Does reducing anxiety feel impossible sometimes? Anxiety is a serious thing guys. Lord knows I get it way too often than I’d like to. NEVER would be nice, am I right? Panic attacks, anxiety disorder, depression, anxiety symptoms – these are things that really keep us from living the happy lives we want and deserve. The truth is we all face anxious feelings in our lives from time to time. Some call it “feeling stressed out” or “feeling overwhelmed,” but whatever label you put on it, anxiety is all the same. And it sucks.  Over the years of dealing with it, I have learned how to treat my stress with natural remedies for reducing anxiety that really help me cope. With daily practices and Natural anxiety remedies you can really keep that depressed and overwhelmed feeling at bay! And in a natural way! WHOOP WHOOP – I RHYMED!  Trust me. It’s possible.




So Let’s Dive In Shall We? Awesome Natural Remedies for Reducing Anxiety

Step One: Prepare – Make a List and Have Things You Can Fall Back On When You Are Anxious. When I’m in a good mental state, I sometimes make a list of all the things I know make me feel calm, relaxed, happy, and relieved. This is list of things I like to do, but it is also focused on the things I know will make me feel relaxed, calm and at peace. (More on the list later. I’ll share it with you, I promise.) The truth is reducing anxiety is more likely if you are prepared. I keep that list in a special place so that when things get hard or overwhelming in my life, I can take a break from my mind and practice a hobby or a habit that I know makes me feel good. Reducing anxiety by following a simple list of all the things I know I feel calm doing actually works! Any time that overwhelmed feeling seeps in or I feel a panic attack coming, I know I have something to fall back on (without having to think about it)

Step Two for Reducing Anxiety: Reframe your Mind – Ditch the “I Need to Perfect” Approach:  I really get discouraged,when girls out there think they need to be perfect. It especially frustrates me when it comes to the topic of emotions, because so many girls think they aren’t allowed to feel stressed, sad, depressed or overwhelmed. “I need to be tough and strong, and not be so sensitive.” That’s a statement I hear often from girls who get emotional in the workplace setting and feel ashamed by that. Here’s the thing…. If you keep telling yourself you aren’t allowed to feel sad, do you know what is going to happen? You are just going to feel MORE SAD! So when you start feeling anxiety or even depression or any overwhelming negative feeling, you need to recognize that it is OKAY to feel that way. If you start believing that you have the right to feel however you want, reducing anxiety will actually become more of a possibility. Don’t ignore the big elephant in the room. Instead of using all your brain power trying to push away a feeling, you will spend your time more wisely and focus on processing your emotions and healing from them.

Step Three for Reducing Anxiety: Have A System – Develop A Routine That Makes You Feel Good So You Start and End Your Day On the Right Foot: It’s normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed during the day because we all have busy schedules right? But if you knew that at the end of the evening that you would come home and have a relaxing routine to calm your brain down you would probably feel better right? I posted about my own evening bedtime ritual on the blog that really helps me chill out and settle down, especially when I am in need of reducing anxiety. What’s great is that every night when I practice my evening routine I can quickly get myself into a calm state. What’s especially awesome (and maybe helps in the process of calming down during the evening) is knowing that when I wake up, I have a whole other ritual to look forward to: My Morning Routine. Having something to look forward to at the start and end of your day can really prevent those anxious feeling from building up and wreaking Havelock on your whole day (and your sleep schedule.) Don’t just pick one thing to do each morning, make your whole morning an experience! Having a cup of tea out on the porch while you journal. Or have a yoga session each morning where you set your intentions. Having a nice scheduled “you time” to look forward to will remind your brain that whatever you are going  will have an end to it. There is something more positive and happy to look forward to.

Step Four Reducing Anxiety: The Let Go Process – Reflect, Ground, and Clear: This is something I say to a lot of people, it is the three step process to letting go of a negative thought and reducing anxiety. The first part is reflecting, because let’s face it: If you are anxious your thoughts are already going a mile a minute. But reflecting is about thinking deeply in a productive way, rather than a destructive way. It doesn’t mean sitting with all your negative thoughts going crazy by yourself. Reflecting is about getting deep and personal with your heart and really trying to dig deep about the fears you have. Sit quietly with a journal for 20 minutes and think about what you are experiencing in your mind. Sorting all your thoughts out and putting them on paper is a great way to heal that anxiety. After your thoughts are all out on paper, get grounded. Start looking through what you wrote and ask yourself what is real and what is imaginary. What of the things you wrote down is based on fact? If it is based on fact, find a solution to the problem. If it isn’t based on fact, then figure out why this crazy silly made up fear is getting to you, and figure out how to let go of it.  Challenging your thoughts on paper keeps you from running away. It makes you face the reality and see the imaginary. Once you clearly find a solution, a system, or an answer to what you are going through, the final solution in the three step process to letting go of negative thoughts is to clear that mind. Find something on your list and learn how to let go of all the things you reflected on that were worth letting go of.





Other Healthy Natural Ways to Cope with Anxiety

Using Essential Oils: If you’ve never tried it, never heard of it, or think it’s hokey and not a thing: I am telling you it is far from it. Essential oils have also been used for thousands of years for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties. Healing-Promoting Botanicals offer a number of positive health benefits, especially when it comes to anxiety. When you find an essential oil that is made by 100 percent pure plant based material, applying essential oils topically, or meditating with oils really has the power to balance out your emotional state..  I diffuse essential oils in the morning to energize me, and oils to keep me calm in the evening every single day. Not to mention I occasionally apply oils topically on my wrists and neck when I am feeling extra stressed. You can check out my E-guide for some free oil recipes that I love to use on a weekly basis.

Exercise Routines: Going for a walk, practicing a daily yoga session or even having a running schedule to follow really helps with easing anxiety. I can certainly attest to that because before I was healthy and active on a regular basis, my anxiety level was way high. Now that I have a healthy lifestyle routine I feel more calm and balanced on a regular basis. Just make sure that whatever healthy exercise routine you choose, that you choose one that actually brings you joy and makes you feel good. The last thing you want to do is replace one habit that doesn’t make you happy (stressful thinking) with another (boring workouts.)

Drinking Water and Herbal Tea: I swear by this because I really believe that part of keeping a balanced mind has to do with having a balanced body. And if my body isn’t properly hydrated and cared for, then feeling less stress won’t be an option. My body functions best when it is functioning best! Make sense? Good I hope so. Aim to drink 64 oz of water every single day and from time to time, throw in some herbal tea! I stay away from caffeine mostly since this post but even if you are a caffeine drinker, having some yummy herbal teas to incorporate into your routines in the evening are great for calming the mind.


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