It’s normal to wake up feeling a bit tired depleted and in need of a serious caffeine pick me up right? Well… no. Not really. You shouldn’t bee feeling that way. But if you do, there may be a reason why. And the answer lies in figuring out the solution to the coffee vs tea debate.

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Coffee Vs Tea – What you Need to Know

Eating right and making healthy choices for your life and daily routine can certainly prevent that sluggish feeling in the a.m. But every once in a while we all need a little caffeine boost don’t you think? Whatever your morning elixir is, I wanted to talk a little bit about the tea vs coffee debate. So you can figure out exactly what you need for that little energy boost.

The Benefits of Drinking Tea Instead of Coffee

What’s more hydrating in the coffee vs tea debate? While coffee is also made by brewing water, Tea is really such a better brew for you. Not only does it replenish you, but it also doesn’t deplete your body of electrolytes.  It’s essentially just H20 and flavoring. Coffee tends to be a bit harsher on the tummy. And while both provide the caffeine boost we all long for in the morning (or middle) of the day, Tea will replenish your low dose of H2O without actually stripping away the electrolytes you need. That means that on a hot summer day, it’s more beneficial to replace any fluids you lost with a nice fresh cup of loose leaf tea and water. (add ice after it brews)

Tea reduces your chances of Cancer (coffee vs tea win.) There is little scientific evidence to support the idea that tea cuts back your chances of cancer, but I am a firm believer that the natural plants used to make your yummy teas can actually reduce your chances of the big C. Plants are a natural cure all ya’ll!

Your Caffeine High Will Last A Lot Longer: There’s been arguments over what drink actually has more caffeine right? You’ve heard it tons of times.. one minute people are telling you coffee is stronger, the next, “Oh no.. the green tea is more powerful!” but the truth is, they both have the same amount of caffeine. The only difference is coffee tends to have a much bigger “crash effect” than coffee does. Tea has a lower chance of reducing your energy levels when you come off that caffeine high. If you want something to keep you going through the day without feeling that 3pm crash, grab a tea, not a cup of joe. (Check out this site for more info)

Antioxidants Galore!: Want a caffeine drink that actually reduces your chances of getting sick and keeps your immune system rocking and rolling? Tea!!! Tea for me, tea for you, tea for everyone! Drink tea!

It Doesn’t Reduce Your Bone Density or Strip Fluoride from Your Teeth: Need I say anything else? Say goodbye to yellow stained teeth and doesn’t make your bones wilt away. “An Australian study recently found that people who drank tea on a regular basis had stronger bones and actually were less likely to develop osteoporosis thanks to the high levels of tea catechins. In addition, another study a few years earlier found that drinking tea helped promote healthy bone formation.” Read more Here 

Shedding Unwanted Pounds: Want to curb your appetite a bit and shed some unwanted pounds? go for some herbal tea! Tea is a better substitute because it taste great without any added sugar or milk. Plus it helps kickstart your metabolism and quench your thirst.

coffee vs tea what is perfection


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