My Eating Disorder and the Valuable Lesson it Taught Me

My Eating Disorder and the Valuable Lesson it Taught Me

I never had a healthy relationship with food. Growing up in a big Italian family, food was always a center of any occasion. It was something we gathered around, something we joined together over. Something we used to celebrate and to show love. But as joyful as it sounds, growing up with a family that was very close, there was something eating away at my soul and separating me from truly celebrating those moments: My Eating Disorder.


I never really knew I had an eating disorder. I couldn’t tell you how it started, or why it started, but I can tell you the moment I recognized my body as something that was bad and needed to change. I was Seven. Yep… Seven. My friend and I were talking about our new favorite dance classes. I told her I loved my Jazz class, and that Ballet was boring. Offended by my statement, my little seven year old friend told me “Well, you wouldn’t be good at ballet anyway.”

“You have to be able to suck in your stomach,” she said.

I challenged her … showing her I could force in all my breath– sucking in all the air I could muster…. “See! I Can!” I said with a smile. Then she told me what she was trying to say all along. “No. Not like that. I mean… you have to be skinny.”

My Eating Disorder And How it Evolved

Through the years that moment, my body perception haunted me. As I got older, I wasn’t really getting attention from boys like my friends were. I blamed this on my body. And I started to believe that maybe my friend all those years ago was right. After all, I did have a belly… and my mom did tell me to suck in my stomach when she took pictures of me and my sisters. “Maybe my weight is what is holding me back,” I thought.

I wasn’t incredibly heavy, but I wasn’t skinny like most of my friends either. It was kind of like I was in this middle ground… I was on the edge of fitting in somewhere — I just didn’t know where. And like most teenagers who suffer from an eating disorder, I believed that if I gained control of my weight, I would be able to find my place in life. I would get guys to like me. I would feel more confident. I would finally have everything a teenager girl wants: LOVE.

eating disorder what is perfection

So in an effort to want to find love, I started punishing myself. I cut my calories, kept journals to log every crumb of food that touched my mouth…. and every pound I lost or gained. But the extremes of my lifestyle – eating nothing and starving my body only made my weight bounce up and down from one extreme to another…  all the way into college. Gaining and binge eating, Losing and starving, it was like I was on this rollercoaster of extremes with no middle ground.

When I started to date this guy my first year of college, I felt like I was finally in a place where feeling good about myself was possible. I started to believe that maybe my weight didn’t really matter much. But then, our relationship turned ugly… he didn’t treat me right and totally destroyed my self-esteem.. Things got really unhealthy and abusive really fast. And as a result, life got pretty dark for me after that. I got really depressed because of the way I was being treated and my self-esteem totally fell through into the deep end. I felt out of control of my life being in an abusive relationship. So I decided it was time to switch schools and head back home. And as quickly as my eating disorder had left my mind, it entered back again full force.

I felt the lowest self-worth I ever felt… and thinking that there was something wrong with me that I needed to change, the only way I could feel like I had control over my life was by forcing my body to change… in any way possible.

I starved myself. I purged. I did everything in my control to keep food from entering my life. But my eating disorder was controlling me.  I started loosing my hair. I could feel my spine poking through my shirts. And I was cold… all the time.  I dropped to under 109 pounds, losing more than 70 pounds in four months. Sure my mom wasn’t telling me to suck in my stomach anymore…. but now she was telling me I looked like a skeleton. A ghost of my former self. And even then, I felt like it wasn’t enough. I was never going to be as thin or as beautiful as I needed to find the love I was looking for… because the truth is, I was looking in all the wrong places.

Me Eating Disorder What is Perfection

The Road to Recovering from My Eating Disorder

The road to recovery was long. I gained the weight back and learned how to lose it all over again — this time, the healthy way.

The most important lesson I learned was that my body wasn’t the thing I needed to fix in order to feel good: It was my mind that needed the true repairing.

