Here are a few little things that are making me super happy this weekend. Like.. okay, yeah, I am sick. And it sucks. But So What? There are plenty of Awesome things to be happy about!


  1. This Funfetti White Chocolate popcorn Recipe
  2. The Awesome Full House Trailer Came Out This Week — And I’m Really Excited About It.
  3. This Diamond Company Mades a Pure Grown Jewel that doesn’t harm the world and is Socially Responsible.No more blood diamonds guys.
  4. Kate Vogel Has a New Album that I really Love… Remember her guys? From One Tree Hill? Yeah.. she’s cool. and Her new album is pretty fun!
  5. These Awesome T-Shirts By Jawbreaking… and their 30% Off Deal Right now.

Awesome little things that make me happy.. Just wanted to share them all with you this weekend! Have an awesome V-Day guys!


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