Starting a 50 Pound Weight-loss Journey.

Starting a 50 Pound Weight-loss Journey.

Okay guys… welcome back to the blog. I know it’s been a while since I wrote on here – mainly because I have had so much shit going on in life – but also mostly because I felt like I had nothing to write about.

YUP. I was avoiding some serious things I definitely needed to talk about.

I got real deal about my struggle on my FACEBOOK VIDEO YESTERDAY (go watch it. It’s epic.) But if you hate watching videos, I’ll give you the recap: I have some serious weight to lose.

I have spent the last 2 years getting my business off the ground and it took a LOT out of me. I was stressed, overwhelmed, and really way too wrapped up in my work and not at all focused on taking care of myself. I gained about 50 pounds in the last two years. No joke. 50. And now I’m dedicated to losing it.

I’ve decided I am going to be using my blog space on What is Perfection to document this journey. I’ve been doing so much work for the Badass Business Babes that I think it’s time I reactivate this safe space of the What is Perfection Blog to document all the things I’m doing for my health and wellness.

So Yes. Here I go. Dedicated and committed to actually losing this weight and getting the body back that I deserve. It’s time. It’s definitely time.

I want to lose 50 pounds. I am ready to get this shit under control. And I’m super serious about making it happen. No more waiting. Time to take action. <3

My Crazy F**ked Up Life Story.

My Crazy F**ked Up Life Story.

Can you tell me more about your journey? How did you get to where you are?

I got this beautiful message in my Facebook inbox this week from a girl wanting to know how I got here. I sat on this message for two days totally stumped on how to answer her.

How the hell did I get here?

It’s not that I don’t know, it’s just that responding and answering this in a short couple of sentences in messenger seems almost impossible to me. I have been through so much in my life. Even though I am life coach and business coach today – it took me a very long time to get here. And to tell the story of how it all happened I knew I was going to need way more than just a couple of text messages. I needed a full on blog post. So here it is. Everything you need to know:

My Crazy F**ked Up Life Story of How I Got Here

Like most light workers, I was born into this world feeling like I didn’t fit in. I always felt older than everyone around me and it made it really hard to deeply connect and form friendships. But also like most light workers, I had a series of really terrible and tough experiences that for a shot time left me jaded. Looking back I believe all of those hardships were put there in my life for a reason: So I could learn, grow, heal, and then eventually coach. So no wonder that’s where I am.

Let me take you back to where it all started.

My Crazy Childhood.

I started to feel out of place at a really young age. I had terrible bullies during grade school – mostly boys – who picked on me for being ugly, chubby, and as an italian girl – a little extra hairy. I felt so alone. (read my bully post if you want to know more)

I spent most of my days at recess sitting in the piano room alone writing music and brainstorming my big girl dreams in a journal. Looking back, that was kind of an early stage sign of my passion about writing. I had such an unhealthy body image back then, but this time in my life was also the start of my unhealthy relationship with men. I wanted desperately to have a boyfriend who could make me feel pretty and safe. I started pouring my attention and energy into trying to attract a boy and getting him to like me. When it didn’t work in my private tiny little Catholic School, I found a boy outside of that environment who took an interest in me.

His Name was Mike. He was 17 and I was 13, which of course has some big red flags. I was naive and inexperienced. He was aggressive and had been around the block a few times. He wasn’t good news. One night I was babysitting my sisters, he broke into my house with six of his friends and attacked me. When he left I was bruised, in tears, and robbed of my stereo and jewelry. I pretended like it never happened.

Teenage Fog.

Pretending something big, traumatic and very adult didn’t happen in my life wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I went through high school and actually didn’t ever feel anything come up surrounding the assault. I wouldn’t consider it a suppressed memory, since I knew it had happened, but the emotions weren’t there. At least not usually. When they surfaced or got triggered from time to time, I would drink or cut my arms to feel something other than the past experience I had. I forced myself to live in fog. It was almost like I watched something happen in my past rather than actually having experienced it. Emotional detachment at it’s best.

Raped on Campus.

