ago will get you nowhere today. I used to spend hours trying to study successful online bloggers – how did they possibly grow their audience so big that they could make a living off of ad revenue? Well.. Those bloggers? They’ve been in the market online since before the internet was even a thing – And so now – 10 plus years later – they are thriving. Do you want to wait ten years to afford food on your table? I don’t think so. Stop looking to other people and do what you notice works for you. Develop your own method. Create your own sales funnel. Come up with your own marketing strategy. Success leaves clues so finding people who are successful and modeling them is definitely a bonus -but don’t use their practices as a cookie cutter way to create your own business.

-If you aren’t sharing your life you’re failing your business People WANT to see you. And they want to see your shit. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, what product you rep or what shake you drink (sorry fitness MLMs) What matters is YOU. your client isn’t buying an awesome product. This isn’t 1950. There are awesome products everywhere. This is the land of amazon where you can literally get what you want delivered to your door. No customer is going to buy your product just because it’s awesome. They are going to buy into whatever you are selling because they resonate with the story you tell and the personality you have and the things you have overcome to be the person you are today. Because that’s what THEY want. People want to level up – so if you don’t show them you are leveling up in your life too – then what’s the point?

-If you are feeling emotionally disconnected to what you are creating/sharing/posting about – your potential clients will be disconnected to it too. “my upline tells us to do this,” and “my upline says I should be sharing X amount of photos per day with the shake or the workout or whatever.” Does it make you feel good? Does it feel authentic? Does it resonate with you? If the answer is no, guess what – that system is dead for you. Kill it. Say goodbye. Don’t go back. You should never be trying to be something your not. And btw isn’t that totally the opposite reason of why you became an entrepreneur right?

-You should never have to hound hunt or private message randos about your business to make your business work. If you are doing it, you are doing something wrong. your business is not a  telemarking service. Stop running it like it is. When you show up to serve the community and be that shinning light for people who need your help – then your clients will randomly appear!

-Entrepreneurs need to be spiritual junkies. If you have no faith in God or have little spirituality out there and your hustling running your business – I am so sorry for you. I don’t care what faith you have – just find one and hold onto it. Entrepreneur life is a rollercoaster. Go get a spiritual practice. And hang on tight. You’re gonna need it.

Stay tuned for a part 2.


A Recap of Amazing Journal Ideas

A Recap of Amazing Journal Ideas

Hi Guys! Been quite a while since I’ve been on here hasn’t it? I have been so busy not being busy lately – aka relaxing, enjoying my zen weekends and just really grounding myself regularly. Now I am back, feeling strong and ready to rock!

So much has been happening in the WIP Tribe. This week we are running an amazing five day Manifest Confidence Challenge in a separate private group. There are 53 awesome rockstars in there kicking butt and getting ready to manifest their dreams. It’s such a transformative space, I love the energy of the group.

But in the tribe, one of the things we are always focusing on (especially if you’re in the Manifest Confidence Challenge Group) is journaling. Journaling is really, really important. I would say it is probably number two on my list of healthy things I must do every day. – second to drinking water.

So yesterday in the tribe I posed this:

Hey WIP Tribe! This evening our Manifest Confidence Challengers are doing some deep reflection with a homework assignment and it had me feeling inspired to jump into the tribe and share some thoughts with you –

Journaling is literally the biggest game changer for me.

When someone asks me “What’s the one thing you suggest to someone trying to get happy or improve their life,” I always say Journaling. It is what saved my life.

So, A lot of people journal different ways – Some people write about how their day goes, other people journal poems or stories or little pieces of creative art.

I like to focus on Manifesting Journaling. I use my journal to dream about the future, set new goals, start brainstorming big changes and asking the universe for help and guidance.

I try to do it every day. How do you guys journal? Do you find yourself going with the flow or do you use journal prompts?

I was so surprised that so many of the girls in the group had a hard time finding the inspiration to actually get those juices flowing. So today I wanted to take some time to share some of my journaling posts from the past!  Think you’ll love them!

Daily Note Taking: When I journal – I always do it a different way. (There is no right or wrong way to get those thoughts out girl!) One of the ways I notice a lot of people journaling is the “How my day went” log. You know – this happened, then this happened, and then this happened. To me, that isn’t really what I use my journal for. Thats more like diary writing. Sure if something major happens in my day and I want to celebrate it I certainly write about it, but I do more with my book than just log events.

