Let’s talk about intuition… the idea of following your gut instinct and being true to what makes you you. Intuition is a blessing.. it’s what leads us to make amazing unique decisions for ourselves and our lives. Intuition is what has let leaders break out into broken industries and create massive change. It’s what fuels leaders and ignites amazing success in people.. Intuition and following your gut can be a great experience… except when it isn’t.

Because when we don’t follow through with what’s right for us in our life, intuition turns a constant plague on our bodies and a total curse to our happiness. Do you know what I’m talking about? Intuition, when ignored, is that little voice inside your head that constantly reminds you something isn’t right. It’s that uncomfortable feeling in your tummy — that upset stomach that can only be cured by honest action. It’s that tightness in your chest that just makes you want to scream from the rooftops, leave town or start a new life somewhere…  When you aren’t being true to yourself, intuition is a constant reminder of all that you aren’t.



Following Your Intuition

I want to write and tell you all about the reasons you should be true to yourself… the reasons you should speak you mind, be honest, be open, live your life the way you truly want to etc…. but I’m not one for lectures. I’ve been told to do way too many things by way too many people (on way too many occasions) in my life…things that weren’t right for me at all. Spending this blog post telling you what to do now, even if it is following your heart, seems pretty hypocritical of me.

But I guess I just want to recognize how important it is. Following your intuition is a hard thing to do! Especially when it means leaving or walking away from something. When I was a producer at CBS I was incredibly unhappy, yes, but it took me months to actually follow my gut instincts and walk away. I wanted to leave more than anything… but for a while, I didn’t. I didn’t because I was afraid of disappointing other people. I was afraid that the confident feeling I had about leaving was pure imagination…. Everyone was telling me how wrong it was. “Don’t leave without a job lined up,” they said. “Your walking away from an amazing company,” they said. “You won’t be able to find a job in this industry as good as this,” they said.

For a while the self doubt I created in my mind held me back from making the decision my gut was screaming at me to make. Inside I knew it was right for me, but the world around me told me that it wasn’t. It created this crazy off balance that took such a toll on me. Soon, the anxiety of staying in a place that was so wrong for me began to eat me alive. I was drinking every night trying to cope with the stress and depression I had experienced…my boyfriend, on a few occasions, came home to find me passed out on the floor. It was horrible. Looking back it was horrible. But in the moment, I was oblivious to the destruction I was creating in my life because I felt destroyed on the inside.

Why? Because I wasn’t being true to what I knew was right for me. And in trying to make it work I was breaking everything else around me.

Maybe you have felt this way before.. maybe there is something in you that tells you to walk away from a friend who is bad news… or a boyfriend who miss treats you… maybe your career is not what you wanted it to be but you are scared to surrender and start over.

Don’t be afraid. There is nothing to be afraid of. If your gut tells you something is truly right for you… go do it. If your stomach is churning because where you are now in life isn’t where you want to be, go do something about it. If your heart is singing a song different than the world around you, put on your headphones and start singing along.

Your Intuition is everything.


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