Happy Birthday to Me! My List of 28 Special Thoughts This Year.

Happy Birthday to Me! My List of 28 Special Thoughts This Year.

Happy birthday to me!!! YAY! Today, for the first time in a long time I actually don’t feel inspired to write on the website! So weird.. I feel like I am just really in the celebration mode! Ready to put on my little party dress and have fun enjoying my birthday.

Yes I am 28 today! Weeeeeeee!!!!

Last year I wrote this post: 27 Lessons about life to celebrate my special day.

So I thought I would write another one… Except….. not exactly the same.

28 Rambled thoughts from This Year

1-Work hard for what you want and never give up.

2-Other people really don’t know what is best for you. You are the expert in who you are.

3-Authenticitiy is really the best most powerful quality you have in life.

4-If you aren’t being true to yourself, you are failing yourself.

5-Appreciate love for what it is in this very moment right now in your life.. not what it could be in a few months or a few years.

6-Taking care of you should always be your number one priority.

7-I really love to curse.. and I don’t feel bad about it anymore. #sorrynotsorry.

8-Unicorns are super cool and so are mermaids.

9-I really really love the color blue.

10-Being yourself on camera and putting yourself out there is one of the scariest things, but also one of the most empowering things.

11-I love love love podcasts. It’s my new favorite thing.

12-Meditation in the silence is truly truly powerful.

13-When you find inner happiness, you never care what other people think of you. And that is amazing.

14-Money is a scary thing.. so is success — but Its something we need to embrace and see with love in order to get what we want.

15-I really really love our new home

16- I am so so grateful for everything I have in my life

17- This is us is an amazing television show.

18- Don’t ever lose track of your healthy lifestyle.. if it is important to you, don’t put it on the back burner to prioritize other things.

19- I am actually excited to Garden in the spring

20- I need to learn how to fall asleep to a show other than Family Guy.

21- Owning a home is the most fun thing ever.

22- I love my girls in the Facebook community… It was a new thing this year and it has been an incredible experience

23- Life is what you make it

24- The law of attraction is a serious real thing guys.

25- You have the power to create your future and turn it into everything you want it to be.

26- Rock bottom is amazing when you can look back and see how far you have come

27- I really really enjoy the creativity I have been feeling lately.

28- This year… I am going to write a book.


Inspirational sayings to get you through life.

Inspirational sayings to get you through life.

We all need a few little inspirational sayings every so often.

Time and time again, whenever I am struggling with feeling happy, I look towards some positive affirmations or inspiring quotes to get me through it.

Here on What is Perfection, I am constantly sharing my self improvement tips to get you through whatever you are going through.

And no matter what, I know that a few strong inspirational sayings can push me out of my slump. So today, I’m just going to throw a few of them out there for ya. Follow my pinterest page if you want more!

inspirational sayings What is Perfection

My Favorite Inspirational Sayings of the Month!


inspirational sayings - What is Perfection



inspirational sayings - What is Perfection



inspirational sayings - What is Perfection






inspirational sayings - What is Perfection




inspirational sayings - What is Perfection


That’s all for today on WIP. Keeping it short and sweet – because I got big things going on for next week! Stay tuned!




My November Goals and Plans

My November Goals and Plans

Yo. It’s November 1st. Can you believe it? Seriously, I can’t. So much has been going on lately in my life. The Fall season is practically running away from me right now. It’s nuts.

Lately, my personal life has been CRAYYYYYY. Matt and I just got engaged *that story is here if you are interested .* And we are shopping for a house, planning for the future and getting super excited.

Not to mention that this week marks the one year anniversary of What is Perfection! (Oh em gee- I cannot believe it.) Time has gone by SOOO fast running my own business. And while I am feeling super nostalgic about the first WIP Birthday celebration, I also got my wheels spinning with a bunch of project ideas, blog topics and self improvement programs.