I started educating myself on emotional eating and discovered principles I now teach in my online courses— Learning to let go of my insecurities about being accomplished or “being good enough,” and learning to actually just go after what I wanted for myself… without the fear that I wasn’t worth it. I started going after my goals in a healthier way.  And I uncovered the emotional compass that led me to set goals that were achievable, goals that were confidence boosting, not destructively unhealthy.

And mainly… most importantly….I started treating my body like something that was a reflection of who I wanted to be — not something that was holding me back from being beautiful.

Slowly, I learned to let go of my eating disorder, and let in love.


eating disorder what is perfection

I’ve realized something looking back on those moments where my eating disorder was strongest…

I was fighting to change my body because I believed that the world around me would change if it did.  I thought maybe if I was skinnier I would feel better about who I was by fitting in and getting the attention and love I was seeking. I thought what would follow would be a sense of true beauty that would keep me from ever being harmed or hurt by others.

But why did I think other people were holding the key to my ability to feel good about myself?  Why did I believe changing my body would change the feelings I had toward myself — and my worth? Why couldn’t I just make effort to feel better about who I was in general?

My eating disorder taught me that finding love is about figuring out how to love yourself first. Feeling confident doesn’t come from other people. Feeling beautiful never follows any physical transformation unless you yourself embark on the emotional journey required to get there.

To all the girls out there struggling to find the body they are looking for — the body they think will bring them amazing love, or a larger amount of happiness than they already have…. the key to changing everything, starts within you…. 

Closing the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

Closing the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

Let’s talk about goals. We set them because we want be better for ourselves and for others, right? But sometimes what we want for our future is SO so super far away from our current reality, that it feels almost impossible. And why try if you think you’re going to fail anyway? am I right?

Last night for example, I was talking to my business coach telling him that for the longest time I have been fearful that my vision for my business is “too big for me.”

“What if I’m not good enough to make this dream of mine a reality? What if what I want is actually impossible?”

This, my friend, is called the GAP. The gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Sometimes that big disconnecting space can overwhelm us. I know it definitely overwhelms me at times. I look at my goals for this year and compare them to where I am currently and it feels really scary to think about all the work I have to do to get there!

The truth is it isn’t the goal itself that overwhelms us in life. When we set goals, we set them with a positive mindset – we want something bigger and better for ourselves and we pick it with the idea that eventually, with hard work and dedication, we will get it.


But when we don’t focus enough on our goal, whether it is to get organized, to save money, to manage our time better, or to reach a weight-loss goal, there is a period of time in our process of transformation where we start questioning our mission: “Is this something I can really do? Am I capable of this? I have so much more work to do to get there and I just can’t imagine achieving it compared to where I am now!”Hence – the Gap. The Gap between where you are and where you want to be.

We get stuck in that big ugly gap – that open space of nothingness where we feel like we have made the decision to do something an we haven’t gotten near close to achieving it.

The Goal isn’t the place we give up.. it’s the Gap. The Gap is where we are subjected to fear, doubt, self surrender, and failure. This is the place where we start feeling all of those bad worries associated with our goals. It’s the make or break area of our journey where we have two choices: We can either A- Push forward and overcome that fear, or B-Just simply give up and surrender to the life we used to live.

The whole point of self improvement is about closing that gap. Trying to push yourself forward from where you are now just to get a little bit closer to where you want to be. And the truth is, closing that gap is a process. It takes time, dedication, and long term effort. It isn’t about just focus guys – it is also about being flexible in your approach – analyzing what works for you and changing it along the way of your journey.

So How Do we close the gap between where we are and where we want to be? How do we move forward and reach our goals when we feel lost in the open space of uncertainty and not being good enough?

One step at a time.