Self Love Journaling: Self Love journaling is one of my favorite ways to journal. Daily journal prompts are positive questions that help you reflect on your identity and grow your confidence. They are a series of important questions related to happiness and confidence that help you rediscover who you are and what makes you YOU. Because by asking yourself the right questions and taking time to reflect on “why makes you you,” it’s easy to grow your self love.

Click here to get the free self love journal PDF Guide

Gratitude Journaling: Gratitude Journaling is also one of my go to favorites. I actually make it a part of my routine where every night I write out a list of three things I am grateful for that happened that day. Positive questions will help you retrain your brain to think differently about yourself and about your life. Make sure those questions are emotionally charged and phrased in a way that you are forced to think of the positive.

Goal Setting Journaling: I love love love this type of journaling just because it helps me get so crystal clear about my dreams. When I know I want something for my future, but I have a hard time feeling like it is actually possible (aka because its a big goal or its going to be a lot of work to get there) I write out a list of what it is I Want and all the reasons why I want it. Then I jump into a goal setting strategy by getting specific about my goal and breaking down how I am going to get there. It’s called “reverse engineering” your goals. And it works! Oh. There’s a free guide for that too!

Well Those three guides will definitely get you started no matter how stuck you feel or how hard of a time you have journaling. I hope you guys all enjoy them! Let me know if you have any questions <3

Perfect Week Recap Volume II

Perfect Week Recap Volume II

Man oh man did last week go by so fast!!! It was Easter week, and even though I consider myself to be more spiritual and less Catholic – the holidays are always a beautiful time to gather with my loved ones and celebrate. So, here’s a recap of my amazing week and how it all started!


Matt and I celebrated our 3 Year Anniversary this week! Yes. It was absolutely beautiful. We took time snuggling up on our gorgeous new patio set on the deck. We had wine, ate pizza and indulged ourselves in some quality relaxation.

For our anniversary I got him a set of cooking knives since he loves to cook. He got me this beautiful gorgeous addition to my meditation corner. It’s supposed to go outside in our zen garden, but I think for now I want to keep him here!

I actually switched things up a few days later in the room -when a friend of mine told me that Buddha is supposed to be at eye level with you. Now he sits on that beautiful gold table. I’ll share some pics later this week! Or you could just check it out on my instagram.

This was the last week I had to eat regular food, so I definitely enjoyed it on Easter Sunday. I got my juicer in the mail last week too! And before my juice cleanse started this week I tested it out with some vegetables. I am obsessed with it. It’s seriously the best investment I have made.


So I spent the rest of the week Enjoying my yummy food, hosting the holiday with my family and celebrating good times. We drank lots of wine, ate delicious cheesy food and had yummy treats after. My favorite part of the meal was all the cheese because I know I’m going to miss that the most on my new vegan diet (more on that later.)


I was so stressed out preparing for our guests that this shirt seemed appropriate. Hosting a dinner party was literally the most adult thing I have done in my life. It was pretty serious.

But of course.. It was the most amazing time. I decorated and the food looked amazing. <3 Thanks Mat for doing most of the cooking. And yes, that gross bone in the corner is my dads. He like’s to eat like an animal sometimes. 

All in all it was delicious! We had dinner really early so when everything was done I got into zen mode.

On Monday ( the day after easter) I started a serious cleansing – 21 days of intense juicing, fruits and veggies. So I wanted to make sure I was in the right state of mind. I took the rest of the afternoon to stay calm, connect with myself through some journaling and yes- play with my goddess cards. This is my favorite reading I have gotten thus far – I had it when I was asking about what’s ahead for my healthy lifestyle journey. Talk about amazing right?


Here are some more snaps from the week in case you are curious what I’m up to. Basically I’m using my oils, reading, and catching up on relaxation!


Perfect Week Volume I

Perfect Week Volume I

This week has been so beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that I need to honor it with a full blog post. Lately there have been so many positive changes in my life spiritually and physically that I feel like sometimes I have trouble slowing down. I am often in such a rush to get ahead and do things that need to be done. I think it’s my fear of having this amazing happiness streak run out – so I try to hustle as much as possible. I don’t like operating that way, so I made it a point to slow down and appreciate it.

When I look back on this week, I feel so grateful for having the opportunity to learn that lesson. I actually saw a drastic shift in my attitude and the way I work this week.

There is no sense in hustling all the time if you can’t take time to appreciate the calm moments of life.

So here’s my recap!

A Perfect Week Volume One

I think this is how it all started…. last week, I found a beautiful letter from my business coach Ryan Yokome. (Go check him out, he’s awesome.) Yes.. I found it.