So today when I was trying to figure out what to write about, it hit me: OH EM GEE IT’S NOVEMBER 1ST! Time for new goals!

I do this at the start of every month. I get out a pen and paper and write out my big goals and ideas for what I want to achieve in the next 30 days.

Most of the time I don’t accomplish everything on the list, but who cares. The point is  I can look back and feel super accomplished for at least doing some of it. I use a SMART goal setting system (check out this post to help you create your own goal setting system too.)

I highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their life – setting month goals is fantastic. So, to get your brain wheels turning, here are my November goals. I love to share my ideas each month because that way I hold myself accountable!


My November Goals


Okay.. here we go.. November goals:

1. Find our dream home.

This is something Matt and I have been working hard towards. We feel ready to find our first dream house and make the big purchase, but falling in love with a home has been a hard process. We are very picky and have specific ideas for our home – and while we think we may have found one recently, we don’t want to jinx it. So yes.. finding our dream home is a top priority for us this month.

2. Improve my healthy lifestyle.

This is something I always put on my goals list, but I’m getting super specific about it this month. I want to spend the rest of the month building on my running mileage. I really enjoy running and consider it a form of meditation, so my goal this month is to run 5 days out of the week every week.

3. Launch Broken to Beautiful for 2016.

The Broken to Beautiful program is a 30 day program I have been working on revising and improving for a new launch at the end of November. The program is a top rated course for women looking to heal their broken hearts. By the way, enrollment is open now and it is going to be AMAZE guys. Seriously .Check it out here.

4. Read more often.

I go through phases where I get into reading a lot – and then randomly I just stop reading. This month I want to focus on incorporating it into my schedule every single day to make sure I have that “relaxing me time.” Right now I am readying “Ego is the Enemy,” and “A Million Little Pieces.” Yes, I read two books at once. Yeah It’s kind of my thing.

5. Be More Vulnerable on WIP.

So I notice that the more I open up on What is Perfection, the more of a difference I can make to my readers. And this month I am determined to get a little more open about my experiences on the blog. So for November, I plan on writing a bit more about my life before I was confident and full of self love – things like my eating disorder, my sexual abuse, and my unhealthy first marriage – expect those posts soon.

6. Grow the Facebook communities and be more “video” present.

If you haven’t noticed the Facebook groups – go get on them! Feel free to join them and enroll here. I offer more self confidence tips and free advice to my readers in those groups! (Plus they are free!)

So that’s it for my November goals. What are yours? I’d love to hear them! 





You’re Going to Want to Read This…

You’re Going to Want to Read This…

“I have no idea what to write about for tomorrow’s blog post.” That’s what I told Matt yesterday when he got home from work. But little did I know something big was about to happen….. YUP. OUR ENGAGEMENT! AH! SURPRISE!


Our Engagement What is Perfection Blog



Last night Matt proposed to me. And I said yes. And we are over the moon happy.

If you’ve read any of our past stories on the blog, you know that Matt is amazing. I don’t  have to convince you. He has always been such a big supporter of What is Perfection and my career ventures. And he goes above and beyond to  show that support 24/7. He’s written posts for the website about what men think of women’s bodies. (My idea, his words.) He’s actively participated in my experiments for readers, like the languages of love. (He’s so patient.)  And he doesn’t bat an eyelash when I get open an honest about our relationship on the website (how much cooler can he get?) Seriously, I am such a lucky girl.

Yesterday I was feeling stuck on my posts with no idea what to write about for today. So my awesome guy took his support to a whole new level: TIME FOR AN ENGAGEMENT.

Okay, okay, that’s not WHY he did it. Don’t worry. We aren’t that crazy.


Our Engagement

I am elated and ecstatic. No joke. I am on cloud nine over this engagement. And while I am so excited to share the news that we are now engaged, there isn’t any fancy sensational story to tag along with it. He proposed. I cried. We said yes.  There was no magical over the top dramatic expression of love. There was no audience or random strangers taking photographs. It was just us.  Quiet. Intimate. Beautiful. And PERFECT. Just what I wanted it to be.