How to Close the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

Get Crystal Clear About What You Want: You want to lose weight? That’s great. But don’t just set a number on the scale as your goal. Make your goal diverse. Tell yourself “I want to lose X Amount of pounds,” but keep running with that idea and get more specific. “I want to lose X amount of pounds. I want to feel more confident. I want to make better health conscious decisions about what I eat. I want to completely change my lifestyle so that it is more healthy. I want to have more energy. I want to have that amazing feeling getting dressed in the morning that I can pick anything I want from my closet and it will fit and make me feel sexy!”  How you set your goals is key to whether you succeed or fail. And you need to do it the right way. Which is why I highly recommend my goal setting guide to clients I work with. It’s a huge game changer.

Being Understanding and Kind with Time: Imagine time as a friendly companion and not an enemy. It is really easy to look at the calendar, take out your pen and pencil in a date of achieving something. “I will lose 30 pounds by ______” Or “I will find love by ______” ….. We all know the universe  has bigger plans and unexpected challenges along the way of your journey. Sometimes things get in the way. Sometimes obstacles and detours are just part of the process of learning. When you are angry with time and feel like you haven’t reached a goal based your expectations, its easy to label yourself a failure. Instead, look at time as an irrelevant component to whatever it is you are trying to achieve. Instead of seeing how far away you are based on your deadline, ask yourself this question: “Am I better and more improved in this area of my life since I set this goal and started working towards it?” If the answer is yes, congratulations! You are still in it for the win!

Start Being More Positive About Your Experience: I can’t tell you how many times women who have accomplished so much in terms of their goals start getting down on themselves because they haven’t transformed into this perfect picture of what they wanted in their lives. “I only lost X when I wanted to lose X.” or “I like my stomach but I don’t like my legs.” Or “I only got a B+ on that test when my goal was really an A” or how about the money gap, when you’ve saved X amount of dollars but it wasn’t that exact perfect number you were hoping for. Does that mean you automatically failed? Does that mean you haven’t reached your goal? Absolutely not! It means you are still learning and still growing! When we look at our goals as multi-purpose and multi-dementional in our “Crystal Clear Approach,” we can see that every goal we set for ourselves has a feeling related to it – an emotion we are trying to fulfill or improve. If you can look at where you are now and feel better than when you started, hone in on that positivity and embrace it. In those moments of weakness when you start feeling self doubt about the things you wanted to accomplish, take out a pen and paper and list all the ways you have actually improved and made your life better since you started your journey. It really helps.

When We Fail, We Don’t Fail. We Learn: This is really a key point in the process of closing the gap. When we set goals we need to be clear and focused on what we want, but we need to also understand that our approach may change over time. Our journey may be different than we anticipated when we started this process. We may have to take some off roads, we may have to fall down a few times and get back up. These moments of ‘disruption” along our journey aren’t failure moments – they are learning moments. Any time you feel disconnected from where you want to be and feel as if you have failed, it’s important to look at those situations as moments of enlightenment. “What can I learn from this? How has my mind changed in the process of learning this hard lesson?” Learning moments are the moments that make us stronger and better. Not to mention, they really help us appreciate our goals once we achieve them.

Keep Growing and Keep Improving:  I mentioned this in a  post about Ask and It is Given, the Book I read last  summer, and it is so important to understand. Our Goals are going to change … constantly. We are always asking for more, always expecting more and always wanting to improve ourselves. And that is a Perfect and wonderful thing…. except when you don’t do it. If you think that once you reach a goal for your health you give up on it, you will never feel fulfilled. If you believe that your journey is over once you reach your goal number in your savings account, you’ll go out the next day and spend it all. Keep setting bigger goals and keep moving up the ladder. Overtime you will transform into an amazing wonderful human who is full of so much amazing potential.

