My Meditation “Must Haves”

My Meditation “Must Haves”

Hi Y’all! So sorry this post took me longer to create than I expected. Life gets in the way sometimes! So earlier this week I posted the story on how I decorated my meditation corner – and I gave you guys some free tips for how you can create your own safe space meditation corner yourselves! I loved that post so much and you all seemed to love it too, that I thought I would follow it up with a second post sharing some of the tools I use for my meditation practice!


First off, let me just be clear – everyone’s practice is different. And second – you don’t actually need anything to meditate or start your own meditation routine. For me though, I find using tools to bring me down into my zen zone actually helps me. It enhances the experience and it lets me step into that “present state” quicker. So here’s what I do every morning in my mediation corner….



I am really big into symbolism in my practice, so lighting the candle for me means that I am ready to open my heart and step into that surrender state of tranquility. I love these from Chesapeake Bay because it adds some variety to my practice. It allows me to decide what emotion I am longing for and then boom – I light it, set an intention and then move on. You can check out their line here:  Chesapeake Bay Candle Mind & Body Collection Medium Jar Candle, Balance + Harmony I absolutely love their scents. They are all fresh, pure and calming. These two are my favorite.


For me, I am always focused on gratitude. This sign that hangs in my meditation room is just a reminder to me that feeling grateful can open up the doors to so much more in my life. So no matter what I am dealing with in my life, I always try to remind myself before I go into meditation that gratitude is key. If you’re looking for a gratitude reminder, I got this one at Target, but this gorgeous one on amazon is my favorite –> There is always something to be grateful for Print 


If I am craving energy or wake up extra tired than usual, I sometimes take things up a notch and diffuse some grapefruit or lemon oil. I find Grapefruit helps me feel confident and clear and the Lemon gives me that zesty energy I am hungry for on those off days. If you are looking for an oil company to go with I always recommend Young Living or DoTERRA. Both are amazing.


Okay guys.. here’s a big one – and there is post about this coming soon on the blog. I am obsessed with Crystals. It’s my new thing. And I ma slowly building my collection. I carefully picked out some stones that spoke to me when I went shopping last week, and I can’t wait to go back and buy more. But when I meditate I hold some in my right hand since the right hand is my receiving energy hand (I am left handed and naturally receive in my right) and I wrap Mala beads around my left  hand during my actual meditation practice. Mala Beads have roots in Buddhism and I’ll def be doing a post on those soon and why they are important to use and incorporate into your spiritual practice. But for now, if you want to grab some for yourself, this style is my favorite. These are so beautiful to me. —-> Menton Ezil Elastic 3mm Tibetan Buddhist Amulets Retro Wrist Mala Wrap Beads Stones Bracelet Necklace 


Anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on what I need. I close my eyes and put in headphones to drown out the noise. Sometimes I do an unguided practice where I just sit there in the silence and try to shut off my mind. Other days I go through youtube and search “meditation for —-” whatever I need that day. Once I open my eyes I surrender and thank the universe for the experience and then flip some cards.


My best friend Heather got me this gorgeous set of I AM cards, every card is beautiful designed with an inspirational message of what you are that day. I shuffle the cards and then randomly pick one. For some reason – the universe always sends me a card that I need that day. You can find I AM Cards all over the place, but This pack is so special to me of course – thanks  Heather! They were designed by Loren Slocum Lahav and you can buy them in her shop here —> Her Online Shop 


I am really strong in my masculine energy, having been a hustler in the Television industry for quite a while, it is really hard for me to go with the flow and relax when I need to. A while back the awesome beautiful Kris Britton recommended these Oracle Cards and I instantly rushed to grab them. There is a different Goddess on each card and I randomly pick one every morning to inspire me and lead me on my mission. There’s a CRAZY story about these cards that I can’t wait to share in another post – but for now, go buy a pack here if you want —> Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

More in my next post! Hope you enjoyed these tips and suggestions for meditating!

A Peek In My Meditation Corner

A Peek In My Meditation Corner

I am such a sucker for a lot of things, but top two on my list of guilty pleasures?  Target shopping and home decorating.

Now, when those two things are put together, what do yo have? A TOTAL disaster for my Visa Card.

My client sent this to me and it basically sums up my life. Thank you Maria for making me laugh so hard:


Here’s the proof: 




Yup….that was kinda how I looked after my trip to Target. I went in for toothpaste, came out with a bunch of furniture and forgot the toothpaste.

But it was actually amazing.. because for the longest time I had been wanting to create my meditation corner and I finally got to do it! Yay!

So today I wanted to give you guys some tips on how you can design your own awesome meditation corner.




