A while back I discovered something called GOMI forums. Never heard of it? It is seriously the worst most hateful place ever in the internet world. So don’t go there. But you probably will.

GOMI forums is a place where people go to bash bloggers. And it is a really mean place. I stumbled on it when I was reading Lemon Stripes  … she had mentioned people were saying hurtful things about her on the forum, and having never heard of it, I was like.. Oh man what is that, let me go check it out!

Big mistake.

I was up for HOURS.. browsing through all of the forums for bloggers I follow. I was pretty shocked at how hurtful people are. It is truly shocking to read some of the negativity that lives in those forums. Side note: Never judge someone by their blog. Don’t be hurtful guys.



But still, I was up all night in bed with the TV on and my phone in hand scrolling and trolling. Comment after comment. I just couldn’t put it down…when I was finished I looked at the clock: I had literally spent more than an hour browsing through those feeds!  No wonder I woke up feeling tired the next morning. I wasted so much of my good sleepy time reading through all of those negative comments!

Disconnecting from the internet world is super hard sometimes. Especially because I run my life coaching business from home. Yes. I spend most of my day in front of a computer. So shutting it all down feels like I’m not “being a good life coach.”

But when I don’t make time to recharge my brain I literally go bad shit. And because my job is so deeply invested in my emotional balance and energy – it is always so important that I spend time disconnecting from technology and being presenting my own life.


So a few months ago, I started a new routine for myself…. Once a day I walk away from all the technology. I put my phone on airplane mode, I turn off the computer and I set my timer for one hour. In that one hour I do whatever I want… I meditate, I write in my journal… I do some chores… I write to-do lists. I do whatever it is that comes to my mind.

I highly recommend everyone give it a shot. It makes such difference in my overall happiness throughout the day. I feel like for as much time as I spend connecting with other people, I need to spend time connecting with myself too! And that goes for all of us.


Technology unfortunately has the ability to dictate how we feel and what we think about on the day to day. I wrote about this a while back in a post about Facebook  – you should go check it out.

It is really hard to be present and feel fulfilled in your life when you spend so much time stalking other people’s lives. Your life matters too, and you need to pay just as much attention to it as you do your social media feeds. Actually… no. MORE.


My business is based around social media. I am constantly connecting with people on Facebook, and Instagram, sending emails and writing blog posts… being constantly tied to the computer all day is a really emotionally draining thing! That’s why I make it a point to shut things down for an hour once a day. Even if you don’t work from home, my guess is being constantly engaged with your phone has done you some harm too. Shut it down… take a break… and embrace life without technology… if only for an hour.

What’s an hour anyway?

Here’s what I do in my 1 hour to myself away from technology and totally unplugged. 

1.Bubble bath time. I meditate and dim the lights in my bath and jut sort of zen out. It’s my favorite thing on the list.

2. Wear a face mask and read a magazine.

3. Journal and fill out self reflection questions in my 100 Day Self Love Workbook! (You can grab it on amazon)

4. Have a dance party in the kitchen

5. Go outside and play with the dogs and do some gardening.

6. Have a little at home spa day

Have fun! Whatever floats my boat.

Sometimes I just shave my legs… since I have zero time for that lately.