My freshman year of College I was raped by someone I knew. It was nearing Easter Vacation when it happened, and it turned my world BLACK. Everything I experienced as a young 13 year old girl started to surface, and the trauma consumed me. I suddenly developed severe emotional issues. I couldn’t sleep. I was taking drugs and using alcohol aggressively to cope with the heavy overwhelmingly painful feelings I was experiencing. I developed manic tendencies and became extremely reckless in my decision making. Part of me wanted to die. All of me wanted to forget. So I tried to. (see this post)


I attempted to kill myself and ended up in the hospital. When I woke after about 10 hours or so of being unconscious, the man who rapped me sat by my bedside with a teddy bear. I always wondered if he was feeling remorseful in that moment seeing me there near death, or if he was trying to keep me from telling the doctors what had led me to this decision to try and end my life. Surprisingly, I was sent home. When I tried a second time, I was mandated into an inpatient treatment program. I left college and spent weeks in a psychiatric ward.


Bipolar Disorder. Borderline Personality Disorder. Anxiety. Depression. These were words I would hear for the next seven years as Doctors tried to find the medication cocktail that worked. I was numbing my body from experiencing and dealing with what had happened, and it was exploding out of me in the form of mental illness. I wanted it to go away. Pills did that. My mental illness was the problem  – not my life – right?

Finding Husband.

I left that university, came home, and spent the next years of my life trying to feel safe. I enrolled in a local collage, and spent the rest of my college years burying myself in school work, and I found an older man to keep me safe. We got engaged. I got a job working for a National News Broadcast. I did all of this while ignoring my trauma and popping pills to treat my mental illness. About a few months after we were married – I found out he was a series liar and a drug addict. Our relationship turned abusive. Why is this happening to me? I kept asking. The universe kept sending me trial because I wasn’t facing my shit and was trying to run from it instead. So when we got married and he turned out to be a heavily addicted drug addict – I think it was the universe’s little love note to me that I needed to stop running.

Rock Bottom and Alone.

When the world hands you a bunch of chaos, you have two choices. You can sit there and say, “yup, this is me and my life sucks,” and sort of conform to the idea that everything will always be horrible. (This is what most people do.) But what many don’t realize is that you have a second choice: You can do the work and fight for what you deserve. Walking away from my unhealthy marriage left me at rock bottom again – a place that I was very familiar with. Having been there so many times before, It was almost felt like that was where I was supposed to be – as if to say, rock bottom was just how life was always going to be.

I was labeled with a mental illness, had a serious of traumatic experiences in my laundry list of accomplishments, and I was broke, Who will love me now? was the big impending fear-based question. What I didn’t realize back then was that I needed to love myself first if I was ever going to get someone to treat me with love.

Rock bottom was only familiar because I wasn’t facing any of my bull shit or doing any of the work around my trauma. And I kept falling into Rock Bottom because I was never actually facing my shit. I was just trying to run from it hoping that one day I would run so far that it would be gone. It never goes away. No matter how fast you run.

Returning Home.

Over the next five years I started to change. I was ready. And even though i didn’t know how exactly to make that happen, I knew that not knowing how was okay. The universe would show me the way so long as I was ready. So I decided to jump. Slowly, I started to shed the old me. I made a list of all of my bad habits and decided to start shedding them one by one.

Smoking Cigarettes
Drinking Hard Liquor
Drinking Wine
Drinking anything I can get my hands on
Prescription antipsychotics
Prescription anxiety pills
Prescription pills just for fun

I decided that if I was going to work through all my bullshit I needed to do it in full authentic feeling – I Couldn’t be numbering myself. So my slow transition into sobriety begun. I spent a great deal of time shedding the negative -since there was so much of it in my life. When that was done, I had room to replace and repair what was left with positive love and emotional education. I went to the bookstore and started studying on my personal development journey. During my down time at work in my corporate job, I would study Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein and Wayne Dyer.

I lost everything in my life. And I lost it multiple times. The process of finding my way back to who I truly was meant to be took me a long time – I spent five years trying to fix and repair my life after all of this. But in the process of losing myself, I gained so much more: I was able to become the person I was meant to be.

Here’s what happened – in the process of finding my authentic higher self,  I realized my old life no longer served me anymore. Suddenly my job and my career felt so inauthentic. I was screaming in my soul feeling like I was ready to leave and unleash a new me. I had to walk away from my corporate world. I was ready to branch out. I just had no idea what was next.

My coach now told me this quote I remember in times like this: “When you find your authentic truth, everything around you that is inauthentic falls apart.” It is so true.

When you shed your old self and you start to heal, something magical happens – your intuition starts to speak to you. And here, in this case, my intuition and higher self were screaming “leave your job.” — your inner voice sometimes doesnt seem like it makes much sense. I was living in Manhattan and had a steady income at the time – walking away from my job seemed to make no sense at all. I ignore the urge for a while, but it got to a point that I couldn’t NOT listen. I had to jump. And so I did. ( I wrote about it here.)


