Okay. So full disclosure. Last year’s resolutions all came true for me – except for one: Get healthy and lose weight. The truth is I actually did the opposite of that this year.  Got heavy, and got super unhealthy. Running my blog, moving locations, getting engaged, and having the business boom so quickly this year — so much was happening. And I guess I put myself on the back burner.

It’s all my fault, and I take full responsibility for it.

Yes. This life coach is not perfect.

I gained close to 40 pounds this year. YUP. Can you believe it? Well.. I can. None of my clothes fit me, I am super tired all the time, and I know that this is JUST NOT ME. Ever been there? Get so far behind on the person you want to be and then BOOM – you are faced with this total stranger like – what the heck happened? It sucks.

But the truth is, I am actually happy I gained all that weight! Yeah – crazy right? Well, considering I run WIP,  I am looking at this is as a totally amazing opportunity to share my transformation journey with all of you!  The truth is I am an expert in how to lose weight and form a healthy lifestyle. I just haven’t been doing it! Consider this past year my little “healthy lifestyle vacation.” And now I am back on the horse!

I am going to document my healthy lifestyle journey for all of you.

Feeling good in your skin isn’t just about how you look. And I guess that’s why I have gained 40 pounds this year and don’t really feel that bad about it. Surprised? Well.. It’s all about self love ladies. And Now I know that I can do EXACTLY what I need to do in order to make this healthy lifestyle a reality. ESPECIALLY because I am coming from a place of loving myself.

So now here I am with a chance to actually share my journey live – related to something I am TRULY passionate about!  WIP is now going to have a little taste of my healthy lifestyle journey – especially with the Brand New Me Course coming up, it’s just an awesome opportunity to actually participate in a transformation with my girls!

I struggled with my health and body image for a very very long time.

For those of you who don’t know my story when it comes to weight and body image, I used to suffer a serious eating disorder – and I still cope with it from time to time. The story is here. I was once 109 pounds, skin and bones really struggling to feel good about myself. And I guess ever since then finding that balance in my life has been difficult. But I also was really over weight at one point.. more than I am now. I and I guess I just realized that I will never have the “perfect” body. That self love is what’s allowing me to be so open with all of you here!

So here I am – heavy, and starting over. And like I said, I am actually really excited about sharing the journey with all of you!  And with 2017 officially here, the universe is giving me a fresh start to tackle what is so super important to me!healthy lifestyle journey




I am prepping my meals each week.

This is something I used to do when I was living in Manhattan and working a full time job. And it worked really really well for me.  Having a plan in place takes the guess work out of everything for me. It makes me know that I have something straight and consistent to go to every single meal so I don’t necessarily grab the quick and easy crappy foods that are lying around the house. Yes. I am taking the guess work OUT of it.

I am learning to say no more often.

Matt makes breakfast with Bacon? I can say no. Brownies at the table for a treat? I can say no. The more I make decisions for myself, the more I feel empowered to keep focused on what it is I want to achieve -and that is a healthy body, a life full of energy, and a temple that I feel truly reflects who I am on the inside. Saying no is not a bad thing. It isn’t rejecting love and it isn’t denying someone’s affection. It is simply being in control and deciding that “I know what’s best for myself.”

I am documenting my lifestyle.

Not to show off, not to just create more content or keep myself busy (trust me, I am busy enough.) I am documenting my weight, my measurements, and my daily food intake and exercise routine. I and I am doing it for a reason: Keeping track HOLDS me accountable, and it also shows me what is working and what isn’t. I tell all my clients to keep track of their progress, and that’s exactly what I am doing for myself too!

I am dedicating time every single day to me.

This is one of the hardest things for me to do. Especially running my own business. I always feel like I am not doing enough, like I am not dedicating enough time to my business, like I can always be doing more. But when I do that, I am failing myself (and consequently my business.) How can I be the best for other people if I am not the best for myself? That’s why I am promising myself to dedicate at least two hours a day to me. Working out, journaling, reading, and growing. Personal development is by far my favorite thing on earth – so how could I possibly deprive myself of that!?

Any one else starting a healthy lifestyle journey for 2017? tell me in the comments what 4 things you will challenge yourself to do for your new lifestyle this year!