“Things feel the same,” I told him after the big moment. “I think that’s because we always knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. When you know, you just know,” he said.

Can’t get more romantic than that.

Matt and I have been dating for nearly three years now. We met on Match.com (a story you can read about here.) The truth is, I wasn’t exactly ready to fall in love when we met for the first time. I was divorced for more than two years, but my heart wasn’t fully healed from that unhealthy relationship. I was still heart broken, hurt, and damaged. Even if I didn’t know it back then.

But our life timeline is so unpredictable sometimes. I met Matt. We fell in love. And I haven’t looked back since.

Finding someone who not only completes you, but who also enhances your life is the most wonderful thing you can ever do. And I am so grateful he gets to be that person for me.

Our Engagement What is Perfection


So here’s the deal.  Usually when I write a post on What is Perfection, I know exactly what my point is – and I know exactly who I am writing to.

But sharing this story of our engagement, I feel like I am all over the place. So I’ll address everyone, and put it all out there.


To My Family and Friends – The Details of the Engagement

The engagement was such a beautiful special moment. Weve been shopping for our first home this past year, and this past weekend we may or may not have found our dream home (more on that later in the week.)  So last night, while we were dreaming up our future, he decided it was the right time to pop the question.

“There is no one I would rather spend the rest of my life with in that house but you. So Lauren, will you marry me?”

I was 100 percent surprised and 100 percent in capable of processing what was going on.

“Wait… is this for real? Are you really doing this right now?” ….yup.

He was.

I teared up, said yes, and then kissed him like.. a million times.

We are so happy and so excited. But we aren’t planning anything yet. Getting our dream home and settling in is our top priority right now.



To All the Ladies Who Have Been Hurt Before

I used to be you. I used to be sad, confused, hurt, and fearful of the future. Leaving a painful relationship can also leave you jaded and unsure if love is even a real thing. If you are hurting, and have little faith in finding true love… please… hold onto it. Have faith. Even when it feels impossible. Because I would have never found the man of my dreams, if I settled for being alone with a broken heart. Time heals all wounds. And eventually, you will find that person who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. You just need to heal yourself first.

To Anyone Out There Anxiously Waiting For a Proposal.

Practice patience. The universe has a bigger plan for you than you can map out in your head. Six months ago Matt and I started talking about marriage. It was something I never thought I would want to do again. And for a while was on my “not happening list.” But the minute I realized I was so truly in love with Matt that I actually did want to get married, I suddenly felt this strong desire to have that engagement. I was anxious, eager, and constantly waiting for him to just hurry the F up and pop the question. You can read about the “waiting game” in this post.

But if you’re that girl who’s eager for her man to take that step towards commitment, slow things down. Step on the breaks a bit, and let him catch up to you. Finding patience and waiting is the best thing you can do for your relationship. If I pressured Matt, our engagement wouldn’t have been as special as it was. It would have felt forced. But because we took things slow and I let him make the decision about when to pop the question, it was beautiful, special and a total surprise. That’s something every girl deserves.

To My Darling Boyfriend Turned “Fiancé.”

You, Matt, are the love of my life. I am so truly grateful for having you by my side in all of life’s adventures. Thank you for being my rock and my support. I am so in love with you. Now…  “We Buy House.”
our engagement what is perfection









Inside My Memory Box

Inside My Memory Box

I’m the type of girl that needs to hold onto things that are memorable. A broadway show ticket, a beautiful letter from an old teacher, or a birthday card from my grandparents – whatever it is, if it is memorable I just can’t part with it. But I am also a really organized adult who hates clutter. I don’t exactly want to be using old love letters and birthday cards as home decor. So years ago I made a memory box – a safe place for all of those beautiful things I wanted to keep.

I’ve had that box for more than 10 years now. And it is the most beautiful box in the world.