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How to Stay Confident While Losing Weight

How to Stay Confident While Losing Weight

Every time I write about self-confidence, I think about that awesome Demi Lovato song. “What’s wrong with being confident? Whats wrong, what’s wrong, what’s wrong with being confident?” Well I’m here to tell you what’s wrong with being confident. It’s hard to be. That’s what’s wrong with it. Why can’t it be easier?! Demi Lovato is a super sexy goddess who embraces her curvy figure and loves herself. And we should all feel that way. But figuring out how to stay confident while losing weight is like, the biggest challenge ever. So let’s talk about it so we can figure out how to stay confident while losing weight and feel awesome about ourselves like Demi Lovato says we should.

How to Stay Confident While Losing Weight

Most of us try to lose weight so we can feel better about ourselves. We want to change our bodies so we can grow our self-esteem and boost our “feel good vibes,” am I right? But if you’re on that weight-loss journey hoping that you’ll feel confident later on when your 5 pounds lighter or a few sizes smaller, you are failing yourself, and you are failing my girl-love Demi.

You can’t wait to feel confident. If you wait, it will never happen. You need to feel confident now.

Are you the girl who is weighting to wear that sexy outfit in her closet because she needs to lose five more pounds?

Are you putting off going on that date because you aren’t exactly as fit as you want to be?

Are you avoiding the mirror in the morning or wearing lose clothes because you don’t believe you look good?

Stop it. Stop it right now.

If I could see you through the computer screen I would punch you.

Just kidding, I love you.

But seriously stop.

If you aren’t confident now, you will never be confident. Practice self love now, so you can find that “I can do it” confidence that you need to push you towards your goals!

how to stay confident while losing weight setting goals the healthy way what is perfection

How to Stay Confident While Losing Weight

Step One: Stop Waiting. Your first step in learning how to be confident while losing weight is to stop PUTTING OFF THINGS. If you want to feel more beautiful, do things that make you feel beautiful! Dress nice. Go out and socialize. Do your makeup. Style your hair. Shave those legs for christ-sake!

Do whatever it is you would normally do if you were your ideal perfect body weight.

Step Two: Embrace The Qualities that Make You Beautiful Now. You need to be confident in who you are. You need to feel beautiful so that losing weight is just an added bonus to your wonderful confident self. If you are constantly relying on losing weight as the one thing to make you feel good, you will be failing yourself for the rest of your life.

To embrace your sexy goddess self, try journaling all the ways you are beautiful. Make a list of all the reasons you deserve to feel good about yourself. Embrace that list and keep it in a place where you will see it often.

Final Step: How to Stay Confident While Losing Weight

Step Three: Stay Motivated on Your Journey. I have a ton of practices that I use for boosting my self confidence when I am trying to lose weight. But the one thing that really keeps me motivated on my weight-loss journey is journaling. I make a list of all the reasons I deserve this goal I want, and I dig deep and figure out exactly how this goal will enhance my life. I don’t just focus on the number I see on the scale.

I get crystal clear and laser-focused on the feelings I am trying to achieve, the way my future will look and the changes that will occur in my life when I reach that goal. When you envision the future, anything is possible.
Need extra help? Check out this post on weight-loss goals to get the free Goal setting guide to keep you motivated!

weight-loss goals


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Bouncing Back After Gaining Weight

Bouncing Back After Gaining Weight

I have always struggled with my weight, especially when things get tough in life. Some people get acne when they are stressed, I gain weight. That’s just how my body works. When life get’s too busy, too emotional (or too much to handle) I tend to slip away from the healthy lifestyle and jump right back into donuts and french fries. But the truth is, a few days, weeks or months of  not eating right or exercising regularly can really do a number on your body. And bouncing back after gaining weight can be a hard thing. Because no matter how long you’re away from that healthy lifestyle, when you feel ready to get back on track, it’s so easy to feel guilty or down on yourself for all the damage you’ve done during that time off. Am I right?

weightgainashamed Bounce Back After Weight Gain


Bouncing Back After Gaining Weight is About having the Right Mindset

There are so many lessons to be learned from a little bit of weight gain ladies – And bouncing back from gaining weight is all about the mindset. If you look at gaining weight as a lesson, you can there for feel good about the set back and bounce back from gaining weight much quicker!

