As I am writing this post, my boyfriend Matt is sitting on the bed next to me playing this crazy wrestling match game on playstation or something. I don’t really know why he likes it or what’s so great about it, but it’s his thing. And I totally respect that. Because weekends are made for just that – doing your thing… Whatever the heck it is. And a true real weekend means spending your free time not giving a flying fairy what other people want you to do or what work will be like on Monday.. or what chores you have to do or what bills have to be paid. Weekends are for not worrying, not stressing, and just being lazy AF.

Am I right?

Uh.. yeah… I wish.

This is the real world… the real world where you have boring-ass adult responsibilities. Forget pancakes and tea in bed. This is the world where Saturdays basically start with you scarfing down some quick granola bar as you run out the door half hung over and try to get to the bank just as it opens, just so you can go grocery shopping while avoiding a crowd and making it home in time to get three loads of laundry in.

If you went out on Friday night, congratulations.. you have exercised all your “fun” for the weekend. But by the end of your Saturday (which you have spent adulting the crap out of yourself) sure your Friday night hangover is gone, but you can’t stomach the idea of doing anything that requires energy. So maybe you just spend the evening at home watching a Scandal and falling asleep with your cat.

Then Sunday comes and we are all like, shyyyyt. Where did the weekend go??

Now am I right?  Ring a bell?

My weekends used to sound like this.. except I’m allergic to cats.. I would pass out on the couch by 9pm, drooling all over my dog to reruns of I Love Lucy…. And if there was a weekend where I wasn’t cramming every “grownup” chore I had to do into one day, I’d be adulting in other ways —  family obligations like birthdays or communion celebrations or whatever.

Basically the weekends left very little room for me to just.. well.. be me. and chill out. Little room for fun. Little room for relaxing. Little room for what weekends are ideally are supposed to be like.


I wrote a post a while back about killing the Sunday Blues.. that icky feeling that comes around 3pm when you realize that the break from real life is almost over and you have to return to your office job. But really, having a happy awesome weekend is the true way to prevent yourself from feeling drained and ill prepared for Monday. So here’s how you do it.

How to Make Your Weekend Awesome

Matt and I like to space things out in our weekend schedule. Look at us right now for instance.. I’m writing… because duh, I love it. He’s playing video games, because duh.. he’s a weirdo-nerd and loves it. High fives to us for being us. We play on our toys until .. say ten, when we will head out and go start our morning with a few grown up things.. like grocery shopping and bank visits. But we don’t cram it all in at once. We space it out with some fun. We’ll come home, watch tv, relax with a cup of tea on the couch.. maybe even do a puzzle.

As far as all the chores for the house, I use a simple time management guide that has really helped me space out my obligations as a grown up. Instead of cramping my weekend style with cleaning a bathroom or vacuuming, I space out my chores to do one thing each day during the week. That way, by the time Saturday comes, I have this free amazing time on my hands to do whatever the heck I please.

So here are the lessons for having an awesome weekend that doesn’t suck you dry of energy and happiness. 

1.Space out your chores. Don’t do everything all in one day. It ruins things. Duh. The end. who wants to spend the whole weekend sweating like a pig scrubbing the bathroom floors anyway?

2.Shut off Technology for a few hours. I love shutting off my phone for an hour or two just to give myself that break from being constantly connected to everyone. It’s really easy to get wrapped up in mindless instagram surfing and can take time away from doing things for you. Sure pictures of other people’s awesome weekends are exciting… but when they keep you from having an awesome weekend yourself, you’ve got a problem.

3.Include one beauty treatment for yourself each weekend. Sometimes I have a total spa day. Other times, I just paint my nails at home or go out to the nail salon. My new obsession is getting my eyelashes done. I love relaxing for an hour while the ladies pamper my face.

4.Learn to Say No. This one was a really hard thing for me to do. And  honestly, I still struggle with it sometimes. If there’s a party you feel obligated to go to but a party in your pjs watching game of thrones and drinking pino sounds way more exciting to you, then F it and go do it. You are an adult now. There is no reason to keep saying yes to everything. You don’t need to live life pleasing other people. Go do what you want to do.

5. Go Exercise: It’s easy to look at exercise as a chore, but the truth is, you can actually enjoy it and find it relaxing! Tomorrow Matt and I are going for a hike.. a fun relaxing way to get some activity into your schedule, boost your endorphins and increase your energy on the regular.

6.Take Time for Yourself: I don’t care what it is. Journaling, reading, Diy projects.. just go do it. Go be you. Remind yourself of your hobbies, passions and interests and go do things for yourself that bring you joy. You’re not a boring person… remember why by practicing the hobbies you love.

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