I meditate every single day. I find that the secret to manifesting what I want isn’t hustling or being an aggressive go getter. It’s actually sitting back, stepping into my flow, closing my eyes and deeply imagining what it is I want for my life. (If you don’t meditate I’ll do another post on the site filling you in on why you should and how to start.)

But first, let me show you how I made my meditation room!


For a while I was spending most of my meditation sessions lying in my bed and chilling out in corpse pose with headphones on. But I realized that for me, my bedroom gives off the “it’s time to sleep” energy. So matter how hard I tried, I would often find myself dozing off into a little slumber mid meditation sesh. Having your own space to meditate and deeply align with your spiritual vibes is a great way to honor your practice.


As a former NYC girl, I know all about the first world struggles of not finding space in your apartment. Back when I lived in Manhattan I barely had enough room for a laundry hamper corner let alone a meditation spot. Sticking to the bedroom is fine if you don’t have the space. But if you find yourself hungry for a little place in your home to call your own, feel free to walk around and take sometime feeling out the energies of your rooms. Is there a little corner in the living room you can designate to call your meditation spot? That’s what I did? And it still looks great for when guests visit so I don’t have to worry about rearranging anything when we host parties.

Okay.. Here we go… Let’s talk details

My Meditation Corner, Before and After here we go.


Finding the space in your house can be a tricky thing. Like I mentioned, we don’t all have the space. When I was trying to figure out where to create my little meditation section, I went through the house quietly feeling the vibes of each of my rooms. My Kitchen Dinning area has a lot of space, but it didn’t feel right to me to put it there. My bedroom gave off more of an intimate and relaxing vibe than I would have liked, plus it is a shared space between my fiancé and me. I wanted a space just for myself. The lounging room upstairs is where Matt place his video games and hangs out, and my office is where I focus and do all of my work, so there was no way I was going to design a quiet spiritual corner in any of those places. I decided the Fireplace room was the best. It gave off almost zero negative vibes to me and it felt right. Get where I’m going with this? Find a room and a corner that most resonates with you. And feel it out.. it may not be what you expect.

Ugh sorry.. my dog is so freaking cute I needed to throw her in here. Animal (yes her name is animal) Loves this space of the house. During the afternoons I find her sprawled out basking in the sun in front of the sliding glass doors. This space happens to be the most empty space of the house, since we are taking our time decorating and building book shelves. Anyway… it was  nice and empty. Minus the dog and the two recliner chairs of course.


I went to Target and literally spent two hours picking out pieces that spoke to me. I recommend to  start you get a small table and a chair with a rug like I did. You don’t need to go all out and crazy with your corner. What’s important is that it stays simplistic and speaks to you and makes you feel good. I swear, by the time I was done decorating this space I was obsessed with it. You want to make sure your meditation corner is a place you are excited to go to every day.. so take the time picking out pieces.


This was something I went back and forth on, because I am a really big fan of creating happy creative spaces in my house, and I wanted to make sure my meditation corner wasn’t so far fetched in style with the rest of the room. At first when I was shopping I was picking pieces that “went with the rest of the room,” telling myself, “oh this matches,” and then adding it to my shopping cart. I literally had to take everything out and start over. I was feeling a deeply feminine vibe for my meditation corner and I needed to roll with it. Even if the rest of the room isn’t feminine that’s okay. This is my special place and it doesn’t need to match the rest of the house. Surprisingly, Matt didn’t care that it was super girlie!


The more simple the space the better. The whole point of your meditation corner is to decompress and empty your mind. The last thing you want to do is to fill the space with a ton of furniture posters and nicknacks. Keep it simple and stick to the basics so you can allow your mind the time to empty and chill out.

Make sense? I have to be honest I’ m absolutely in love with it. Matt keeps laughing at me because every time I pass that space in the house I start doing happy dances.

Tomorrow I am going to share with you some of the tools and things I use to get into a deep state of meditation! So Stick around!







The self-help section of Barnes and Noble is my happy place. It’s especially awesome when I need a big pick me up and state change. I just get in my car, stop at the starbucks cafe for a latte and then meander around in search for a new self improvement gem that will change my life. Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. There are so many to choose from! But when I saw You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, I was pretty much sold on the idea that THIS would be my next book.

And I read it in like… two days. I devoured it. And then when I was done, I read it again.

It was that amazing.

So Guess what I decided to pick for April’s book of the month? YUP….. YOU GUESSED IT.

You are a bad Ass.

Because “You are a Badass”is badass.  Seriously, with a name like that, how could you not feel inspired?!

you are a badass Jen Sincero What is Perfection

You Are A Badass – By Jen Sincero

When I picked up the book, the cover seemed too good to be true: “How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life.”

Yeah… okay. Doubt much?

