In my own practice and life, I am a goal getter. I am constantly striving towards things, taking massive action and always trying to “get to the end goal.”

Yup. I am a goal digger at heart. I love pushing myself to be the best I can be. Like so many of us out there. But being that type A comes with it’s disadvantages too. It makes me constantly feel like I am “never where I am supposed to be.” Like I am always trying to “get some place.”

And while I may accomplish a lot in my life, I am constantly left wondering, “okay, now what?” “what’s next?” Even when amazing great things happen. And this has been so true of my life this year. Especially since so much has happened.


Matt and I have a house now. We are engaged. My business has blossomed in such a beautiful way – it’s like everything I was striving for – that balance, success and happiness – is here.

And I’m left scratching my head like, “okay now what?”

I had to stop for minute last night and say, “woaaah hold up Lauren.”

“Now what” has always been my mindset. It’s been one achievement after the next after the next. And even when I fail to meet my goals I am constantly creating new ones.

But I am here. So now what?

Now? Now I live. Now I enjoy. Now I embrace the happiness.

Now I constantly stop trying to get somewhere and just actually appreciate the now.
It’s a lesson we can all learn from time to time. And I needed to share it.
Stop trying to constantly get somewhere. Appreciate where you are right now.