It’s Valentines Day! Ahhh I love it. If you’re single and you hate it, don’t worry, we will get to that in a minute. I’m gonna shove Valentines Day loves far down your throat you are going to love it.


But seriously.. these cookies. I Can’t even deal. Omg I am all over the place today!



This is the first Valentines day I feel excited for in awhile. So much is happening today that is worth celebrating! Matt has some surprise for me (which is fun of course) and I also have an amazing work schedule today, with a fun amazing podcast episode I am recording with Ruby Fremon! So excited to have her on the Imperfection in Me Podcast! (stay tuned for more details on that next week!)

Okay. So yes. I have a lot to celebrate. But I also have a lot I want to share. Today I thought I would take some time to really list the 14 most valuable lessons on love and how to have the happiest relationship life possible. These 14 lessons have guided me through my love life and got me to where I am today. And I am so excited to share. Okay. here we go!

1- Love you’re relationship, but always love yourself more.

2-If honesty and trust do not exist, there is no love.

3- a healthy relationship partner loves you for all that you are and all that you aren’t. He doesn’t try to change you and he doesn’t try to make you feel bad about being different.

4-respect is the fundamental basis of all happy healthy relationships. If you have no respect, you have no healthy relationship.

5-communiciation is more important than anything – even more important than good sex.

6-Your partner will never give you what you need unless you are trying to figure out how to give it to yourself first.

7-It isn’t “crisis situations” that damage relationships  – it’s how you handle those situations. And a relationship can get through anything if the right people communicate the right way.

8-Forgiveness is not just saying “I forgive you.” Forgiveness is a two way street. Both people need to work on healing through whatever it is.

9-You will never find true love unless you find true love within yourself.

10- Your partner is not your other half. Your partner is like the delicious cheese cake after dinner. You are a complete dish on your own.

11- Being real and raw in your relationship is the only way. And if you can’t feel comfortable being real and raw, you have a problem.

12- Love should exist when you are apart and when you are together. But being apart is important.

13- 90 percent of arguments should be respectful and have a positive outcome. If they don’t -somethings up.

14- love yourself first. Always love yourself.