At first, I had a great deal of healing to do when I walked away from my job. It was kind of the final last straw of shedding my old self – the one final thing I needed to let go of. But as exciting as that shift was, it still hurt. I felt like a failure. I felt like a fraud. I felt like I had given up on a passion for my corporate job – a passion that once was very much alive. I was sad to walk away but at the same time I knew it was right. My soul was calling me for something bigger. The minute I started to listen – everything changed.

I didn’t know what was next. All I knew is that I loved to write – and I was going to learn how to do it authentically in a way that allowed me to share my stories and make a difference in the world. A few weeks after I had quit my job, I was sitting in my apartment brainstorming website names for whatever big thing I was about to do (I had no idea what it was going to be.)

I sat there googling and looking around my apartment for things that represented me that I could somehow translate into a brand name. “I love journals dot com?” or how about “this color blue I’m obsessed with really rocks dot com?” Ugh I felt ridiculous. And then, there it was, right in front of me on the beautiful poster that I had been carrying around with me for years.

It all made sense. So I did it. When I started my website I had no intention of being a life coach. But through my spirituality I told the universe I would be ready to receive whatever it sent me. And boy was it sending me the signs I was ready to coach. As I shared my stories and started opening up on the blog, an outpour of people started to follow. Rock bottom wasn’t such a lonely place after all. In fact, so many people were there too, trying to get out, trying to figure out how to fix their life. And here I was having done just that, and they wanted to learn how to do it too.

Now my business – which started as just a safe space and blog for women who were struggling has turned into something much more incredible.

What is Perfection is note just a blog anymore.

It’s a transformation resource for women.

The Brand New Me Course teaches women how to have their own massive life transformations in 12 weeks.

Broken to Beautiful is a 30 day program that helps women heal through their breakups of unhealthy relationships

The Self Love Method Program shows women how to become life coaches and get certified in my coaching method.

My 1:1 Coaching 6 Month Program has helped so many women through their transformations in a private sacred space.

The WIP Tribe Facebook Community is a safe space for women to come together and grow during their healing journey.

It started with one small decision to listen to my heart.

Here’s the lesson here. Wherever you are right now is not where you have to be. You have the power to change anything in your life. If your soul is calling you to lead others – go do it. If your heart is begging you to heal yourself – go spend time and money working on that. Take your self love journey seriously. Do not ever compromise your worth.

Today I am happier and more full than ever before. I have an amazing wonderful future husband who supports and encourages me every step of the way. I have a beautiful purpose and a fully raw and open heart that doesn’t feel hurt anymore. I feel truly amazing and blessed to have gone on this journey and be where I am today. Had I not been through the trauma – I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing now – so remember – your life and your journey has a purpose. Listen to your calling and follow your heart.


Pua’s Story.

Pua’s Story.

Did you see my post on Facebook yesterday? Our family grew by one! Yes, yesterday, Matt and I adopted a little piggly wiggly and we named her Pua! (Yes. From Moana.) We are absolutely in love with the little girl. She is such a hand full – more so than a dog. It actually feels like we have a new born baby on our hands! (Don’t get insulted moms – I don’t have babies and I’m sure its even more stressful) But yes. This little baby is two weeks or so old and needs a ton of TLC.

Okay.. so you all want to know right? How did it happen? Well, here it is.

The Story of Pua

Every Sunday morning, Matt and I have a tradition: We go to the store and get two scratch off tickets, and then we go and have a nice delicious breakfast at this diner right by our house that we love. I usually get a veggie wrap with some kind of side while he orders a different thing every time (he is setting a goal to try everything on the menu at least once.) “What do you want to do today?” I asked. “I don’t know. I would kind of like to drive around and check out some new streets, that’s always fun.” (We are seriously old people.)

We moved to this town in January, and so every once in a while we like to go exploring. There isn’t much to see around here – it’s very quiet. Just a couple of little old school towns and general stores – it’s a very relaxed way of living. There are a lot of farmers in the area, and we really enjoy just letting the road take us to new places.

So we hit the road. About a half an hour or so into our drive we saw a sign: “Piglets for sale, $75.”

“Matt! We can get a pig and name it PUA! From Moana!!!!” I got so excited.

He agreed that we would look, but we wouldn’t make any decisions until  we asked the farmer a bunch of questions.

“We’ll have a sidebar and decide.”

Okay I said. I agreed, all smiles.