But the minute I started reading it I fell in love. It’s the real deal guys.

you are a badass Jen Sincero What is Perfection

Why The You Are A Badass Book is Truly Bad-Ass

You will develop a great understanding of ego. If you’re unfamiliar with the term Ego and what it means for your personal development, don’t sweat it.  You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero will give you a great introduction on Ego. You’ll learn what it is and how it effects your happiness. But in case you’re curious, I’ll clue you in. Ego, or “the Big Snooze,” as Sincero calls it,  is that voice of self doubt in your head that holds you back from actually becoming the person you truly are meant to be. It’s that little person talking to you telling you to be afraid of going after the things you want to accomplish in life.

You will discover what exactly is holding you back from happiness. Once you understand your ego, aka your own “big snooze,” you will quickly uncover the root of your problems. If you have limiting beliefs like, “other people control my life,” or “I cannot have the life I want,” this book will help you completely dismiss those ideas and help you create new ones. Sincero really dives deep into self perception and helps you understand exactly how to change your beliefs so you can get what you want in life.

Other Awesome Things You’ll Learn when You Read You Are A Badass

You’ll totally grow your self love. You are a Badass is totally 100 percent focused on helping you grow your self love. It is literally the foundation of this book. And that’s a really good thing. Because you cannot accomplish anything in your life (like finding happiness) if you don’t learn to love yourself first. In order to go after your dreams, you need to believe that you can accomplish them, and you need to start acting like you can and believing in yourself. You are a Badass shows you just how to do that ..

You’ll star taking more risks so you can be successful. Jen Sincero tells a great story about this in You are a Badass. She wanted to grow her financial status, but also needed a car. So she went out and bought the car of her dreams. She didn’t have the money for it at the time. But by purchasing that car, she pushed herself into a lifestyle she wanted. Because of her big crazy purchase, she became determined to actually create the life she wanted for herself. Jen Sincero is a rockstar. She really shows you that it is okay to take a big leap of faith; especially  when you are trying to accomplish big things. If you go after your goals with tenacity, the universe will reward you.

Okay.. the end. I hope you’ve realized how amazing this book really is, and I hope you go out and grab it. Total game changer.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK – Book Review Time!

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK – Book Review Time!

Ahhhhh Guys! Our first book club read is officially over and I am all teary eyed. It went by so fast! If you haven’t been following along, a bunch of us in the WIP Tribe have been reading our first self improvement book tother this month. And it was seriously such an honor.

I decided I wanted to kickstart our book club read with a big bang, so I went with the dangerously titled Mark Manson book – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

Sorry moms and dads… this one has a lot of foul language.

I originally picked up this book because A – I love curse words and B – I thought it would be perfect for my clients. SO many WIP Tribe Girls have a real obsession with worrying about what other people think, and I wanted to kick that fear and insecurity to the curb for them! Or at least, help them do it.

So here’s what I think of the book – and here’s what you need to know if you haven’t read it yet and are thinking about reading it.

First Thing you Need to know:

 The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck is not a lesson plan for learning how to not care about your life goals. 

Honestly, I was so grateful and relieved that it wasn’t – or else I would kind of be contradicting myself as a coach by recommending this book! No. Actually, Mark Manson, from the start of the book does a really really god job explaining what demeans by “not caring.”  He says the secret to succeeding in life is not giving a Fuck about more, but rather, giving a fuck about less. What he means is, we are constantly overly obsessing over 15 million different areas of our life at once because we think we are “supposed to be.” When we get clear about what it is we really want in our life, we start to realize that our happiness isn’t actually wrapped into all the things we are supposed to be doing – rather, staying focused on a select few goals and dreams and trying our hardest to achieve them.

Mark Manson is Right – Half of us out there are trying to achieve things because we think we are supposed to. And that’s bullshit. 

Are you going after things like buying a house or a car or settling down and getting married to have kids just because you see other people doing it? I think actually, more like 90 percent of us out there are living based on what we think we should be doing, but we never stop to really ask ourselves “Is this what I really actually want to do?” This was an awesome lightbulb moment even for me as a coach – We have to listen to ourselves and not listen to other people.

The Feedback loop from hell. 

I love how Mark Manson goes into this concept through the book. Don’t know what the feedback loop from hell is? Let me explain: Here’s what happens – You see people on Facebook doing things and you think, “I should be doing that.” And then suddenly you start feeling anxious, stressed or depressed that you aren’t doing those things. “Why am I not doing what that person is doing?” you start to ask yourself. Then you notice you are anxious stressed and depressed and you start telling yourself, “OMG I shouldn’t feel this way!” And then you start beating yourself up for feeling anxious, stressed or depressed only to feel even MORE stressed, anxious and depressed. It’s a crazy feedback loop from hell. Here’s the solution: Simply stop giving a fuck. Focus on what you want and not what other people are doing or what other people are telling you that you should be doing.

