February WIP Girl Calendar

February WIP Girl Calendar

The Calendar for February is live ladies! So excited!

If your checking this out for the first time, scratching your head like, “what the heck is this?” let me clue you in.

Every month, as part of being a free member of the WIP GIRL Community, you get access to this fun free Calendar!

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I am so excited for February guys. It’s going to be the month of big crazy growth and transformation. – Spring time is around the corner!








When you want to be a brand new you….

When you want to be a brand new you….

The Brand New Me online course starts in FOUR days…

And it has me thinking about my own journey to self-love..the moment I made a decision to change my life….

Trust me… it wasn’t a small project. I was financially bankrupt, finally out of an unhealthy relationship, lost on my own for the first time, about 60 pounds over weight and so super fed up with every area of my life.

I knew I deserved better and that life wasn’t supposed to be something you “just settled for.” So I decided I was going to do everything in my damn power to create the life I truly deserved.  A life that made me HAPPY.  A life that I could feel appreciative of and love, and take pride in.

That meant I needed to do a lot of changing inside myself.

I had to overcome a lot of limiting beliefs….  stop feeling like a failure, insecure, and worthless and start taking massive action.  I needed to let go of letting other people control my destiny – what they thought of me and what they labeled me as in my life.  I had to discover the tools for changing my emotional state in an instant, start growing my confidence and stop constantly failing my goals over and over and over again.

Basically I had A LOT to learn. And yes, in the beginning all of the things I wanted felt impossible.

Confidence. Happiness. Full self-love.  Healthy relationships. True Love. A stable non chaotic life. A body I was proud of. A healthy lifestyle I enjoyed.

Guess what. I got all of it. It happened. For REAL.

If you are the WIP Girl out there who is still struggling to change her life… the girl who can’t feel good about herself.. the girl who knows she deserves better but can’t figure out HOW to make that change happen…

Get off the hamster wheel gorgeous girl. Make a decision that you deserve better for yourself. Stop setting and start striving. Set your goals and get clear about EXACTLY what you want. And then put on your super girl costume and freaking fight for it girl!

1.Decide you deserve better then the way you have been living.

2. Start believing that you *and only you* have the power to change this.

3. Take massive massive action to create your dream life.


The Brand New Me six week online course is starting in four days.. our girls are prepping and preparing for their amazing journeys – setting goals and visualizing what they want to change about their lives….


And there is still time left to enroll.

Check out the Brand New Me Course Details here

Everything about this course is focused on showing you how to drastically transform your life, find self confidence and be the version of you that you have been longing to be.

If you read my story about where I was prior to being a life coach and the leader of What is Perfection and the WIP Girl community, you know that my life was a rock bottom rollercoaster disaster. Drugs, Abuse, Eating disorders, Financial disasters, suicide attempts. ALL of it is in my “before WIP resume.”

But guess what? That is NOT me any more. I stopped failing myself years ago. And four years later I have put everything I know into this six week program to help catapult you into that amazing beautiful life you deserve.

There are still 4 Days left to enroll in the Brand New Me Six week online course.

And if you are that girl out there struggling to finally be that version of yourself that you know is in there… go fight for her.

Because remember: Where you are, is NOT where you have to be.

A New Special Announcement

A New Special Announcement

I was near tears the other day when I got a message from a potential client.

She has 87 cents to her name and is trying to improve her life.

“Can you please help me,” she wrote. “I can’t afford your one on one coaching but I really need help.”

By the time I was done reading what she had to write, I really really needed a box of tissues. This poor lady was struggling so hard to find the tools and resources she needed to improve her life, but she couldn’t afford them.

Sounds like a vicious cycle don’t you think?

The truth is this isn’t the first time a beautiful woman has reached out to me asking for help or assistance. And it’s probably, to be honest, one of the most difficult parts of being a coach – having to turn people away when they can’t afford my services is something I hate. Seriously.. I hate it so much.

When I was looking for a life coach my self years ago, I found a woman I knew could help me… but I couldn’t afford her. She charged $7,000 for a 6 week program.

A few weeks ago a client came to me asking about my prices, saying she recently worked with someone who charged $3,000 for six weeks.

Both of these prices make my tummy hurt. How can you possibly feel good as a coach trying to help other people who are stuck at rock bottom with prices that high?

I don’t know.. maybe it’s just me.

I can’t for the life of me raise my prices that high.. I just don’t feel right about it.

But still, there are people out there who are struggling to make ends meet and still find the online courses and programs outside of their budget. So I decided it was time to do something about that.

Introducing two new additions to the Course section of WIP:



The E-Guide Course Bundle for Helping You build your self confidence and worth. ($9.00) 

The E-Guide Course Bundle for Setting Goals and kicking ass. ($9.00) 


While these E-guide bundles aren’t as intensive as my one one coaching packages, or the 30 day and six week online self improvement programs – they contain a ton of life transforming power… so even the girl on the smallest budget can start changing her life.


I believe in you girl. Whatever you want – you deserve it.





Drum Role Please……

Drum Role Please……

The Six Week Online Self Improvement course opens enrollment on Monday. Aka TOMORROW. And I am so super excited for it. This program is the most intensive self improvement program yet, and is specifically designed for ladies ready to take charge of their lives, set goals, find true happiness, and completely change their life.

Case and point. Brand New Me Online Course.


But today, on this little Merry Christmas holiday, we need to celebrate our scholarship winner! For the last week girls have been jumping on the waitlist for the online course and everyone had a chance to submit their scholarship story. Seriously, everything I read from you girls was so heartfelt and truly inspiring. You ALL deserve this scholarship. I wish I could give it to all of you!

Okay.. so here we go… our winner is………



Hope you all have a merry holiday. Tomorrow, the course opens it’s doors, so get excited!!!!