What lessons can you learn when you gain weight? Omg SO MANY! Every time I have fallen off the weight-loss wagon and was trying to bounce back, there were so many – lessons like how to deal with stressful situations without turning to food. Or how to keep pushing towards a goal when things get tough. You need to look at these set backs on your journey as an opportunity to grow and better yourself – that way the next time you fall off course, you’ll be able to bounce back even quicker!

Maybe you lost a lot of weight. Yay! But then maybe you gained some of it back recently and feel frustrated. That’s okay! Bouncing back after gaining weight is something all of us have to do on a weight-loss journey. It happens. It’s life.

Gaining the weight back after accomplishing a weight-loss goal does not mean you failed. It just means you have been blessed with the opportunity to learn something new about yourself. To discover yourself again. Life is always changing, and your body and its needs are changing too. Learning moments are the most precious moments we have.. and if you don’t learn from them, you stop growing as a person.

So even when you fall off track, it’s important to remember that you are actually making a huge amount of progress – and if that progress doesn’t effect the scale in the way you like, that’s okay! It doesn’t mean that you aren’t succeeding.. It just means that you need to learn how to appreciate the growth you are experiencing in a different way.

Now… here’s how to get back on track for your healthy lifestyle and weight-loss journey…..

asetbackdoesnt-mean Bounce Back After Weight Gain

How to get back on track: Bouncing Back After Gaining Weight Step 1 – Forgive Yourself

The first step in moving forward is really forgiving yourself for whatever damage you’ve done. It’s okay take a few steps backwards, as long as when it is over, you can push yourself forward to keep going. If you don’t forgive yourself for the damage you’ve done, your brief moment of falling off track will just escalade into a lifetime of unhealthy lifestyle.  When you fall off track, you fall off track. It is what it is. There is no time machine to go backwards. You need to accept that moving forward is the only option.

Step 2 of How to Bounce Back after gaining weight – Remembering How Far You’ve Really Come!

It’s really easy to get discouraged about the small amount of weight you have gained, or the tightness in your jeans that just started happening recently, but do you forget to appreciate all of the accomplishments that have happened before that? One little obstacle or set back is so small in the grand scheme of things, that if you truly take a minute to embrace and acknowledge how far you have actually come, you’d be surprised how quickly that sad feeling goes away. Soon you’ll be bouncing back after gaining weight in no time if you just reframe your mind girl!


Transformationbeforeandafter Bounce Back After Weight Gain

So go back and look at those photos of you from the moment you started your weight-loss journey – acknowledge how far you have come, and appreciate that even though you’ve had a little set back, you’ve accomplished so much to be proud of already!

How to Get back on your Weight-loss Journey: Bouncing back after gaining weight

 Step 3 – Permanently Remove the Negative Self Talk

My negative self talk served me negatively for a really long time – especially when I had setbacks on my healthy lifestyle journey. When I gained a little weight, I started to say things like, “losing weight is impossible for me,” or “I will never have the body I truly want.” These crazy emotional statements made me feel worse about myself, even though the truth is  I had lost so much weight before that moment that I really should have been proud even if I had a little small amount of recent weight gain.

And all that negative self talk turned into negative actions in my life that totally effected my happiness:

“I feel overweight so I won’t go shopping for clothes like I want to… because I know it won’t make me happy.”

“I want to go to that party, but I don’t want friends to see how much weight I have gained.”

“I want to go talk to that guy or make friends with that group of people, but I feel so uncomfortable with how I look.”

“Sex? Get Naked? In front of someone else? OMG No Way.”

Seee— thoughts are things. And when you think negatively, you start taking really unhealthy steps in your lifestyle that can easily make you feel depressed, sad and unworthy. It is so important to change that attitude as soon as you recognize it because those thoughts effect your inner strength – the inner strength that pushes you to be healthy, make good choices and not give up on your goals completely. And bouncing back after gaining weight is just a necessary step in the process of a long healthy lifestyle journey.