Failure and Success are Arbitrary. 

There is really no such thing as either of those words. In fact, Failure and success are just made up terms we use as a reason to feel good or bad for ourselves. The people who “succeed” in life actually fail a MILLON times before achieving their goals. Honestly. You succeed once and you are “successful,” but what you don’t see is the fact that that person  had to fail a bajillion times to get where they are today. So being a failure is actually a good thing.


This Book Is Great For someone who…

Loves curse words.

Is constantly comparing themselves to people on social media.

Is feeling depressed sad or stuck in their life

Is scared of trying or living in fear constantly

Has no idea what decision he or she wants to make for themselves.

Wants to change and improve life but isn’t quite sure where to start.

Is sick and tired of feeling like absolute shit <3

Go check out the book!

Next up on the list for the book club? You have to join the tribe to find out!

My 3 Day Juice Cleanse in LA!

My 3 Day Juice Cleanse in LA!

Okay… so I am back from Los Angeles with a million blog post ideas. Well.. No.. more like a million blog post ideas, video ideas and program outlines. Yup. Los Angeles was amazing. And super inspiring.

If you don’t know already, I traveled to the West Coast for a week to attend Tony Robbin’s event called UPW – Unleash the Power Within. It was amazing. I actually went last year too. It was a totally different experience. This time, I wasn’t focused on me – I was focused on what I could learn for the clients I coach!

If you don’t know much about it, UPW is a 4 day event that focuses on literally unleashing your power. There is a lot of dancing, a lot of intense learning, a lot of hypnosis, and a huge amount of educational information to absorb. I literally have a 2 inch notebook jam packed with information I need to share.

Tony’s events aren’t just for life coaches and personal development leaders –  A lot of people who are struggling in their life go to Tony’s events to get help.

We are always trying to improve. We are always growing. And his events hold safe space for anyone and everyone to transform into a better version of themselves. It is truly beautiful.

So yes, I was there for my clients, but I was also there for me. My weight has sort of exploded in the last year. The business boomed and so did my belly. I knew going into this event I wanted to resolve all of my emotional issues related to health and wellness.. and with that, I decided to do a cleanse while I was at the event!  Yes. I totally took the experience to the next level and did a 3 day juice cleanse. Thanks to the amazing company  Pressed Juicery, it was actually easy, and enjoyable. Not to mention it felt AMAZING.


Juicing can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Honestly, I used to be afraid of juice cleansing long ago. But honestly it isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s been a while since I’ve juiced, so getting back into the habit was hard in the beginning. I was really lucky to find Pressed Juicery in LA. They delivered all of my juices on time (I got to order them in advance and pick the day of delivery.)  Their juices were so fresh and delicious. So today I wanted to take some time to share my experience and break down everything you need to know about juice cleanses. So in case you want to try one, keep reading!



First, an awesome amazing shout out to Pressed Juicery. Their juices were delicious, and so fresh. They delivered everything in a seamless process the day before I was arriving n LA so I didn’t’ even have to worry. Some people say juicing is expensive, but honestly, I was traveling and I would have to eat out anyway! Their juices are really affordable and I ended up saving money not having to eat out the first three days of my trip. They packed everything with icepacks and in a temperature controlled package in the box so I didn’t have to worry about the juices going bad. I had my friend pick up the package and store it in her freezer before I got there. So that’s really the first lesson we need to jump into:

The Company you Pick to buy juices from totally matters guys. Find a company you trust. 

I was traveling to Los Angeles and was away from home, so I wasn’t sure what juice companies were good and which ones were bad. So I took time to do some research. After a little googling and Yelp surfing of local LA Juice bars, I decided to go with Pressed Juicery. Their prices were reasonable and their juices were really clean and fresh.Finding a company you trust is really important when it comes to juice cleansing. You want to make sure your juices are fresh and healthy and made to order. The last thing you want is chemicals or processed foods in your juice cleanse. So.. .onto point number two!

Check the ingredients in your juices before you commit to a specific brand. 

Whatever company you choose, make sure the labeled ingredients are all basic raw fresh fruits and veggies. If you see “added water” or anything pasteurized, you want to stay away from it – it means it’s processed. Also.. your bottle should say “cold pressed” – that is how you get the most fresh ingredients. Also – you MUST keep them refrigerated. That’s why like I mentioned above, Pressed Juciery delivered the cleanse juices in a big box with a ton of ice packs. They MUST be refrigerated and are only really good for 3 days – that’s how you know what you ordered is FRESH. And honestly, that’s a good thing. It’s how you know that you’re getting a fresh, real, all natural juice product.