Finding this letter was a magical experience in itself. Call it divine timing – Ryan sent me his beautiful “I can Receive this” mantra poster a few weeks ago in the mail as a surprise gift, but I never noticed there was a card in the delivery envelope. It seems like I found his letter at the perfect time because his words brought tears to my eyes and made me feel so full of love. It was just what I needed to hear at the time I found it. So grateful.

Ryan isn’t just a business mentor for me, he is also a spiritual guide. Working with him I have really leveled up in so many ways but have also learned to express my heart in exploring new spiritual practices. This weekend I went to a beautiful Crystal shop to explore, learn, and pick my very first crystal to start my collection. Of COURSE I am going back there this weekend! Susan, the owner of the shop, is really amazing and she’s going to help me out doing a blog post about Crystal shopping for all of you!

The next day I felt so inspired I decided to finally create and design my meditation corner.   (See post here) I had been putting it off for a while because I wasn’t feeling inspired to do it – but of course Crystal shopping changed everything. So I did some shopping, picked new pieces of furniture and made my special place!

This is now my favorite corner of the house and I pass it every morning when I leave our bedroom to start my day. It totally lights me up.

These pics are all on my instagram page btw. (Come follow me here!)

We did a free training in the WIP TRIBE FACEBOOK GROUP on how to transform your body with the mind you already have – This was the self reflection worksheet we did!

My gorgeous Client sent me Pua!!!! It was a surprise gift and OMG did it totally fill me up with love. My most recent tattoo was inspired by the Disney Movie Moana and her pet pig Pua was like… the cutest character ever! Thank you Maria! I love you!

I spent some time learning about my new Goddess Cards (See my post on my meditation must haves this week) and had some really crazy intense readings each morning this week! I love that I have the routine of picking a new card every morning after my meditation practice. It helps me feel more present in my life .

This is the Goddess Kali. She reminds me that I am saying goodbye to my old self and starting a new story for my future. I pulled her card three times this week. Talk about crazy!

My other totally gorgeous client Rachel shared this picture with me – She ordered these books I recommend a while back. Coincidentally the day she signed on with me they were delivered to her house! And she got some new crystals too! I love them!

I’m learning how to step into my feminine energy more and be a little bit more present in my life. Learning how to slow down is a big part of that <3

Oh.. and I HAD to share this with you all. Today I took my baby puppy named Animal on a walk  through the neighborhood. It was her first time walking around this area. She made friends with four dogs AND a horse! She’s never seen a horse before. When we got back to the house I had to literally drag her up the driveway. She was really sad she couldn’t play with her new friends and spent the morning crying! — I thought this was the cutest thing ever.

Happy weekend everyone! I am going to be spending the rest of the day getting into flow, celebrating and enjoying all that this beautiful life has to offer.


My Meditation “Must Haves”

My Meditation “Must Haves”

Hi Y’all! So sorry this post took me longer to create than I expected. Life gets in the way sometimes! So earlier this week I posted the story on how I decorated my meditation corner – and I gave you guys some free tips for how you can create your own safe space meditation corner yourselves! I loved that post so much and you all seemed to love it too, that I thought I would follow it up with a second post sharing some of the tools I use for my meditation practice!


First off, let me just be clear – everyone’s practice is different. And second – you don’t actually need anything to meditate or start your own meditation routine. For me though, I find using tools to bring me down into my zen zone actually helps me. It enhances the experience and it lets me step into that “present state” quicker. So here’s what I do every morning in my mediation corner….



I am really big into symbolism in my practice, so lighting the candle for me means that I am ready to open my heart and step into that surrender state of tranquility. I love these from Chesapeake Bay because it adds some variety to my practice. It allows me to decide what emotion I am longing for and then boom – I light it, set an intention and then move on. You can check out their line here:  Chesapeake Bay Candle Mind & Body Collection Medium Jar Candle, Balance + Harmony I absolutely love their scents. They are all fresh, pure and calming. These two are my favorite.


For me, I am always focused on gratitude. This sign that hangs in my meditation room is just a reminder to me that feeling grateful can open up the doors to so much more in my life. So no matter what I am dealing with in my life, I always try to remind myself before I go into meditation that gratitude is key. If you’re looking for a gratitude reminder, I got this one at Target, but this gorgeous one on amazon is my favorite –> There is always something to be grateful for Print 


If I am craving energy or wake up extra tired than usual, I sometimes take things up a notch and diffuse some grapefruit or lemon oil. I find Grapefruit helps me feel confident and clear and the Lemon gives me that zesty energy I am hungry for on those off days. If you are looking for an oil company to go with I always recommend Young Living or DoTERRA. Both are amazing.


