To every woman who has ever felt like she wasn’t enough. Like she wasn’t beautiful. Like she wasn’t worth it. You are not alone. This video is for you.

Two years ago, when I felt incredibly lost and everything in my life felt totally out of my control — I had zero self worth. I had just ended a serious relationship, and felt like my self-esteem was nonexistent.  … I was fighting bad habits, abusing drugs and alcohol and struggling with facing my past… being unloved and never feeling good enough — and those feelings were weighing on me heavy each and every day.. I felt like no matter what I did I was never going to be able to love myself the way I really wanted to.


So I took to my computer and made a video journal … I spoke everything I was feeling back then and let my emotions run free… Then yesterday, for the first time, I watched the video.

All of those emotions came flooding back. I remembered the girl I used to be and how low my confidence was — how sad I felt and how little I thought of me.

At the time, I thought I was alone. I thought for some reason I was this weird girl that just lacked self confidence.. everyone around me appeared happy and put together. I thought I Was just a unique mess. I spent years trying to perfect my body and my image.. I developed obsessive compulsive habits related to my diet and exercise routine… I just wanted so badly to be this perfect package on the outside because I believed that maybe if I was… that maybe I would finally be loved the way I wanted to be.

It didn’t work out that way. In fact…. years later I have discovered that amazing happiness and confidence needs to stand on its own… you can’t only believe you are beautiful because of the way you look… you have to just believe it because of the wonderful person that you are.

Today, two years later, I feel blessed and beautiful and truly deserving of the love I provide for myself each and every single day. That’s why I founded What is Perfection — because I Wanted to be able to show all of the women out there that there is a way to find confidence and true happiness – it is possible to feel beautiful and love yourself and feel like you are an amazing person – no matter what you are going through right now in your life… it gets better.

You deserve to feel beautiful and loved. Each and every single day of your life. And I hope this video reminds you that you are not alone.


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