Don’t try and make your own juice cleanse.

I made this mistake in the past… trying to do your own juice cleanse is not such a smart idea when you aren’t really aware of what your body needs. Don’t just run to a whole foods store, grab a bunch of random juices and call it a day. Find a company that you can trust that offers a “cleanse package.” Mine came with six juices each day and they were all different. Finding a company that does that takes the hard work out of the equation for you and lets you put it in the experts hands. The last thing you want to do is self sabotage yourself and go malnourished by not properly picking a balanced juice cleanese.

Cut out Caffeine and really sweet processed foods a few days before your cleanse. 

Our  bodies are all addicted to things.. and if you feel a need to do a juice cleanse -either for low energy reasons or craving reasons – you are most likely suffering from a sugar addiction. Try to cut out caffeine and sweets a few days in a row before you commit to a cleanse. You don’t HAVE to, but I would recommend it, only because the cleanse will be harder if you don’t.

Don’t be afraid of the Green Juices.

Honestly, They are delicious. I used to really be afraid of the high veggie juices.. but then I tried them and never went back. Honestly, after a few days in a row my body gets so used to them that I actually crave them! They may seem a little strange in the beginning of your juice cleanse, but over time you will come to actually enjoy them!

Make sure to stay hydrated. 

I think a lot of people make the mistake of not drinking water on a cleanse. – “Well.. I’m drinking juice all day so I’m good.” Absolutely not. Drink a lot of water in between your juicing. Pressed Juicery came with awesome additional waters to keep you hydrated. I would recommend getting some really pure alkaline water to drink during your cleanse.

Have fun and post tons of pictures!

Just kidding on the second part.. but sort of – Listen.. Juice cleansing is hard. You are going to have a lot of people scratching their heads asking you, “Are you crazy?” just because you are drinking your food instead of chewing it for a few days. Don’t worry. If mommy and daddy think you’re crazy, it’s okay! Just ignore your hubby while he makes fun of you and find support elsewhere. I posted a ton of pictures of my juices at the UPW event just to hold myself accountable, and I actually got a lot of support from friends once I shared my experience!


This was my favorite drink by the way. It was Vanilla Almond: juiced almonds, dates vanilla bean and sea salt. It was so delicious.



At nighttime, it was a chocolate version that was equally delicious. The added cacao created a chocolate milk vibe that was to die for. Seriously.

Thanks pressed juicer! You made my experience at UPW easy, amazing, and totally energizing! (And in case you don’t know, some days we were there for 17 hours – so the fact that I was energized was a huge huge bonus for me! Thank you!)


What I’m Packing on My Trip to Los Angeles

What I’m Packing on My Trip to Los Angeles

Guys! Oh Em Gee. One more sleep! Tomorrow I hop on the plane to LAX with a dream in my cardigan. And that’s super exciting.

I’m heading out to LA for a Tony Robbins’ seminar – the exact same seminar that leveled up my life so long ago. I am so super pumped to come full circle and make this journey to LA for the first time. It’s going to be so fun!

Okay.. So here’s the deal. I figured I would share with you all how I am traveling and packing for the trip -since this is the first time in my life I am actually packing super light.

I want to make sure that I focus more on the emotional baggage I am bringing on this trip (since that is what the seminar focuses on) and focus less on carrying a shit ton of literal baggage with me from coast to coast.

Okay so this bag is legit the only thing I am bringing. Here’s why: I am not traveling to a third world country.. so if I need it, I can buy it. I would rather NOT stress out about fitting all of my beauty products into small containers that won’t get me pulled off the TSA line. I would rather just go with the flow and carry just what I need.

So with a five day trip I am packing 5 pairs of underwear, 2 pairs of pants, and a bunch of shirts into this tiny little backpack and calling it a day. Yup. That’s it. No need to overcomplicate things.


Here are my rules for packing light:

If there is a laundry mat or a mall, I’m not packing extra clothes. 

emergency? That’s what the local target is for. Need some random tampons? There is a CVS everywhere. I seriously don’t need more than the basics. And I don’t want to spend a ton of time figuring out how to dress pretty, since I am going to be in a seminar for majority of the trip. This trip isn’t about looking pretty for me – it’s about doing all the inner work that makes us beautiful humans. So yea… don’t need extra clothes.

Keep hygiene products to a minimum. 

I would rather stop at the cvs to get a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo then carry all that shit in my bag. Want to know why? It ALWAYS explodes and gets all over everything. Yeah. Not about that.

One pair of shoes. One pair.