Okay guys.. here’s a big one – and there is post about this coming soon on the blog. I am obsessed with Crystals. It’s my new thing. And I ma slowly building my collection. I carefully picked out some stones that spoke to me when I went shopping last week, and I can’t wait to go back and buy more. But when I meditate I hold some in my right hand since the right hand is my receiving energy hand (I am left handed and naturally receive in my right) and I wrap Mala beads around my left  hand during my actual meditation practice. Mala Beads have roots in Buddhism and I’ll def be doing a post on those soon and why they are important to use and incorporate into your spiritual practice. But for now, if you want to grab some for yourself, this style is my favorite. These are so beautiful to me. —-> Menton Ezil Elastic 3mm Tibetan Buddhist Amulets Retro Wrist Mala Wrap Beads Stones Bracelet Necklace 


Anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on what I need. I close my eyes and put in headphones to drown out the noise. Sometimes I do an unguided practice where I just sit there in the silence and try to shut off my mind. Other days I go through youtube and search “meditation for —-” whatever I need that day. Once I open my eyes I surrender and thank the universe for the experience and then flip some cards.


My best friend Heather got me this gorgeous set of I AM cards, every card is beautiful designed with an inspirational message of what you are that day. I shuffle the cards and then randomly pick one. For some reason – the universe always sends me a card that I need that day. You can find I AM Cards all over the place, but This pack is so special to me of course – thanks  Heather! They were designed by Loren Slocum Lahav and you can buy them in her shop here —> Her Online Shop 


I am really strong in my masculine energy, having been a hustler in the Television industry for quite a while, it is really hard for me to go with the flow and relax when I need to. A while back the awesome beautiful Kris Britton recommended these Oracle Cards and I instantly rushed to grab them. There is a different Goddess on each card and I randomly pick one every morning to inspire me and lead me on my mission. There’s a CRAZY story about these cards that I can’t wait to share in another post – but for now, go buy a pack here if you want —> Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

More in my next post! Hope you enjoyed these tips and suggestions for meditating!

A Peek In My Meditation Corner

A Peek In My Meditation Corner

I am such a sucker for a lot of things, but top two on my list of guilty pleasures?  Target shopping and home decorating.

Now, when those two things are put together, what do yo have? A TOTAL disaster for my Visa Card.

My client sent this to me and it basically sums up my life. Thank you Maria for making me laugh so hard:


Here’s the proof: 




Yup….that was kinda how I looked after my trip to Target. I went in for toothpaste, came out with a bunch of furniture and forgot the toothpaste.

But it was actually amazing.. because for the longest time I had been wanting to create my meditation corner and I finally got to do it! Yay!

So today I wanted to give you guys some tips on how you can design your own awesome meditation corner.




I meditate every single day. I find that the secret to manifesting what I want isn’t hustling or being an aggressive go getter. It’s actually sitting back, stepping into my flow, closing my eyes and deeply imagining what it is I want for my life. (If you don’t meditate I’ll do another post on the site filling you in on why you should and how to start.)

But first, let me show you how I made my meditation room!


For a while I was spending most of my meditation sessions lying in my bed and chilling out in corpse pose with headphones on. But I realized that for me, my bedroom gives off the “it’s time to sleep” energy. So matter how hard I tried, I would often find myself dozing off into a little slumber mid meditation sesh. Having your own space to meditate and deeply align with your spiritual vibes is a great way to honor your practice.


As a former NYC girl, I know all about the first world struggles of not finding space in your apartment. Back when I lived in Manhattan I barely had enough room for a laundry hamper corner let alone a meditation spot. Sticking to the bedroom is fine if you don’t have the space. But if you find yourself hungry for a little place in your home to call your own, feel free to walk around and take sometime feeling out the energies of your rooms. Is there a little corner in the living room you can designate to call your meditation spot? That’s what I did? And it still looks great for when guests visit so I don’t have to worry about rearranging anything when we host parties.

Okay.. Here we go… Let’s talk details

My Meditation Corner, Before and After here we go.


