How to Have a Creative + Relaxing Weekend

How to Have a Creative + Relaxing Weekend

Ever wonder what I do every Saturday and Sunday? I mean lets face it: Those are the days where I am totally off the radar disappearing from social media. So what the heck am I doing anyway?

Well.. to answer your question, basically I am doing nothing.

A while back I decided that I wanted to spend more time embracing the flow of life, aka relaxing and chilling the F out. The truth is I spend a lot of time working. Like… a lot. But that’s because I am so passionate about WIP, that it actually doesn’t feel like work.

Okay but still… as fun as it is, I need a break every once in a while. Hard work is hard work no matter how fun it is, and so I still need to recharge and recover like everyone else. I need to take time to breakaway and recharge my brain batteries like everyone else.

So now, weekends are my time for relaxing and being creative. And when I don’t have anything on my schedule (and that’s usually most weekends) I spend a full 48 hours disconnecting, drinking wine, and dancing in my underwear.

Yup. That’s basically my weekend extravaganza. I’m a total wild child, I know.

It may sound boring to you, but honestly I love my weekends. I have so much fun doing nothing, lounging around the house and taking naps in the middle of the afternoon just because I want to. So I thought I would share with you some of the awesome fun things I do on my weekends – so that you can actually sit back, relax and have fun too.


Creative and Relaxing Weekends

This weekend was probably one one my most favorite relaxing weekends ever. I opened up my beautiful Erin Condren Coloring goodies for the first time and had a blast recharging my brain. Coloring is seriously one of my favorite forms of relaxing. I actually did a crazy nerdy happy dance when Erin Condren messaged me about the new Coloring collection. I was so happy to try out her new products!

Of course I had to make it an epic experience, so Saturday I put on some music I’ve been really eager to listen to (the Moana Soundtrack because I’m such a nerd,) and sat back with my colored pencils and red wine. Disney Jams and coloring = an amazing day.

And p.s. her new creative collection of Coloring books and pencils is so gorgeous and inspiring.  I really love how she sneaks inspirational quotes into all of her products, like the color pencil set. Even the coloring books had a ton of motivational quote pages to work on. I loved it. Erin Condren is basically my go to for anything creative, inspired and organized. I lover her planners, inspirational prints and her calendars. (Click here >>>>> E.C. <<<< To check out her awesome stuff and get $10 off your order!)

Here Are My Rules for a Creating / Relaxing Weekend

Rule Number 1: I don’t create anything related to work. There is a reason – My brain feeds off creativity. But if I spend too much time creating for the job, I forget why I love creating in the first place! If you’re like me, and make a living doing something you are creatively passionate about, it really helps to add “creating just for fun” into your schedule. Remember, you got into whatever it is you are doing because you are passionate about it! So you don’t want lose that passion being 100 percent devoted to business creation all the time.

Rule Number 2: I shut off social media for at least 15 hours. You would be surprised what a difference this makes. We are constantly consuming content 24/7. And as integral as it is to running an online business, social media and I just need a little romantic time out every once in a while. Every Friday night I have a new routine – I give Matt my phone the minute he gets home from work and I tell him, “don’t give this back to me until ____ time tomorrow.”  That short period of time removing myself from constant interaction and social media engagement makes SUCH a difference in my mood, my personality, and the quality of my weekend. Not to mention it gives me an opportunity to be inspired in new ways! (not just from my Facebook feed.)

Rule Number 3: If It doesn’t relax me, I don’t do it. Okay sure, there are chores that need to be done around the house come the weekend but guess what? I don’t do them. If it does’t fill me up and make me feel good, sorry, I’m not interested. I’ll do it on Monday, thanks. I would much rather spend the weekend relaxing, calming out and getting into my zen zone then folding laundry and moping the floors. What’s the point of a relaxing weekend if you are going to sprinkle it with responsibilities? No thanks.


How I Decorate my Workspace to Reduce Stress

How I Decorate my Workspace to Reduce Stress

My office space is my safe haven. And seriously I am so excited to share it with all of you today. This past weekend Matt and I took some time really cleaning out my special work environment (well I cleaned and he put some shelves up for me.)

Keeping an office space stress free, calm and collected is so super important to me. Not only because I love to stay organized and enjoy decorating – but because my overall sanity during work hours totally feeds off the energy in the room – when the room is clear and calm, so am I.

So Yay! time to share the WIP office space! Learn how I keep peace and calm vibes in my work environment <3


First and foremost, I always make sure that everything has a space and a place.

Things I don’t use often get put in organizing boxes underneath the desk (I got mine at Michaels) and things I don’t use or that don’t serve a purpose get removed from the space entirely.

Just like I am working with a purpose, it is important that everything in my office environment has a purpose too. So I make sure to store away the junk and the things I don’t need in a totally separate space. If I don’t use it, I totally lose it. (kind of my rule for what I keep in the office.) If it doesn’t inspire me, motivate me or make me happy, I get rid of it.

Keep things on the top desk organized, clear and simple. 

When it comes to what stays on my desk, I have a rule – during the day, my desk can be as cluttered and crazy as it naturally needs to be. But every night, everything goes back in it’s place. It makes me feel energized and inspired the minute I walk into the room the next day – knowing that I have a clean fresh start is a definite plus.