This used to be a big big mistake of mine – I would pack all these fancy heals for “the nights we go out” and then guess what – I never wanted to wear them anyway. So yeah. One pair of shoes, keep it simple, and keep the stilettos at home.

So now let’s talk necessities…..

Things I am always always traveling with:


This month I am reading “Start with Why.” It is an amazing book by Simon Sinek about how to actually lead your business and not just “be a leader.” It’s amazing. I love it. And with a very long flight, I can’t wait to read more of it. Of course I brought one of my journals so that I could document the trip, and really take in all the information from the seminar.


I have a pair of Oakley sunglasses and a pair of Ray Bans that I don’t go anywhere without. I bought these forever ago so I am pretty sure my old versions are out of stock now – but both companies have such beautiful sleek and simple designs. (Also in this picture, my business cards and breath mints. because giving someone a business card means shit if your breath stinks.)


I bring my Canon Powershot with me when I am traveling, because it is so much smaller and lighter than my DSLR. And it takes really nice pictures. (I am pretty sure I use it more than my Canon 5D Mark II. The Powershot has a wifi connection which is really cool. I can literally take photo and upload it to instagram within seconds. It’s awesome. I also bring my iPhone of course and a portable ring light which I got on amazon. (It makes selfies extra pretty and is really convenient for videos. Oh.. and also my mini tripod. Oh and my external battery is a life-saver. My pocket juice can literally recharge my battery on my phone super quick and save me the hassle and stress of random shutdowns. (Headphones by House of Marley – made from real wood and I love them.)



Kava Tea by Yogi

Breath Again Roll On by Young Living 

My pack of serious supplement regiments (see my post here for the deets)








Packing for my trip to Los Angeles right now, and my heart is almost as full as my backpack.
I legit cannot believe this is my life.
Three years ago I was struggling to make ends meet trying to find a way to pay the cable bill…I was too depressed to do anything else but watch tv and sulk.
So much about my life has changed.
I am blessed, full of love, inspired, dedicated, and driven more now than ever.
I am on this ever growing beautiful path to inspire others and show them how to transform their lives through the Perfect Soul Coaching Method.
I’ve seen clients lose 60 pounds. I’ve watched Women heal their hearts of ex-relationships. I’ve had the honor of watching entrepreneur rockstars launch and run six figure businesses of their own.
Most inspiring – I have seen people at rock bottom rise above the ashes and literally transform their lives into diamonds.
So now here I am, crossing over the to West Coast, full of honor, pride and blessings.
I am carrying so much more in my heart than I am in my backpack on this trip. I am packing light, but filled with the most valuable of lessons I can’t help but reflect on:
1. MONEY: The financial limits society puts on us are B.S. – “don’t buy that you are broke,” or “go to college to get a good job,” or “you need to save save save,” mean absolutely nothing if you are miserable. Financial limits are only a myth. The minute you start believing you are bigger and better than a pay check to paycheck life, that is the minute everything changes.
2. RELATIONSHIPS: Staying in anything because you are scared of what’s on the other side alone is the biggest mistake you can make for your life – especially when it comes to love. Our relationships are a true reflection of how we feel about ourselves – if you aren’t confident in your worth, you will settle for less than you deserve. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.
3.DEATH: The biggest game changers of my life and my coaching business was asking myself this question: “You will die one day, what will your legacy be?” If the answer doesn’t make me feel good then I am doing something wrong with my life.
4. LIFE’S PURPOSE: Finding your life’s purpose -something that ties your passion and callings into a package for your heart to carry is the most beautiful thing on the planet. It is why we are here on this earth. It is the whole reason we live. So spend less time thinking about how to play it safe and more time thinking about what’s truly possible for you in the long term when you live a life with passion.

Zero Gravity Float Therapy = Amazing

Zero Gravity Float Therapy = Amazing

You know me – I am a sap for all things spiritual woo woo and holistic. The past two weeks I have been obsessing about going to a Crystal shop that for some reason I have not gotten to visit yet (and it’s driving me crayyyyy.)  I work every day with a salt lamp at my desk. I use essential oils and down a ton of supplements every day. And yes, every single morning, I mediate before I even brush my teeth.

That’s just how I live my life guys. Though I wasn’t always like this. But now that I am, I have to say it freaking rocks! Holistic/Spiritual Practices have become such a true core vital part of my coaching practice and my life style. And truth be told… I cannot get enough! Lately I have been in my “exploring phase,” trying new and exciting ways to add calming practices to my lifestyle – I kind of have my own little Bucket List of things I want to try.

So this weekend I was so happy to be able to cross one of those awesome things off my list! Zero-Gravity Float Therapy! And yes, Just like the title of this blog post, it was AMAZING.