Finding the space in your house can be a tricky thing. Like I mentioned, we don’t all have the space. When I was trying to figure out where to create my little meditation section, I went through the house quietly feeling the vibes of each of my rooms. My Kitchen Dinning area has a lot of space, but it didn’t feel right to me to put it there. My bedroom gave off more of an intimate and relaxing vibe than I would have liked, plus it is a shared space between my fiancé and me. I wanted a space just for myself. The lounging room upstairs is where Matt place his video games and hangs out, and my office is where I focus and do all of my work, so there was no way I was going to design a quiet spiritual corner in any of those places. I decided the Fireplace room was the best. It gave off almost zero negative vibes to me and it felt right. Get where I’m going with this? Find a room and a corner that most resonates with you. And feel it out.. it may not be what you expect.

Ugh sorry.. my dog is so freaking cute I needed to throw her in here. Animal (yes her name is animal) Loves this space of the house. During the afternoons I find her sprawled out basking in the sun in front of the sliding glass doors. This space happens to be the most empty space of the house, since we are taking our time decorating and building book shelves. Anyway… it was  nice and empty. Minus the dog and the two recliner chairs of course.


I went to Target and literally spent two hours picking out pieces that spoke to me. I recommend to  start you get a small table and a chair with a rug like I did. You don’t need to go all out and crazy with your corner. What’s important is that it stays simplistic and speaks to you and makes you feel good. I swear, by the time I was done decorating this space I was obsessed with it. You want to make sure your meditation corner is a place you are excited to go to every day.. so take the time picking out pieces.


This was something I went back and forth on, because I am a really big fan of creating happy creative spaces in my house, and I wanted to make sure my meditation corner wasn’t so far fetched in style with the rest of the room. At first when I was shopping I was picking pieces that “went with the rest of the room,” telling myself, “oh this matches,” and then adding it to my shopping cart. I literally had to take everything out and start over. I was feeling a deeply feminine vibe for my meditation corner and I needed to roll with it. Even if the rest of the room isn’t feminine that’s okay. This is my special place and it doesn’t need to match the rest of the house. Surprisingly, Matt didn’t care that it was super girlie!


The more simple the space the better. The whole point of your meditation corner is to decompress and empty your mind. The last thing you want to do is to fill the space with a ton of furniture posters and nicknacks. Keep it simple and stick to the basics so you can allow your mind the time to empty and chill out.

Make sense? I have to be honest I’ m absolutely in love with it. Matt keeps laughing at me because every time I pass that space in the house I start doing happy dances.

Tomorrow I am going to share with you some of the tools and things I use to get into a deep state of meditation! So Stick around!







The self-help section of Barnes and Noble is my happy place. It’s especially awesome when I need a big pick me up and state change. I just get in my car, stop at the starbucks cafe for a latte and then meander around in search for a new self improvement gem that will change my life. Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. There are so many to choose from! But when I saw You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, I was pretty much sold on the idea that THIS would be my next book.

And I read it in like… two days. I devoured it. And then when I was done, I read it again.

It was that amazing.

So Guess what I decided to pick for April’s book of the month? YUP….. YOU GUESSED IT.

You are a bad Ass.

Because “You are a Badass”is badass.  Seriously, with a name like that, how could you not feel inspired?!

you are a badass Jen Sincero What is Perfection

You Are A Badass – By Jen Sincero

When I picked up the book, the cover seemed too good to be true: “How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life.”

Yeah… okay. Doubt much?

But the minute I started reading it I fell in love. It’s the real deal guys.

you are a badass Jen Sincero What is Perfection

Why The You Are A Badass Book is Truly Bad-Ass

You will develop a great understanding of ego. If you’re unfamiliar with the term Ego and what it means for your personal development, don’t sweat it.  You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero will give you a great introduction on Ego. You’ll learn what it is and how it effects your happiness. But in case you’re curious, I’ll clue you in. Ego, or “the Big Snooze,” as Sincero calls it,  is that voice of self doubt in your head that holds you back from actually becoming the person you truly are meant to be. It’s that little person talking to you telling you to be afraid of going after the things you want to accomplish in life.

You will discover what exactly is holding you back from happiness. Once you understand your ego, aka your own “big snooze,” you will quickly uncover the root of your problems. If you have limiting beliefs like, “other people control my life,” or “I cannot have the life I want,” this book will help you completely dismiss those ideas and help you create new ones. Sincero really dives deep into self perception and helps you understand exactly how to change your beliefs so you can get what you want in life.