Well, we called the number on the sign and before we knew it we were on a piece of farm property, meeting this awesome guy named Ray. He has sheep, Goats, Peacocks and Rabbits. Oh. And Duh. Pigs.

So he took us down into a dark barn where there were rows and rows of pregnant and nursing pigs. They were huge – 600-700 pounds or so! The pigs almost all go off to become meat – some grow up to breed more pigs, so we felt sort of nobel in our cause to at least try to rescue a piglet.

Ray took us up and down a bunch of trows of nursing piglets. He pointed to one bin that had pigs about a week and a half old. Also of them were pretty small, but there was one little quarter sized runt of the group. He picked her up and handed her to me.

“If you want that one you can have her for free because you are going to save her life,” he said. We knew she was ours.

Pua (which also means flower or to emerge or blossom) was way too small compared to her other brothers and sisters and was getting pushed around in the group. She wasn’t getting access to any of the milk and was going to starve to death.

We knew we had to take her home.

Pua is about 3 pounds or so. She was covered in dirt when we got her from all the tumbling around she did getting pushed around by her siblings. I put her in my arms and she instantly fell asleep. We went to the feeder store and got some lambs milk, a bottle, and a book on how to raise pigs.

Right now, we are nursing her 4 times a day from a little bottle. She is really tired and loves to be held. It’s so weird, it’s like she knows we are her mom and dad. I can’t explain it, but she just knows.

Matt is enamored with her I can just tell. He loved feeding her and watching her walk around the house and explore. We are definitely going to have to potty train her though!! (she had a poop in the house and it smelt so bad that Matt actually vomited. No joke.)

But she is so content. Pigs are actually really clean creatures. We have to keep giving her baths though because she had so much junk caked on her face. We don’t know how big she is going got get – A lot of people are asking if she is a miniature pig or a regular pig – So in case you are wondering, there is no such thing as a miniature pig. She is definitely the runt, so she probably will be smaller to some degree but we don’t know. Pigs that are “small” are just pot belly pigs that were malnourished by their owners. We are anticipating having a healthy pig, but we have no idea what that means for her size and stature. So overtime she will get bigger.

As far as where she lives, that all depends on her size. We hope we can keep her in the house, and we will do so for as long as it works best for us. Pigs are really smart creatures -more than dogs, and we plan on house training her just like our other little furry babies. As she grows, we may consider moving her out into the backyard. But for now – for now she is our little house pet. Our third puppy.

Oh… and in case you are wondering – the dogs love Pua.

Zoey is obsessed with her little friend. I think this is the first time Zoey has actually had a friend smaller than her – so she likes it. Last night we had to move zoey’s bed next to Pua’s crate so she could sleep next to her. She gazed at her all night long it was just the cutest thing ever. They are in love.

More updates later from our crazy little house on Caterpillar Hill <3


xox, Lauren, Matt, Zoey, Animal, and Pua

How I Used Essential Oils to Heal My Anxiety and Depression

How I Used Essential Oils to Heal My Anxiety and Depression

Get ready for a long ass post about essential oils guys.

Not the promotional “here you need to buy this” post that I think so many of you guys are used to. Instead, I want to give you the “everything you need to know” post jam packed with information about how you can use essential oils as an alternative to healing your anxiety and depression.

I know first hand how difficult it can be to live life while battling symptoms of anxiety and depression. But I also know what life can be like when you find healthier alternatives to treating your symptoms.

Before you continue reading, let me tell you something – this post and the information in it is not “expert advice.” in other words, I am not a doctor, I am not certified aromatherapist, and I am certainly not here to convince anyone to do something dangerous like drastically cutting out their anxiety or antidepressant medication. So please listen to your body. I know – some people can not go off medications and have no intention of coming off medication and I am not here to convince anyone otherwise.

But let me tell you from experience – whether or not you choose to come off of pharmaceuticals – I know that using essential oils as a holistic alternative to medication (and even using them while also still on medication) has drastically changed my life and reduced my symptoms of emotional off balance.

Here’s what I know to be true: you cannot take a pill and have all of your problems solved. There is definitely some work that goes into living a happy life – medication or no medication – you have to do the inner work.

So this post is a little peak into how I used essential oils to heal my emotional health and create the life I deserved.



My Emotional Health Backstory

A lot of you have read the story of my Sexual Assault on the blog and what happened to me when I was young. That was the moment looking back where my mental illness started to manifest into my life. When I was raped my freshman year of college, I spent a few weeks in a psych ward shortly after – and that was when I was first diagnosed: “Bipolar disorder and symptoms of borderline personality disorder.”