I took it out this weekend for the first time in a long time. Going through everything that was in there, I was flooded with all different emotions. And it just reminded me how special this collection is to me. So today I wanted to share it with you. So maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own memory box too!


memory Box what is perfection


Why You Should Make a Memory Box

My memory box is my life. It is a full collection of everything that I have been through – the good, the bad, and the ugly (but also the beautiful.)  I have old notes I passed to friends in the cafeteria when I was 14. I have a journal that I kept when I first learned how to write. My box is full of little reminders of the moments that have shaped me into the person I am today.

Love letters from old boyfriends

Journal entries from high school

Sheet music from my old favorite songs

I love all of these little memories that fill my box. And I never want to forget any of them.  I’ve built a pretty solid collection of memories over the years.

Whenever I need a reminder of how far I have come in my life, I take out my memory box. Here in this box I can find all the memories of my past and the reminders of the pivotal moments that have made me the person I am today. This memory box holds more than my brain can remember. And I love having it. I can look back, reflect and appreciate all the beautiful experiences that have made me ME.

memory box what is perfection


How to Make a Memory Box

So if your a mushy gushy sappy girl like I am, and you want to make your own memory box full of little reminders of your past, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to give you some tips for how to make your own little inspirational time capsule.

Get a box that inspires you.

I got this beautiful box at Michaels a long long time ago. As you can see by the wear and tear, it clearly needs to be related with something a bit bigger. It’s stretching at the seams! I guess that’s what 27 years of memories will do to a box. This isn’t my first memory box. I started with something much smaller. But I love the color, and the beautiful writing that decorates it. Find something that is durable, sturdy and also emotionally captivating. This is a special place that houses your history, so you want your box to represent you and make you smile!

Be selective with what you keep.

Seriously. Don’t be a memory hoarder. When you make your memory box, it is important to pick and choose the items that you want to keep and the items that don’t mean much. If you have a birthday party and get 25 birthday cards, save the one or two that had a beautiful letter inside. Don’t feel obligated to keep everything. You want to be able to open that box and feel like it is a treasure of beautiful special memories and not EVERY SINGLE memory.

memory box what is perfection

Fill your box with more than papered items.

I have a ton of different things in my memory box. It isn’t just a place for letters, cards and old broadway show tickets. I have an old necklace a boyfriend gave me that I will never wear again. There is also an old perform bottle that has a special meaning to me. These DVDs from when I worked as producer for CBS News are also in my memory box. It’s just a place to keep everything and anything that meant something to me in my life. And the fact that it isn’t just a junk drawer full of old papers makes it feel even more like a treasure chest.

If it means something or says something, save it.

It doesn’t matter what the heck you fill your memory box with. It isn’t for anyone’ eyes but your own. Don’t feel stupid saving a bucket list that was an inside joke with a friend or a bottle cap you picked up for good luck after an awesome game of beer pong with a cute boy. When your the maid of honor at that friend’s wedding or when you marry that cute boy you were drinking with, you’ll thank your former self for putting that special memory away for safe keeping.

memory box what is perfection

Don’t treat your memory box like a junk drawer.

Make it special. Find things that really meant something to you and keep them in there forever. Building a collection to remind you of your past – the good times and the bad times – is a wonderful practice. And you want  to be able to look back and smile at every little thing you saved. I go through my box every six months or so to organize it and carefully weed out some of the things that no longer have value. Treat your memory box like your heart – save what matters and only let in the important things worth keeping. This was a bucket list I made when I moved to Manhattan as a single girl. It was fun to create a new life for myself. I look back on this list and smile knowing that I did a lot of these things!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek into my special memory box. Do you have one of your own? What is your most favorite kept memory?

Now before  I sign off, I have one more thought about memories. Some memories are negative and aren’t worth holding onto.. some of us struggle to let go of the past and move forward from painful experiences. If that’s you, come check out this post and learn how to let go of the past.