Other Awesome Things You’ll Learn when You Read You Are A Badass

You’ll totally grow your self love. You are a Badass is totally 100 percent focused on helping you grow your self love. It is literally the foundation of this book. And that’s a really good thing. Because you cannot accomplish anything in your life (like finding happiness) if you don’t learn to love yourself first. In order to go after your dreams, you need to believe that you can accomplish them, and you need to start acting like you can and believing in yourself. You are a Badass shows you just how to do that ..

You’ll star taking more risks so you can be successful. Jen Sincero tells a great story about this in You are a Badass. She wanted to grow her financial status, but also needed a car. So she went out and bought the car of her dreams. She didn’t have the money for it at the time. But by purchasing that car, she pushed herself into a lifestyle she wanted. Because of her big crazy purchase, she became determined to actually create the life she wanted for herself. Jen Sincero is a rockstar. She really shows you that it is okay to take a big leap of faith; especially  when you are trying to accomplish big things. If you go after your goals with tenacity, the universe will reward you.

Okay.. the end. I hope you’ve realized how amazing this book really is, and I hope you go out and grab it. Total game changer.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK – Book Review Time!

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK – Book Review Time!

Ahhhhh Guys! Our first book club read is officially over and I am all teary eyed. It went by so fast! If you haven’t been following along, a bunch of us in the WIP Tribe have been reading our first self improvement book tother this month. And it was seriously such an honor.

I decided I wanted to kickstart our book club read with a big bang, so I went with the dangerously titled Mark Manson book – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

Sorry moms and dads… this one has a lot of foul language.

I originally picked up this book because A – I love curse words and B – I thought it would be perfect for my clients. SO many WIP Tribe Girls have a real obsession with worrying about what other people think, and I wanted to kick that fear and insecurity to the curb for them! Or at least, help them do it.

So here’s what I think of the book – and here’s what you need to know if you haven’t read it yet and are thinking about reading it.

First Thing you Need to know:

 The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck is not a lesson plan for learning how to not care about your life goals. 

Honestly, I was so grateful and relieved that it wasn’t – or else I would kind of be contradicting myself as a coach by recommending this book! No. Actually, Mark Manson, from the start of the book does a really really god job explaining what demeans by “not caring.”  He says the secret to succeeding in life is not giving a Fuck about more, but rather, giving a fuck about less. What he means is, we are constantly overly obsessing over 15 million different areas of our life at once because we think we are “supposed to be.” When we get clear about what it is we really want in our life, we start to realize that our happiness isn’t actually wrapped into all the things we are supposed to be doing – rather, staying focused on a select few goals and dreams and trying our hardest to achieve them.

Mark Manson is Right – Half of us out there are trying to achieve things because we think we are supposed to. And that’s bullshit. 

Are you going after things like buying a house or a car or settling down and getting married to have kids just because you see other people doing it? I think actually, more like 90 percent of us out there are living based on what we think we should be doing, but we never stop to really ask ourselves “Is this what I really actually want to do?” This was an awesome lightbulb moment even for me as a coach – We have to listen to ourselves and not listen to other people.

The Feedback loop from hell. 

I love how Mark Manson goes into this concept through the book. Don’t know what the feedback loop from hell is? Let me explain: Here’s what happens – You see people on Facebook doing things and you think, “I should be doing that.” And then suddenly you start feeling anxious, stressed or depressed that you aren’t doing those things. “Why am I not doing what that person is doing?” you start to ask yourself. Then you notice you are anxious stressed and depressed and you start telling yourself, “OMG I shouldn’t feel this way!” And then you start beating yourself up for feeling anxious, stressed or depressed only to feel even MORE stressed, anxious and depressed. It’s a crazy feedback loop from hell. Here’s the solution: Simply stop giving a fuck. Focus on what you want and not what other people are doing or what other people are telling you that you should be doing.

Failure and Success are Arbitrary. 

There is really no such thing as either of those words. In fact, Failure and success are just made up terms we use as a reason to feel good or bad for ourselves. The people who “succeed” in life actually fail a MILLON times before achieving their goals. Honestly. You succeed once and you are “successful,” but what you don’t see is the fact that that person  had to fail a bajillion times to get where they are today. So being a failure is actually a good thing.


This Book Is Great For someone who…

Loves curse words.

Is constantly comparing themselves to people on social media.

Is feeling depressed sad or stuck in their life

Is scared of trying or living in fear constantly

Has no idea what decision he or she wants to make for themselves.

Wants to change and improve life but isn’t quite sure where to start.

Is sick and tired of feeling like absolute shit <3

Go check out the book!

Next up on the list for the book club? You have to join the tribe to find out!