For the record, I had no idea something like this existed until I found it online in a google search looking for spas in my area. I spent so much time researching the benefits of salt therapy and different forms of it’s practice since I started using Epsom Salts in my bathroom years ago. (by the way I make a killer at home detox bath recipe I always recommend – in case you can’t find  Zero gravity therapy in your area. Check out the recipe here.)

So I stumbled on Zero Gravity Therapy at A Healing Trail Wellness Center in CT. Guys… If you need a place in the Tri-State go check it out and tell them Lauren sent you! It’s amazing. The staff is incredibly kind, the place is so peaceful and serene, and there is even an adorable four pawed furry friend to greet you when you come in! Her name is Venus and she is half Husky and half Lab … I mean seriously, my heart melted (I wish I got a picture.)

The Healing Trail Wellness Center has a TON to choose from. I am going to go back for Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture for sure! But on this trip I decided to focus all of my energy into this new and exciting Zero Gravity machine. . I want to tell you all about my experience – but first…..


Zero Gravity, or, Ant-Gravity Float Therapy is weightless experience where basically – in a nut shell – you lay in a tub of water filled with tons and tons of epsom salt and you float in it for like…. an hour. There is so much salt in the water that it makes your body float “like a piece of cork.” There is no sound, no light, just darkness and let me tell you – it is freaking amazing


It heals the body and allows it to take a break from the constant state of pressure that we experience with gravity 24-7.  We don’t really it, but our bodies are constantly battling gravity – running, walking, standing, sitting, – we don’t really do anything at all that doesn’t include a pull from the earth. All of that pressure puts a constant strain on our backs, muscles and joints.  Antigravity lets your body take a break from the stress. The owner of the Healing Trail Wellness Center told me that the first time she tried it, she drove all the way up to Buffalo and after two treatments, she was relieved of her chronic back pain. Insane!!!


Well… Since we are constantly dealing with gravity, we become less aware of it’s presence and its crazy effect on us – not just our bodies but our minds. By floating in a tank with zero gravity you can become much more in tune with your body and connected to your mind.


Uh.. So MUCH. But here’s a running list from the Healing Trail Wellness Center

Benefits of Zero Gravity Float

  • Relieves pain from injuries
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Speeds the healing process
  • Increases production of endorphins
  • Relieves pain from arthritis
  • Boosts immune function
  • Relieves pain from migraines
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves chronic back and muscle pain
  • Reduces blood pressure, heart rate & oxygen consumption
  • Promotes peaceful relaxation
  • Helps prevent sports injuries
  • Eliminates fatigue and jet lag
  • Decreases the production of cortisol
  • Heightens visualization
  • Deepens meditation
  • Diminishes depression, anxiety and fear

From the minute I stepped into the room, I was relaxed. The private area was closed off from the rest of the wellness center so you aren’t disturbed by outside noises. It really helped me remain present and focused on the experience. The room is sort of separated into three parts, there is a changing area (Where I am standing taking this picture) a showering area and then an amazing mermaid room behind the door – the actual Anti Gravity Machine.

It’s recommended that you remove all of your clothing and jewelry before going in. I think some people wear bathing suits sometimes but since it is a private machine and no one else is in it, I went full birthday suit. I think going into the experience completely naked allowed me to be more connected to my body and the experience I was having. If you wear contact lenses it is recommended that you take those out too. Then before you go in you take a shower, removing all the products from your skin and hair before going in.

And then…. the journey begins! Oh. Em. Gee.

So let me tell you  how it feels. I stayed in for a full hour, even though it is recommended your first time you actually hang out in there for a full hour and a half. It may seem like a long time, but honestly, your mind goes through all of these beautiful stages in the process of Floating, and you really need a full hour at least to process it. The room is sound proof and light proof. The have peaceful music playing with a dim green light when you walk in, but after a few minutes of getting calm I decided to go for the full experience and I shut both of those things off.

The water temperature and the room temperature are set to the same 94 degrees (If I remember correctly) and that’s I think what made the experience even more incredible. after a few moments floating, the water becomes so still that you can’t tell the difference between where the universe starts and where it begins – especially because there is no noise or light in the room. I thought about the universe, I reflected on my past, I manifested the future and I loved all of it.

IT was the deepest most peaceful meditation experience of my life. I was able to release so much anxiety, and fear during my time in the Anti Gravity Machine. It was such a beautiful indescribable experience that I am truly grateful for.

After, I got a massage. I left fully zen and full of love.

I loved it. Recommending it to all!

I Eat Unicorn Poop (It’s My Super Food)

I Eat Unicorn Poop (It’s My Super Food)

East Coast Alert: A big big snow storm hit last night. Oh… you didn’t know? Well guess what… our plow guy didn’t get the memo either. So Matt and I are pretty much trapped inside our house until next weekend.

