I want to talk about something so so important today: Authenticity. And it is so important, that I wrote about it in a second post so you can figure out how to be Authentic too! Deal with it!



Right now as I am writing this post, I am listening to Get Your Freak On by Missy Eliot. … and I’m loving every minute of it.

Had this happened a few years back, when I was a different me, I would have probably denied that I was listening to such a dorky old tune…. I maybe would have told you I changed the spotify station when the song came on because, “yeah, I know it is so lame right?” and I would have totally denied jamming out to it at my desk like I am right now for sure….

but hey, guess what, I don’t care what you think! Authenticity baby! BAM. Right there. You can read about what it means to be authentic here if you want… but keep reading my awesome story about how I found Authenticity….


Here it is. Authenticity. And How I found My Sense of Self.


Authenticity sense of self what is perfection

I stopped trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations and I just did what felt right in my gut. I followed my own instincts and stopped thinking about disappointing everyone else. Authenticity was defined by MY choices.. not others’ opinions of my choices.

I stopped asking myself things like, “Well what would so and so think if I did this,” and instead, I asked myself, “What do I want?” I started to realize that Authenticity was about making the life I wanted for MYSELF.. not the life other people wanted for me.

I started dressing like ME.… I got the tattoos I wanted, I got the piercings I was excited to get. I stopped worrying about my image and how it looked to everyone else.. I  made choices because of how I thought they would look TO ME. I wanted who I was on the inside to be able to shine through on the outside.. Authenticity should be expressed.. not hidden. I wanted the person I was to shine! And who cares what other people thought of it.

authenticity what is perfection

I stopped obsessing Over Love. Love is an amazing and great thing, but if you don’t find it naturally based on who you truly are … if you start changing yourself because you want to find love or if you start acting a certain way because you want more people to love you, then what is the point ?? If you do that, then you’re just a person trapped in a shell of what you think others want you to be.  Love doesn’t lead to an amazing you… you need to be an amazing you first and fill your life with authenticity  before you find love. For me, I found my true Love once I realized that being true to myself would eventually LEAD me to love… and not the other way around.

I Started Speaking My Mind: If I didn’t like something, I said it. If I thought something was a bad idea, I was vocal about How I felt. Holding back my feelings for so many years really stuffed my authenticity down into a deep deep corner where I felt like expressing my feelings was a bad thing… DONT let that happen.. Keep letting your values guide your actions and your choices… Speak your mind and how you feel at ALL Times.

I Started Appreciating My Passions even if people thought they were stupid. I love a lot of really lame things.. I love photography.. Do it yourself crafty projects… and family guy.. I love ’90s music ALL the time, singing on a regular basis, and I think bowling is really super fun too.  What fun would I be if I stopped embracing the things that I love because other people didn’t like them? I realized that having a personality and passions that other people don’t really care for doesn’t matter one single bit. It just means I am different. And Honestly? I would rather be different than some boring ass girl who just pretends to be into what everyone else is into.

Speaking of things I am totally into, now spotify is playing wrecking ball… AWESOME. LOVE IT. SINGING OUT LOUD. and guess what? I don’t care what you think about that.

authenticity what is perfection

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