Every little thing has a storage place. 

Little things get stored away in cute bags along my desk – this case holds all my pens. I have a separate one for my essential oils and electronic cords too. I keep them away and pull them out when necessary. I rather take time giving everything on my desk a home rather than spend countless hours trying to find shit when I need it.

I love this shelf Matt installed for me. These are my favorite headphones by urban ears. Hanging them up makes me so happy because I don’t have to see the cords dangling all over the place on my desk. Lots of shelving is necessary.

1.hidden storage

2. color schemes

3. peaceful vibes. 

ALL MUSTS. For every area of the house. 

This little corner in my office sums up all of that. The ottoman is great for when clients come and visit and it opens up to store my extra camera equipment. And the shelves and wall art just make me feel so inspired and peaceful.

It’s my favorite piece of artwork. I got it off amazon prime. Literally drooling over it. This is my little meditation corner.

When it comes to how I decorate – I make sure to have a lot of meaningful inspiration and positivity going on. Plus my plants bring a life energy into the room that I love.

I symbolically turn on the



I also make sure to have a morning routine of “starting my day” by turning my salt lamp on. Working from home, knowing when the day starts and the day ends can be a blurry concept. I like knowing that when the light goes on “it’s time work,” and when the light goes off “it’s time to  rest.”

Oh.. and yes.. my WIP Color scheme is EVERYWHERE.



Loved sharing this with you guys! More house pictures to come of course! < 3 <3


Shutting Down Technology for A Happier Life

Shutting Down Technology for A Happier Life

A while back I discovered something called GOMI forums. Never heard of it? It is seriously the worst most hateful place ever in the internet world. So don’t go there. But you probably will.

GOMI forums is a place where people go to bash bloggers. And it is a really mean place. I stumbled on it when I was reading Lemon Stripes  … she had mentioned people were saying hurtful things about her on the forum, and having never heard of it, I was like.. Oh man what is that, let me go check it out!

Big mistake.

I was up for HOURS.. browsing through all of the forums for bloggers I follow. I was pretty shocked at how hurtful people are. It is truly shocking to read some of the negativity that lives in those forums. Side note: Never judge someone by their blog. Don’t be hurtful guys.



But still, I was up all night in bed with the TV on and my phone in hand scrolling and trolling. Comment after comment. I just couldn’t put it down…when I was finished I looked at the clock: I had literally spent more than an hour browsing through those feeds!  No wonder I woke up feeling tired the next morning. I wasted so much of my good sleepy time reading through all of those negative comments!

Disconnecting from the internet world is super hard sometimes. Especially because I run my life coaching business from home. Yes. I spend most of my day in front of a computer. So shutting it all down feels like I’m not “being a good life coach.”

But when I don’t make time to recharge my brain I literally go bad shit. And because my job is so deeply invested in my emotional balance and energy – it is always so important that I spend time disconnecting from technology and being presenting my own life.


So a few months ago, I started a new routine for myself…. Once a day I walk away from all the technology. I put my phone on airplane mode, I turn off the computer and I set my timer for one hour. In that one hour I do whatever I want… I meditate, I write in my journal… I do some chores… I write to-do lists. I do whatever it is that comes to my mind.

I highly recommend everyone give it a shot. It makes such difference in my overall happiness throughout the day. I feel like for as much time as I spend connecting with other people, I need to spend time connecting with myself too! And that goes for all of us.


Technology unfortunately has the ability to dictate how we feel and what we think about on the day to day. I wrote about this a while back in a post about Facebook  – you should go check it out.

It is really hard to be present and feel fulfilled in your life when you spend so much time stalking other people’s lives. Your life matters too, and you need to pay just as much attention to it as you do your social media feeds. Actually… no. MORE.


My business is based around social media. I am constantly connecting with people on Facebook, and Instagram, sending emails and writing blog posts… being constantly tied to the computer all day is a really emotionally draining thing! That’s why I make it a point to shut things down for an hour once a day. Even if you don’t work from home, my guess is being constantly engaged with your phone has done you some harm too. Shut it down… take a break… and embrace life without technology… if only for an hour.

What’s an hour anyway?

Here’s what I do in my 1 hour to myself away from technology and totally unplugged. 

1.Bubble bath time. I meditate and dim the lights in my bath and jut sort of zen out. It’s my favorite thing on the list.

2. Wear a face mask and read a magazine.

3. Journal and fill out self reflection questions in my 100 Day Self Love Workbook! (You can grab it on amazon)

4. Have a dance party in the kitchen

5. Go outside and play with the dogs and do some gardening.

6. Have a little at home spa day

Have fun! Whatever floats my boat.

Sometimes I just shave my legs… since I have zero time for that lately.

Why I Set Intentions Every Morning.

Why I Set Intentions Every Morning.

It’s a new found habit that I am totally obsessed with. It takes the Law of Attraction to a whole new level. Yes. I am a total Woo-woo lately. And I love it. No shame. Because it works. And It’s awesome being a woo-woo.

