I Really Love Today’s Podcast Episode.
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I Really Love Today’s Podcast Episode.

Guys.. this is so much right now. I am obsessing over my interview with Riley Beau Gold on the Imperfection in Me Podcast. It was such a freaking honor to interview him.

If you haven’t listened to it. You need to go check it out.  Riley Beau Gold is the founder of Fearless Humans –  which is just as bad ass as it sounds.  His message is that we are all human first – and the human values and rights that we share cross all genders, sexual identities and what not. I love the openness and the real raw vibe of this interview. Just so honored to share it.




This man is beautiful. And he is amazing.

I am so proud of the podcast.

So of course when I got a  hateful man blowing up my Facebook condemning it, I needed to say something.


Seriously… it pains me the people are so judgmental about other people’s live choices.

We all have to walk our own journey. And we should never discriminate against someone because they are on a different path than we are.