IMG_3381WhatisPerfection Bounce Back After Weight Gain



How to Change Your Perception and Stay Positive When You Fall Off Track

I created this E-Guide in the process of learning how to recover from gaining weight – This e-guide is a free self improvement guide that will walk you through the steps of learning how to overcome whatever obstacles you are facing emotionally to overcome the set backs and jump back into your healthy lifestyle. When you are feeling discouraged,  fill out this free guide as a journaling reflection to start changing your mindset – learning how to feel better about your accomplishments, even if they aren’t accomplishments you can track on the scale.

This E-guide will help you figure that all out, and help you still stay positive on your weight-loss journey, even when you do have a set back. So come grab it. It’s free!

Love is the basis of all positive change and growth…. and this is just an opportunity to fall in love with yourself all over again.

healthylifestylesetback Bounce Back After Weight Gain



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What is Perfection is the Self Improvement blog for the imperfect girl everywhere. Learn to find happiness, feel beautiful, and be confident in who you are. We all deserve to be happy, and we all deserve to be the best version of us. And we all are truly capable of getting there. Because Perfection Is Impossible. Happiness isn’t. See The Self Improvement E-Guide Collection For Your Life Coaching Guides to Change Your Life Today!

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My Half Marathon Training Tips

My Half Marathon Training Tips

Are you trying to train for a half marathon? Then you need to know something. It’s no joke. If you read my latests posts about weight-loss and goal setting, you should know I have been super hyped up on the healthy lifestyle vibes lately.


Recently, I decided to train for my second half marathon, and I’m super pumped about it. BAA BOOM!

Now I am trying to train for a half marathon the second time around, and I have to admit, it is just as hard this time around as it was the first time. The only difference is that since I have done it before, I feel more confident that I can do it again!

So today, I wanted to reach out to all the runners out there – the fitness girls who have a healthy lifestyle and are feeling ready to train for a half marathon. If that’s you – congrats girl! You are amazing. Here are a few things I need to share when it comes to learning how to train for a half marathon.

Half Marathon Training train for a half marathon What is Perfection

How To Train For a Half Marathon – Tips

In the past, I’v had a ton of failed attempts. No joke. I signed up for about three or four races in the past trying to tackle that 13.1 mile race. It sucked to spend all that money: Running a half marathon can be anywhere from 80-250 bucks depending on the race.

Looking back on all the times I tried to train for a half marathon and never succeeded, I realize that there were certain things I didn’t know back then that kept me from being successful.

Once I accomplished my first half marathon, I felt accomplished, clear minded and really educated on what works and what doesn’t when you train for a half marathon.

Now  Ifeel super prepared and educated about the experience and I want to share it with you so that you can be educated too!

Where I was Before I started to Train for a Half Marathon

Full disclosure… I was a horrible runner before my first half marathon. I was a heavy smoker and a serious anti-runner if there ever was such a thing. So that should give you hope. Because uno mater what your health status is when you start to train for a half marathon, you can actually make that goal happen! Because there is no “beginner” that isn’t capable of kicking butt on their own first half marathon race. If I can train for a half marathon as a heavy smoker and complete my time (2:14 in case you were wondering) you can too!

You can do it if you believe you can do it. And if you want to do it, follow these tips.

Half Marathon Training train for a half marathon What is Perfection

1. Have a game plan. You’ll see at the end of this post I am sharing my own special training program that I designed for all of you. It is the exact same schedule I use to train for a half marathon – as a beginner, and even today. So If it works for me it will work for you. Come up with a schedule (even if it isn’t this one I share) and stick to it.

2. Be consistent. Having a consistent schedule and getting out there every day is super important. It’s especially important in the beginning when you just started to train for a half marathon and feel a little bit out of your physical element. Before I started my own custom designed schedule,  I wasn’t even capable of running a mile straight. But the more consistent you are, the more frequently you follow your schedule and get out there running every day, the more likely you are to accomplish your goal. So don’t worry. If you keep going out there and giving it your all, you will make it happen.