We got what looks like three feet of snow out there. It’s nuts. Seriously.

Being trapped in the house yesterday wasn’t all so bad. Especially because I got to make some awesome Unicorn poop cookies. Seriously…. how crazy cute are these? I followed Rosanna Pansino Nerdy Nummies Recipe Here

The girl I used to be wouldn’t have had time for shit like this. I would be too stressed out, anxious and frustrated by the snow storm.

I probably would have spent the whole day cleaning the house, doing laundry and giving my dogs a bath.

What a boring life.

Here’s what I’ve learned about happiness – it comes from not giving a F – and just enjoying life.

Sometimes you just gotta go have fun and be a kid. Live a little bit. Not feel guilty about unhealthily treats. Dance in the snow. Wear your pajamas all day. And eat some unicorn poop.


How to Have a Creative + Relaxing Weekend

How to Have a Creative + Relaxing Weekend

Ever wonder what I do every Saturday and Sunday? I mean lets face it: Those are the days where I am totally off the radar disappearing from social media. So what the heck am I doing anyway?

Well.. to answer your question, basically I am doing nothing.

A while back I decided that I wanted to spend more time embracing the flow of life, aka relaxing and chilling the F out. The truth is I spend a lot of time working. Like… a lot. But that’s because I am so passionate about WIP, that it actually doesn’t feel like work.

Okay but still… as fun as it is, I need a break every once in a while. Hard work is hard work no matter how fun it is, and so I still need to recharge and recover like everyone else. I need to take time to breakaway and recharge my brain batteries like everyone else.

So now, weekends are my time for relaxing and being creative. And when I don’t have anything on my schedule (and that’s usually most weekends) I spend a full 48 hours disconnecting, drinking wine, and dancing in my underwear.

Yup. That’s basically my weekend extravaganza. I’m a total wild child, I know.

It may sound boring to you, but honestly I love my weekends. I have so much fun doing nothing, lounging around the house and taking naps in the middle of the afternoon just because I want to. So I thought I would share with you some of the awesome fun things I do on my weekends – so that you can actually sit back, relax and have fun too.


Creative and Relaxing Weekends

This weekend was probably one one my most favorite relaxing weekends ever. I opened up my beautiful Erin Condren Coloring goodies for the first time and had a blast recharging my brain. Coloring is seriously one of my favorite forms of relaxing. I actually did a crazy nerdy happy dance when Erin Condren messaged me about the new Coloring collection. I was so happy to try out her new products!

Of course I had to make it an epic experience, so Saturday I put on some music I’ve been really eager to listen to (the Moana Soundtrack because I’m such a nerd,) and sat back with my colored pencils and red wine. Disney Jams and coloring = an amazing day.

And p.s. her new creative collection of Coloring books and pencils is so gorgeous and inspiring.  I really love how she sneaks inspirational quotes into all of her products, like the color pencil set. Even the coloring books had a ton of motivational quote pages to work on. I loved it. Erin Condren is basically my go to for anything creative, inspired and organized. I lover her planners, inspirational prints and her calendars. (Click here >>>>> E.C. <<<< To check out her awesome stuff and get $10 off your order!)

Here Are My Rules for a Creating / Relaxing Weekend

Rule Number 1: I don’t create anything related to work. There is a reason – My brain feeds off creativity. But if I spend too much time creating for the job, I forget why I love creating in the first place! If you’re like me, and make a living doing something you are creatively passionate about, it really helps to add “creating just for fun” into your schedule. Remember, you got into whatever it is you are doing because you are passionate about it! So you don’t want lose that passion being 100 percent devoted to business creation all the time.

Rule Number 2: I shut off social media for at least 15 hours. You would be surprised what a difference this makes. We are constantly consuming content 24/7. And as integral as it is to running an online business, social media and I just need a little romantic time out every once in a while. Every Friday night I have a new routine – I give Matt my phone the minute he gets home from work and I tell him, “don’t give this back to me until ____ time tomorrow.”  That short period of time removing myself from constant interaction and social media engagement makes SUCH a difference in my mood, my personality, and the quality of my weekend. Not to mention it gives me an opportunity to be inspired in new ways! (not just from my Facebook feed.)

Rule Number 3: If It doesn’t relax me, I don’t do it. Okay sure, there are chores that need to be done around the house come the weekend but guess what? I don’t do them. If it does’t fill me up and make me feel good, sorry, I’m not interested. I’ll do it on Monday, thanks. I would much rather spend the weekend relaxing, calming out and getting into my zen zone then folding laundry and moping the floors. What’s the point of a relaxing weekend if you are going to sprinkle it with responsibilities? No thanks.