Later on I had diagnosis like, “anxiety symptoms,” and “Manic Depressive.” All of these diagnosis came with years of me taking medication cocktails trying to find the right combination that worked for me.

Some of the medications I was on over the course of 6 years (all probably misspelt) – Seroquel, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Geodon, Abilify, Xanax, Adderal, Lexapro, Prozac, Celexa, Paxil, Klonopin, Ativan, Valium, and a bunch of others I cannot remember.

Some of the symptoms I experienced from these medications over the course of 6 years: Weight gain (lots of it) Weight loss (only sometimes) Irregular sleep patterns, Acne, Zombie like persona, Lethargy, emotional disconnect, lack of sex drive, too much sex drive, inability to remain awake, inability to feel anything at all, inability to socialize, make friends, or do anything fun.

About three years ago I decided I was sick of being labeled as mentally ill. I was past the victim phase of my life and I was sick and tired for feeling sick and tired. So I decided to do something about it.

How I Started Healing My Mind with Essential Oils.

I felt overwhelmed by the idea of coming off of all my medications at once. At the time, I was taking Prozac, Adrenal, and the occasional Xanax. I knew that if I came off of all those medications at once I would certainly be in for some trouble. SO here’s what I did: I started to remove the ones that felt the “easiest” (lets face it, it was all hard.) I knew the medications I took on a situational basis like Xanax, which I used to calm random onset panic attacks, would be the easiest to remove if  I could A- reduce my panic attacks, and B- find a new healthier habit to replace my state change pills.

So I decided to look into essential oils. I spent every night falling asleep to diffusing lavender. This helped my brain learn how to get into a “Calm state” of falling asleep rather than an “IM exhausted let me pass out” minds that it was so used to. I developed a night time routine around essential oils that helped me get into an ease flow and clam attitude. From there, during the day, I was able to easily fall back into that state when I needed to. I expanded my oil practice into the afternoons – every afternoon  I would spend 5 or 10 minutes just acknowledging calm moment. I would apply oils topically to my skin on my wrists or on my temples just to calm myself down. This made me realize that I had the ability to go to that state whenever I needed to! While it wasn’t easy at first, I can tell you after time and practice, now it’s amazing how quickly I can get into that mindset.

I also started replacing my medications for supplements.

I want to just make a point here that I also replaced all of my medications with a specific list of supplements. I share them in this post here and there’s a video I did about it also here. Keep in my mind that a lot of emotional sickness is rooted in an off balance of hormones, vitamins and nutrients. Did you know that a lack of omega 3 causes depression? YUP. No joke. So keep that in mind.  You definitely want to consider replacing your medications for healthy supplements too.

I started studying the emotional healing powers of oils.

This book became my greatest asset in the beginning of my journey. As I came off medication I started to become a little more aware of how I was feeling. On medication I would only be able to recognize when I felt good vs when I felt bad. But when I stopped numbing myself, I noticed I was feeling all of these other different emotions.

Some of the emotions that started surfacing for me after coming off of medication: Stress, Overwhelm, Fear, Doubt, Insecurity, Guilt, Shame, Embarrassment, Despair, Lacking motivation, Defeated, Closed Off, Body Shame, Tension, Anger (and a bunch more other specific feelings.)

What’s great about the journey of healing my emotions with oils was that I wasn’t only embarking on a journey to heal my emotions – but I was also embarking on a journey to create more self awareness. Through using my oils I was able to deeply recognize what I was feeling, and then find a specific oil to treat that symptom. Here’s a small example of one of my favorites:

My Emotional Healing Routine:

This book was amazing. You can grab it off of amazon here—–> Emotions & Essential Oils 5th Edition + Emotions Wheel But as a bonus to you guys, I also am offering you a PDF guide that breaks down of some of the basic oils and what they are used to heal in this post. Keep reading.

I then realized that not only could I use oils to treat my emotional health on a regular basis with treating the specific negative emotions I was feeling in that moment, but I could also HEAL those emotions. When I was feeling an off feeling, I could identify it in the book, find the oil that worked for me, add a few drops to my temples and wrists, and then sit down quietly with a journal and let out what I was feeling. It was an amazing practice.