3. Practice running first, before you jump into a schedule. Once you feel ready to start training for a race, follow a 12 week schedule for yourself just like the one I used to train for a half marathon. Having that schedule will keep pushing you to new limits even if you can’t run them straight through. If you keep up with the schedule, you’ll be kicking butt by the time your race comes around.

4. Don’t focus on any other goal while you are training. This is something a lot of people might disagree with me on, but I found that as a beginner runner, it was really hard to dedicate my energy to training for runs outside when I was distracted by other things like weight training programs. I decided that if I was going to train for a half marathon, I couldn’t focus on other workout schedules at the same time.  Keep in mind, I did do a lot of cross training, but I didn’t feel obligated to follow a specific cross training schedule. Make your running plans a must and let everything else sort of be a secondary priority.

5. Get Good Sleep and Listen to Your Body When You Need to Rest. This one is a big important MUST on my list of how to train for a half marathon. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself by pushing through your training program too hard. If you have a scheduled run on Tuesday, but feel like you desperately need a rest day, it is totally cool to push back your scheduled run and do it on another day. Rescheduling your workouts when you train for a half marathon doesn’t mean you are any less perfect or dedicated. If your body is telling you to rest, do it girl. And enjoy it.

6. Get A Kick Butt Pair of Running Shoes: I should do a whole post on Running Sneakers and their importance. Early on when I started to train for a half marathon, I was wearing shoes I was ill fitted for. Guess what happened: I got injured a lot. So when you start to train for a half marathon, be sure to get fitted for a perfect shoe. The perfect shoe you wear totally depends on the type of runner you are and how your stride is. Everyone has a different stride. Regardless, you should always get your running sneakers about 1/2 a size bigger than you usually wear. Your feet swell up when you go on long runs and having that extra space in your shoe keeps away blisters.

7. Only use your running shoes for runs.  I love my running sneakers. No doubt I want to wear them all the time. But I don’t. Reserving my running sneakers for just runs when I train for a half marathon keeps me from wearing down the padding and support of the shoe. You should rack up about 300 miles on a pair before they need replacement. And sometimes, depending on how heavy footed you are, you may need to buy new shoes sooner. Keep in mind, a great running shoe can be expensive. So be sure to be conservative on the mileage you use on your sneakers. And only use them when you train for your half marathon.

8. Pay close attention to the weather. I have never been the girl who dressed properly for the weather outside. Seriously. When it comes to predicting the weather I am the worst! Growing up, I was the awkward kid wearing shorts in the snow and wearing sweaters when it was 90 degrees outside. I just have zero clue when it comes to that stuff. When I started to train for my half marathon, that really need to change; especially in the summer seasons. Try to be very aware of overcast, temperature and humidity, because those are things that can really effect your performance when you train for a half marathon.

9. Listen to your body in the weather. Start paying close attention to how you feel on certain days where the temperature is higher and figure out where your limit is. For me, If the temperature is over 86, I am heading over to the gym for my run instead of hitting the trails outside. Everyone’s body is different and has a different tolerance so get to know what yours is!

So I’ll leave it at that. Oh! And don’t forget my half marathon training schedule! It’s here free for the grabbing! Use it when you train for a half marathon or even if you are just trying to boost up your mileage! Half Marathon Training train for a half marathon What is Perfection


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What is Perfection is the Self Improvement blog for the imperfect girl everywhere. Learn to find happiness, feel beautiful, and be confident in who you are. We all deserve to be happy, and we all deserve to be the best version of us. And we all are truly capable of getting there. Because Perfection Is Impossible. Happiness isn’t. See The Self Improvement E-Guide Collection For Your Life Coaching Guides to Change Your Life Today!

Divider what is perfection