I’m no crazy Vegan Activist. But ask me about meat products, where they come from and what they do to our bodies and I simply will not shut up. I am a firm believer that animal protein is really no good for us. Dairy is deadly. And The Food and Ag. institutions of this country are as messed up A.F. When It comes to living a Vegan lifestyle, I am not always perfect. I slip up. I haven’t exactly gotten my diet down pat where I am no longer longing for fatty foods during that time of the month…. but alas … what can you do. When I was interested in the art of living vegan, I started reading up on diet trends and educating myself on the food industry… then I found these books about Vegan diets that completely changed my life. I will share them in the order I read them…. I swear.. they changed my life.


The Books About Vegan Diets You Have to Read

Books About Vegan Diet What is Perfection

 Skinny Bitch: The first time I saw this book I was in Catholic high school… a girl on my bus was reading it. I was like WAAAAAAA CURSE WORDS!!!! But years later, when I was thinking about becoming a Vegan, i picked it up. The book was quick and easy to read but it really spoke to me. At first, I got a kick out of all the cursing and relaxed language of the writer… but as I kept reading I was SHOCKED. The book is kind of like a collection of different sourced information on why meat is bad for your body, how animals are treated and how completely F-ed the Food industry is. It was a great first start and I read it in  like a day… but it really got me thinking about what I was doing to my body.

Books about vegan what is perfection


Books About Vegan Diets and Animal Treatment – Slaughterhouse: In Skinny Bitch, one of the sources they sited was Slaughterhouse by Gail A. Eisnitz. This is exactly what you think it is: The book about how animals are treated. I was instantly hooked on the idea that this one would be my second read about vegan diets… I was dying to know more details on what actually happens. Note: I had a really hard time finding this one in the bookstore. You have to order it online. (all the books are linked at the bottom of this post) …This book was so so emotionally compelling for me. The writer went undercover to a bunch of different slaughterhouses in the U.S. and documented what she saw in this book. She interviews a lot of workers too.. I was shocked. The book was really hard to read but nothing ever moved me as much as this text did. I remember a few weeks into reading it my mom made a turkey dinner… and I couldn’t eat it. All I could think about was the book I had just read. I didn’t eat any animal products for over a year after reading this one.

books about being vegan what is perfection

Books About Vegan Diets  and the Industry: The Food Revolution: This one was long.. no doubt. But it was really very interesting to read. John Robbins was going to be an heir to the Baskin Robbins empire… but he turned it all down, became a vegan and wrote this book. I mean.. that ALONE should drive you to want to read it. He is a great writer — and in detail, talks a ton about the food industry and how we are led to believe what the government wants us to based on their financial gain. We think things are good for us because the government tells us.. but they tell us because … well… they are making tons of money off of it.

There are a ton more books on the Vegan diet that I would love to share.. but I want to hear from you! What Books About Being Vegan have you read? Are you interested in being a vegan but hold back? What’s the reason? I want to hear!

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