My Daily Oil Healing Practices:

Today, I am 100 percent medication free, thanks to my oils and the practices I have. Some of the things I do every day with my oils:

  1. I Diffuse Them Continuously at my desk. This may sound like a bit of overkill, but every morning when I start my work day I put a few drops of a healing oil in my diffuser with some water and I let the scent fill the room. I firmly believe this is a big part of why I do not feel anxiety symptoms in my life anymore. Literally they are all gone. By inhaling oils (not to get all science nerdy on ya,) the healing cells within the plant can pass through the brain blood barrier to allow your brain to feel more happy endorphins. And when you’re happy, anxiety isn’t really a thing anymore.
  2. I add a few drops topically to my skin to start the day. This is like my “pure-fume” for the morning, but it also helps me set intension for my emotional balance – “let me remain a calm, clear and divine channel for all I am trying to bring forth today in my life.” The universe listens.
  3. I have a self care practice every day that includes oils. Yes. Every afternoon or evening I set aside some time to get down to the ground and deep into my heart. I call on my oils and apply them to my hands and feet, and I journal out exactly what I am feeling and going through that day. This realignment of creating self awareness and expressing how I was feeling every day was hard in the beginning. When you spend a long time numbing yourself it is every easy to feel overwhelmed by your new feelings. Don’t get discouraged. Feel into them and allow yourself to work through the process of journaling and oil healing together.
  4. Meditation over medication: I swear.. meditation has healed my life. And applying oils topically before meditation and diffusing them in the room I meditate in has made a world of difference to me. I highly recommend this powerful healing work to everyone.

Want to know what oils do what? You’re free gift from me:

I coach a lot of my clients 1:1 on how to use their essential oils for emotional health. When girls reach out and tell me they are interested in using essential oils, they get a free 32 page E-guide from me that shows them how to use their oils for emotional health. (They also get access to a private coaching group with me and free coaching calls weekly.) But since I want to give all my WIP tribe girls an opportunity to get access to important oil healing information so here’s what I did – I took a few pages from my Eguide and I bundled them free for you! just go here to submit your information and get access to the free excerpt! (You’ll need to confirm your email so don’t forget to do that!)

So excited for you ladies out there interested in this step! and if you have any questions or concerns, let me know girl! Just reach out to me on Facebook.



What’s New And Exciting Right Now?

What’s New And Exciting Right Now?

It’s been forever since I wrote a blog post that I actually am not sure how to start this! Ahhh I’m so rusty. Things have been absolutely crazy (in a good way) over here at What is Perfection HQ that I have had very little time to brainstorm my blogs, come up with ideas for what to write about, or take any pretty fancy blog photos to put up here on the site!

Lots. Lots. Is. Going. On.  And a lot of it involves Me doing more work on myself.

“The work” As I like to call it, is that inner work of deep soul searching, personal development, meditation, Prayer, self reflection, journaling, and awareness. And it’s the work that matters most!

Sadly, it’s also the area people pay the least attention to. As entrepreneurs, we think we need to spend all this time hustling and working hard for other people, but the reality is, when you focus on looking inward, that is when you actually grow your business the most! I myself have definitely see some major shifts playing in my life since I’ve been looking more inward and shifted my focus away from other people.

I’m also taking time to enjoy my life, appreciate and love the moments I share with my fiancé and basically — I am taking time to just LIVE!

I’ve also been making more memories. Stepping away from work to take breaks and enjoy life was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn as an entrepreneur. This past weekend my Goddaughter and my best friend and I traveled to six flags. WE had an awesome time eating yummy breakfasts, riding awesome scary rollercoasters and laughing so hard in the pool hotel that we nearly cried. It was so fun!

This was the gorgeous view of the park we saw when we took the lift from one side of the park to the other.. We were determined to ride “El Toro,” but once we did I was definitely regretting it. It was the scariest ride ever!

We enjoyed a few drinks in the hotel room from this beautiful “Summer in a Bottle.” Honestly, it was the prettiest bottle I’ve ever seen that I’m actually sad we didn’t keep it!

I also shared my flower routine on my Facebook Page – and so many of you started doing it too! Every Friday I buy myself new flowers to honor all the work I did that week. I make a list in my journal of all the moments I have to be grateful for and I celebrate with my beautiful bouquet! These were my flowers this past Friday.

Oh, and this month in the WIP Tribe Facebook group – I announced the Book of the month- Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell. I am so excited to read this with all of you!

I’ve been doing a lot more personal development lately, like I mentioned before, and I think part of that has to do with my beautiful meditation space being near completion. I love the vibes it gives me to see books on the shelf like this. IT totally lifts me up.

I’m also doing a lot of work with oils, oracle cards and crystals too!

So much is happening for me lately.. and I am truly just so grateful. <3 <3