I have a BUNCH of favorite morning rituals that I wrote about a while back in this post, but today I wanted to really hone in on giving you ladies one of my favorite pieces of my morning self care routine: setting intentions.

Every a.m. I take out a notebook and ask myself, “What are my three morning intentions for the day?”

It’s a routine I started recently, but it seriously has had such an impact I need to share it with ya’ll.


Setting Intentions is total Game Changer.

Intentions help us gain clarity on the things we want more of and the things we want less of in our life. When we wake up and start our day identifying our intentions and purpose, it gets us super connected to what it is we want to experience in our life.

Setting morning intentions is one of the best ways to start my day. I write down three intentions I want to focus – so I know exactly what I am trying to feel for the whole day.

Lately, my intentions have been sort of similar each morning, but they do change and evolve. You don’t need to make one intention a permanent life intention every single day. What’s great about doing this every morning is that you can always change your mind and create more fun and variety in your life.

So each morning I wake up and ask myself – what three things do I want to accomplish? What three emotions do I want to embrace and experience today? What three main forces of energy do I want to attract today?

And then I write them down, look at them, focus on the words for a few minutes, and then release my thoughts. I always do my best to make sure that whatever intentions I set, they are filled with gratitude and positivity.

My Three Morning Intentions Today:

1. I Will focus on giving and providing service to the world. I will help others.
2. I will feel energized, balanced and clear minded today.
3. I will be productive, without feeling stressed.

Some of my other favorite morning intentions:

1.Today I will feel loved in multiple areas of my life.
2. I will focus on peace and balance in my life today.
3. I wil honor my needs.
4. I will remain present and grounded in every single moment today.
5. I will surround myself with love and positivity.
6. No matter what happens I will protect myself from stressed be surrounded by love instead.

Do you have some favorite morning intentions?

Join the community group and share yours!!



My Morning Self Care Routine

My Morning Self Care Routine

There is something about the mornings lately that just gets me feeling so happy. Crazy, I know. I mean, who really actually enjoys waking up at 4:30AM every day. (Yes… I wake up at 4:30 AM Every morning.)

But I don’t know why, I absolutely LOVE my morning routines lately. Even if it is early and the sun isn’t out.

I used to be the type of lady that hated waking up early. I was always feeling so tired and in a funk when I woke up. It was hard to get my energy pumping first thing – even if I slept till 10AM.

But now things are different. Now I enjoy waking up and starting my day bright and early. And I have a whole routine in the AM that I am truly obsessed with. Seriously.. it’s amazing.

So I wanted to share it with you all – because I think we all could benefit from some more self care in our schedules don’t ya think?


My Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is super important. Not only does it snap your brain into that “it’s morning time,” mindset, but it also keeps you starting your day on the right foot. Even when I skip one or two things on this list, I still know that I am taking time for me each morning and that makes me feel really good.

Wake up and hydrate-

The first thing I do every morning is drink 8 oz. of water. It refreshes me, wakes me up and has me feeling bright and happy first thing in the morning. Sometimes I’ll add a little lemon warmed up, but usually I just grab a quick glass from the fridge. It sounds really silly to have such a small thing be so important to my morning self care routine – but seriously, it keeps me going each morning.

My morning cup of coffee with self reflection-

Then, yes, I have a cup of coffee. Honestly I don’t think it is so much the caffeine that I enjoy as it is the experience of  having a warm cup between my hands as a snuggle under a furry blanket on the couch with my guy. It is as relaxing as it is energizing. He likes having the TV on first thing in the morning which I am personally not a fan of, so I use the time to zone out with my cup of joe and a notebook. I take about 15-20 minutes just to write down my thoughts – how I am feeling and what I am grateful for in my life. (positive vibes only.)

Write down my goals for the day-

I always make sure to write out three big goals for the day – Three things I definitely want to accomplish before the day is done. No matter what, I always make sure one of the things on my list is for me and my own self care. Today’s is a nice bubble bath 🙂

Morning smoothie with Blog work-

Matt goes to work and the first thing I do is have breakfast. Yes. Even if I am not hungry. I sit at my desk with my smoothie and write a blog post for the day. I used to plan my posts but I personally find that writing off the cuff based on how inspired I am feeling is the best thing for me creatively. So yeah… here I am, writing this post! good morning world!


Right after my breakfast, I workout. I used to enjoy working out in the evenings but honestly, I have more energy in the morning. Plus getting my workout out of the way first thing gives me that “no excuses attitude.” It gets my endorphins running and my positive attitude rolling to kickstart the day. I LOVE It.

Meditation time-

I only work out for about half an hour, but I give it 110 percent. When I’m done, I usually just jump right into my daily chore (yes I pick one chore a day) as a cool down from my workout. When I am finished, I hop into meditation land – I spend half an hour zoning out and clearing my mind – trying to connect with my spirituality is a new thing I got going on lately. And I love it.

Shower, get ready and start my day-

YUP. That’s it! It sounds silly and lame to put in a blog post but a lot of people have asked me about my routine – and I love sharing! Hope you enjoyed!

Do you have a favorite morning thing you love doing each day? What is it? I would love to add new special things to my morning schedule!